A Few Words

I was going through a lot of things when I was 19... or so to my 19-year-old self I was going through a lot of things. I remember starting a long list of "sayings" that I had been learning while experiencing life at the age of 19... a friend of mine actually copied it and plugged it into her myspace, and what a delight it has been to re-read this after she shared it with me... :)


2.statistics don't make the athlete (at ANY game).
3.know WHO u are, and WHAT u WANT -- with that in mind, u are sure to reach your goal.
4.there's no use in me telling you what to do, 'cause you're only gonna do what you WANNA do anyways.
5.write your OWN story... don't let someone elses story dictate how your story plays out.
7.show stop... at all causes... in ur pj's, in ur hoopty ride, in ur beat up sneaks, in ur hottest fit, in ur newest kicks... in anything... and AT ALL CAUSES.
8.be the BIGGER person. don't ever miss that opportunity.
9.forgive, and you too shall be forgiven.
10.love is completely blind.
11.you don't know what you have until it's gone... holler at that.
12.if u can do it... then DO IT do it.
13.you cannot change if u possess no DESIRE to change.
14.tears express emotions. as humans, we are allowed to do that. do not refuse to be human, refuse to be a robot.
15.fight for what you want. nobody ever got what they wanted without them or someone else fighting for it.
16.get smart. don't put up with anything that you DON'T HAVE to.
17.healing is a process. there's really no type of super glue to fix things back instantly when it comes to a broken heart.
18.live now -- do not refuse to see that the past molds who you are today. if you don't like how the past has made you look now, change it, and do it for yourself.
19.don't waste time trying to teach someone how to treat you right. there are plenty of people out there that already know, and are willing.
20.one day you'll wake up and realize how amazing she really was...but by then she'll be waking up next to the guy who already knew...
21.things you thought would NEVER happen to you are going to happen, whether it be positive or negative. Be open to the world and all it has to offer... that's life.
23.have the patience to accept things you cannot control. think about it, if you could control it, why would u get impatient about it?
24.For the ladies:: -2 or +5
25.EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON... it may not make sense, but it HAPPENS for a REASON -- thanks Ate.
26.don..t worry about people from your past, there..s a reason they didn..t make it to your future.
27.boundaries don't keep people out... it only fences you IN.
28.keep the love STRONG.
29.don't make it a big deal, and it wont be a BIG DEAL.
30."it just went by too fast" -- "that's how it goes when you're having a good time"
31.love is an action.
32.sometimes it helps to just stop talking and listen.
33.life is kinda like a roller coaster -- just when you thought there weren't any dips... it seems like they get steeper... but - stay in it... just keep your safety belt on.
34.don't procrastinate JOY
35.turn every negative into a positive picture
36.when you're writing that new chapter in your life... sharpen your pencil and keep the sharpener near hand, depending on how fast you write, the pencil will eventually dull out. so, write slow. it makes things worth while."
37.you can't help the way they feel. so just let it go.
38.you'll never know if you don't give it a try. live life knowin you gave it a try, instead of living with the "what if" in your mind.
39.bad things happen to you so that you appreciate the good things in life.
40.be smart. don't think with your head. think with your HEART.
41.it takes a lot of energy to hate someone. save that evergy for someone who needs love.
42.some things are just better left UNdone.
43.don't disrespect people the way they disrespect you... that's called 'having CLASS'.
44.people are gonna hurt you, but it's up to you to decide who is worth the pain.
45.a lie today will kick you in the ass any day after... choose your words wisely.
46.BEAUTY hurts.
47.don't ever insult yourself into thinking you can't get better -- UNLESS you already did... *wink*
48.taking shortcuts only leaves you with the long way of consquences... same with cutting corners.
50.accept the truth. it is what it is.
51.Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 copy and paste into url addy http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=ecc.%203&version=31
52.a hug can suffice hours of conversation ANYTIME.
53.cherish the moments...life is too short -- REAL TALK.
54."be open minded and don't be afraid. Live life like you're the luckiest person alive." -- Grad Speech.
55."mistakes help us become stronger and smarter" -- Grad Speech.
56.repetition is the mother of all knowledge. If it keeps happening, over and over again, you're bound to get the point SOME time.
57.patience is a virtue. good things come to those who wait.
58.if you aint first... you're last. but it's all good. save the BEST for last. *wink*
59.bad company corrupts good character. aint THAT the truth.
60.a good friend will call you out on your faults. a better friend will warn you, let you learn on your own, and be there for you when the lesson learned is too heavy to carry on your own.
61.pray blessings on those who curse you. revenge is not yours. God will take care of it.
63.it will work, if you MAKE it work.
64.if you're not ready to give up. don't... but you must realize the reality of things. only then can you get over what was and accept what is.
65.return the favor, it's called reciprocity.
66.Love has no time limit. It's a choice, agreement, action, and all that other good stuff.
67.on a cultural note - it's not wrong, it's not right. it's just different.
68.to be unbreakable is to already realize that you've been broken, and have become strong that you can break no more.
69.seek first to understand, then to be understood.
70.it takes a lifetime of hardship and trials to realize the genuine value of a single moment of happiness.
71.if you ever feel need to react... react with class.
72.it's not always about you, but it's not ALWAYS about them either.
73.edify a brotha/sista...
74.learning the hard way hurts 10 times more, but at least you'll get the point and attempt NOT to go down that path again.
75.the only time you ever get mad is because you didn't get what you want. maybe what you want isn't exactly what you need. [if that doesn't hit hard... think deeper]
76.if it's meant to be... it will be.
77.war isn't about who's right. it's about who's left.
78.there are people who come into your life for the moment. some for the season. few for the lifetime. cherish those that came for the moment. appreciate those for the season. keep the one's for the lifetime - they come once, and if you don't keep them then... they may slip away.
79.feelings come and go. don't act TOO quick on them.
80.when you give good, you get good.
81.obedience takes you a LONG way.
82.if someone WANTS to leave your life, let them go.
83.WORRYING is a learned response. if that's the case, you can LEARN how to deal with it.
84.there's a difference between confidence and conceitedness. let me explain. confidence roots from the word confide - to trust within someone. conceit is made of two parts. the first part con - means to trick. the second part 'ceit' is derived from 'deceit' - meaning to lie or mislead. to be confident is to trust in yourself. to be conceited is to trick yourself into believeing a lie about yourself... get the picture? which one are you?
85.your feelings only have as much power as you give them.
86.don't get seasonal people mixed up with lifetime expectatioins.
87.everyone deserves a 2nd chance. not everyone deserves to be hurt the same way, twice.
88."IF" is just a scare tactic that Satan uses on us to take away our faith in the good things that will happen for us when we are strong and trust not only in ourselves, but in God.
89.trust not in him. trust not in her. TRUST NO ONE... but GOD.
91.if you're 1st with God, NOBODY can ever make you 2nd.
92.you will never soar like an eagle if you hang around the chickens.
93.be careful what you wish for - the granter of wishes is carefully listening.
94.life is not about finding what brings you joy, it's about finding joy in everything that you do.
95.Although you are free, FREEDOM is NOT free, ever.
96.Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. Your anger does not make things right with God (or anyone else for that matter) (James 1:19-20).
97.Don't question the cruelties of this world, it's only temporary.
98.Put forth the efforts today and you will reap the benefits tomorrow.
99.Appreciate the people in your life for the role that they play(ed), we teach and learn things from EVERYONE.
100.Do what you've always done, and you'll get what you've always gotten.
101.With the performance of LIFE, there is no rehearsal, this is it, play your part in this world well.
102.You are at fault if the world seems to be black and white, add your own color.
103.Sexy is an attitude. Don't just walk the walk. Talk the talk.
104.For some people, it's not being arrogant -- it's being factual.
105.Recognize your God-given talents, use it to edify others.
106.Newton's Law states that for every action, there is a reaction. You are justified to do so.


Muli Goals 2015

So, it's the new year. Yaaaaay, another one. And welp, we are determined to accomplish goals this year. God created us to be victorious, so long as we believe in him, we SHALL. NOT. BE. DEFEATED! So here we go...

Goals (in no particular order)

  1. Find a church and become members
  2. Tithe faithfully (once we find a church)
  3. Make a baby! 
  4. Buy a house - 4bd, 2.5+ba
  5. Decrease monthly debt by 20% (from January 2015 by June)
  6. Build savings cushion for emergencies - $2500 to start off
  7. Find dentist and set up dental appointments for cleanings
  8. Find OBGYN for check ups
  9. Find Family Physician
  10. Find Eye doctor and set up eye appointment for check u

That's what we have so far! :)


Ready... MOVE

Today is my first day off from my first week of work at the new job. Unfortunately, on my day off, I decided to go to a training with Chris because... well, he had training, and I would've been left alone, and honestly, what else have I got to do with my life? Not much, so I attended training with him. :)

The first work week presented many opportunities for me to get used to the routine and system of CSA. The culture is very different from good ol' UC San Diego, but so much more comfortable and supportive. These people thrive on motivation, commitment, passion, and great work ethic. Many of the staff members are athletes, ex-professional athletes, social workers, therapists, folks who know and understand the human experience in ways that are effective with working with children. I don't even really like calling them children, or kids, but that's what they are. Children ages 10-18 that have made decisions that cause them to be placed in a facility like CSA where it's very strict, firm, but dare, I say it, loving. Nurturing these children back to a structured life that they lacked in their own personal lives is the bear necessity of this program, and it works.

I feel like I am in a whirlwind of dreamy expectations and goals. That's not a bad thing, but I am trying to figure out if it's a good thing lol. There is tons of work to be done and I am so eager to get myself situated and organized so that I can achieve all of my goals. 

Speaking of goals, I haven't set any goals for myself this year other than to graduate and get a new job. Now that I've accomplished both, it's high time I set new goals. 

Did I mention that this job is tiring? Like exhausting! I did MPE's with my kids on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I literally died every day when I got home after taking a shower. Being active with the kids in their daily environment shows support, and it also establishes rapport. Doing so makes me feel like I carry out an expectation that they are held to carry out also. Social Learning Theory literally has a whole new meaning to me... and it started with definition in my body haha (OUCH). I was so incredibly sore after 18/20s the first two days, sheesh! 

Anyhow, tomorrow will be a full day off where we will rest and maybe run a few errands, but rest none the less. :) Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing. It truly is a blessing to work around supportive individuals that want the whole team to go up. 

That's so awesome. 

Singing out,
Mrs. Muli 


Monday unlike any other...

Today I woke up around 7:30 but I had nowhere to go. I just opened my eyes, saw the sun shining through the panels on the window and stayed away. I knew today was the last full day I'd have in California because I was becoming a resident of Arizona.

We didn't do much, organized and packed up the cars for the road trip tomorrow. That wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, thank to Chris and his ability to pack up the house while I was finishing out my last days of work at UC San Diego. We had tons of room to spare in the car too! That is, until I realized we still had a few bags of clothes upstairs that had not been considered. Whoops. SMH.

Dad got off around 3pm and during that time I had taken a peaceful midday nap... that was unusual, I don't think I've had one of those in a couple of years lol. Anyhow, I woke up and it was time to go and get some grub, the last supper, with the family.

I chose Roadhouse, a steakhouse since I was craving steak. Unfortunately, the steak wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped, ugh, but I'm still thankful I ate.

It was a bittersweet moment, me sitting there next to my dad, having our last meal together... it was actually kind of sad, in retrospect, but I managed to get through. :)

I slept on a full and satisfied stomach, but I still had some sadness. Sadness that tomorrow I was leaving. Everyone was going to work and I was... well... going to be moving... permanently.




Nine Years A Student...

As I check off the boxes on my To-Do-Before-You-Leave List, I begin to feel the sadness surging through my mind about leaving this job.

I took this job up in October 2005, a year into my undergraduate program. I've been done with school since June 2008, but I feel like I've still been a student. Yeah, I graduated in 2008, and yes, I did move up in ranks with this position from Student Assistant, to Senior Student Assistant, to Student Leader, and now finally Service Desk Coordinator, but some where between the nine years of being in this department my growth was stunted.

Maybe because I have been walking the same stairs to my desk for the past 9 years. Maybe it's because I've eaten lunch at the same food court since I was a student studying in the food court. Maybe it's because when I left campus I still saw tons and tons of students on my alternate transportation to work. Maybe it's because I was shopping with the same students in UCSD sweatshirts at the wee hours of the night even after I graduated.

Somewhere in the past 9 years, I did not really sever the ties of student and staff. I feel like I'm still a student.

This job has offered me tons of life experience as a person and as a professional. I'm very lucky to have had the opportunity to grow in this environment, especially with the amount of flexibility and freedom that I was given from the start.

It's such a bittersweet moment when I realize that I'm leaving all I've known for 9 years.

But it's definitely much sweeter knowing that I am moving on towards a career in the field that I want to be in, that will not require hours of commuting, or meeting about subjects that do not pierce my interest, or attending conferences that are less interesting than the food provided at the social hour, or being around absolutely wonderful people that are crass, sarcastic, and fun to be around, but are not interested in what I want to do.

It's been a long ride, but I'm ready to graduate. From a student, to the real world.

Mrs. Muli


Stay Calm... I'm graduating!

Cheers to the 90-minute commute 2 nights weekly to Azusa and Victorville, to the relocation to Colton to be in between Vic and Daygo, to Hundreds of dollars in school materials, to weeknights with little to no sleep because papers and treatment plans were due, to weekends with no rest bc church duties had to continue, to a honeymoon-LESS wedding due to online assignments and in class participation points (and many other sacrifices towards a dream wedding) to 90 thousand miles driven between San Diego, Colton, Azusa, Laguna Beach, and Victorville and the death of my '02 Honda Accord and the birth of my '13 Honda Accord, to the many nights of rushing to beat the clock for assignment turn ins, to missed birthday parties and family gatherings, missed funerals, cruises, and trips, to fast food dinners that contributed to 20lb weight gain bc there was no time to cook, to weekly reminders and count downs to keep my head held high, to sisterhoods and friendships, to weekly Starbucks dates and dinners to keep my sanity, to 40+ reflection papers, 40 hours of personal psychotherapy, 2 years of high anxiety, tears with clients, troubled children, argumentative couples, depressive symptoms, breakthroughs clinically and most of all personally, humility, transparency and vulnerability, aaaand a wide array of realizations that I am a work in progress for the glory of God.

Today, I graduate simply because I was committed to the vision God gave me in the cold winter of '09 to be His servant through my career and did whatever it took to get here. It took 2 years of community college (after already having a B.A.) and 2 years of this graduate program and a WHOOOOOLE lot of sacrifices... But none of that compares to this day. This reward is so unfathomably sweet.... I thiiiiiink I just gave myself a cavity. 

We can do anything, folks. Be encouraged!

And stay calm, I'M GRADUATING! 


At my doctors appt and there are so many preggers in the lobby! this sort of makes me feel good. I'm at a good place and feel like I will be taken care of here. 😊


I had an entire video snapped for IG about how I made this amazing lasagna and the app malfunctioned. Smh. Anyhow, the final product and the beginning of my own meat sauce :)


Chris and Dess Wedding Video Highlights

My wedding video. <3



Celebrating Kendra :)