Honey crystals.

Learned something new today from my own handy dandy googling skills. 

I work on the first floor of a library which is located underground and in a cellar/dungeoun type area. Dealing with technical parts and the like, the room always has to stay at a cool and almost FREEZING temperature so as to not overheat any of our wires, or machines, etc. Anyhow, to aide myself in keeping warm, aside form this Polo throw that I've had since 10th grade sitting here on my chair, I decided to bring in tea bags and honey to sip on and sooth my frozen soul.

Just recently I started to see crystals forming at the top of my honey jar (located at the feet of the upside down honey bear). I thought to myself... eww? is that even safe? So I finally decided to google it and figure out if I've been poisoning myself with this honey in my tea or not...

Turns out I haven't. When the honey loses moisture it begins crysalizing because honey is so saturated. I know right? amazing. On top of that, the crystals are edible! It was suggested to spread it over some toast or drop a couple crystals in my tea! How cool! Really!
I also read that honey doesn't spoil, but I think I already knew that from a Snapple bottle cap with a random fact. :)

Anyhow, to un-crystalize your honey, simply place the jar in warm water and stir. Or warm it up in the microwave and stir.

Just thought I'd share. :)


Progress... gradual progress...

So this month is coming to an end, and thankfully I have been long awaiting for it to leave my memory. Nothing bad happened, I'm just eager and excited to begin my month... FEBRUARY! Yesss! 

So... progress... I decided last year in December that in 2009 I'm gonna get back on my grind and work it out. Well, luckily my finances allowed me to sign up for a couple classes at RIMAC. Thank goodness I still work on campus. I was able to sign up for two classes and I figured, well, for three months, I believe I'll see SOME kind of result right?

Last week I went to the gym for my class that commenced at 6pm, however I always got there a little early... I usualle peered at the watch from my cube to see what time it was. Once it hit around 5:30ish I'd rush to get changed out of my work clothes into my workOUT clothes. Then I'd hit the cold San Diego air walking up a flight of stairs out of the library and up a hill that used to seem so treacherous back in my day (when I was a student worker 3 years ago) but was now merely a warm up for me before I got to my class. I arrived a good 15 minutes early so I decided to run downstairs to the locker room and weigh myself. 

As I walked through two sets of double doors I remembered the old scalre. Electric. Just stand on it and a number would appear - one that caught me too emotional to look at times, however this time I was super eager to figure out how much I weighed. I had Danielle's scale at home, however her scale was slightly off, I didn't know for sure, but I always felt that it was, this time I needed a legit scale... so I went in and saw that the electric scale was gone. Dang it... that means I'd have to gradually push the weight bar across the scale, cringing at every pound that didn't equal out the scale. Well, it was now or never.

I saw a few girls that were withing eyesight of the total amount on the scale, so natrually, my embarrassed fat @$$ waited a while until they were dressed and walking towards the exit in super excited chatter and laughter -- skinny heffas... UGH. Anyhow, once the sauntered off into the abyss I found myself super anxious and frightened to step on the scale. But, I had to do it!

I stepped on the scale, the end of the bar flew to the top of the rectangular restraint that held it euqaled to the weight given. Obviously Dess, you don't weigh 0 pounds, so I tried hard not to be too offended with the scale. I began reminiscing the days in high school... when I used to weigh a buck fifty-five... oooh those were the days! I love'd 'em, good figure, slim physique, thick enough... even though now when I look at my old picture I'd NEVER go back to that weight because I looked so sickly skinny. I love the curves... ;)

Sorry... side tracked reminiscing, but back to the scale... So, according to my scale at home I thought I was a "certain weight" so I automatically put the scale to that weight... then... tears began to grow in my sockets. The right end of the weight bar was still to the top... NOOOOOO. I was WAY more than I had anticipated the scale to read! I bit my lip and held back the tears and disgust as I slowly inched the square on the left end of the bar to the right, with every pound needed to equal out to my actual weight. After 4lbs + my weight I THOUGHT I weighed, the bar barely had a bit of gravitational pull, and I just hopped off the scale.

I was mortified. Thank GOD I waited til those girls left, I began walking out of the bathroom and searched my purse for my phone to tell my bf the news. UGH. So disappointed.

Anyhow, since then, I lost at LEAST 4lbs. I don't recall if that's the correct amount, since I for sure didn't know my weight to begin with, I only know that now, my weight was 4lbs less than last week. Thank you Jesus. Progress.

I'm feeling better. thank the Lord. LoL. :D
yesss. progress. gradual progress.


A song for Gramma Diva

When I listen to this song, I think of my Gramma and about the day she will pass because, I can be real with myself and know that she will leave this earth when God calls her... 
As I sit here tearing up writing this blog and listening to Leni's beautiful voice, I think to myself... and I pray... Lord, PLEASE prepare my heart and soul for that day when my Diva gets promoted to heaven. 

I love you Gramma.


She found my halo

I love this song. It soothes me. Listen.

Halo - Beyonce

Work it OUTTTT

I know, it's been a while, but I didn't forget. I've just been blogging elsewhere. :) 

Today is the first week of my recreational classes, and my my... I got my butt kicked several times. Cardio BLT M/W and bootcamp intensive training every Tuesday. 

The Cardio class would be aweome if my instructor had some rhythm. I mean, she does, but she always seems to be off beat? So, I and the rest of the girls end up looking super uncoordinated because we're stumbling over our own feet trying to keep on her tempo, when she's just not ON beat... does that make sense? Anyhow, I met a girl today that asked me if I was polynesian - go figure, what was it? My beautiful smile? My intense nappy hair in a messy up do, or my seemingly overweight figure? Or perhaps my bracelet? LoL. I said yes and smiled. She told me her boyfriend was Tongan, and like I know the Tongan community here, anywhere, or at all, I asked her "oh really? what's his name?" -- haha. She told me, and of course, since I'm super unknowledgeable about any Tongon community I just said "ohhh, that's nice. well! I'll see you wednesday!" hehe... which I did again. Except, I don't remember if that was her or not, because I don't quite remember what she looked like, or her name... or... anything else? LoL.

It was fun. But the bootcamp class was horror in the daytime.

First off, the class was in a gymnastics room... trampolenes, high bars, rings... all that good jazz you see on the Gymnastic Olympics... I thought to myself... ummm? This can't be that bad. THen the instructor told us to take our shoes off, and for sure I felt - Yeah, I think I can handle this class... we don't even need shoes!!!

WRONG. Ready for circuit training? Oh well if you're not!

Handstand up against the wall. I placed my palms on the floor in front of me and had to walk my heavy bottom portion of my body up to the top until i was doing a handstand. TERROR! Oh how awful I felt for my poor ankles for their pain of carrying my whole body weight was now inflicted upon my wrists!!! After that, they had us running to other circuits and holding for 30 seconds the first round, and a minute the next, then back to another 30 seconds. After we had other stations to do. After that work out we took a sip of water, and tried to rest, but no, we couldn't sit down, take a sip, force that cap on your bottle and back into your cubbie and you are back running to the other side of the gymnastics room. 

Here we had to work calves, do mountaint climbs, pull ups on the ring, knee ups on the high bar, and jumps on the bean bag... intense workouts... oh not to mention wailing like a fish on your tummy for 20!!!

Today, I don't have class, but I'm gonna take myself down to the gym to read and ride the bicycle... yes, a good day it will be. :) HEHE.

So, here I am, eating my turkey avocado sandwich waiting for the clock to strike 430 and I'm outta here!!! :D

What a great first week of workouts, despite how much it brought to my attention of how terribly OUT OF SHAPE I am. :)


Superwoman's TO DO list.

Superwoman is back.

- Rec Classes
- Join a Bible Study
- Lead a Bible Study - Y.E.S. GROUP!
- Volunteer at The Rock somehow (make Dario come too lol)
- Donate clothes and shoes to charity.
- Sing again, dang it.
- Learn new chords on the Uke and write another original song.
- Take a class or two at JC - just learn something new!
- Blog your life - you are losing your writing skills! Keep them fresh! /

*** con't ***

- Learn to play piano by ear, and sing at the same time. HAHA. Yeah, we'll see how this goes.

- Try a new restaurant. Indian, Japanese and Jamaican. Ooooh, and Phil's BBQ!

- Find a new substitute for chocolate - 'cause let's be real, that mess is JACKIN' up my FIGURE! hahaha. or what's LEFT of it. HAHA.

- Read my bible, in a year, and take notes.

- Listen for God.



- Take girls out just to hang out. At least once a month.

- DRESS UP FOR WORK - casual Fridays.

- Read a Book. - John Grisham's Innocent Man and the twilight series, I guess. haha.

- Take classes at a JC to get my mind thinking again. (Language, History and Computer classes)

- Road trip to Arizona.

- Go to Samoa (in the summer with my folks). God willing! LoL!

- Buy a new laptop.

- Cook 3-4 times a week. I must domesticate myself NOW or NEVER!!! haha.

- Make my own dish for Thanksgiving dinner with the fam.

- Buy everyone a Christmas gift at home.


Santa lives in San Diego

Well, I figured that since this was the first year ever that I was able to do it (actually, it was 2008) I should really document the first time that I could. Since I graduated and was blessed with a very good salary paying job soon after, I was able to finance a real Christmas where I could buy everyone something to put under the tree! It was so much fun! Mom, Dad, Gramma, Aunty Tui, One, Zachery, Jonas, Clayton, Lani, Vai and Alofa... :) That's the list. Checked it twice. Couldn't really NOT buy a gift for anyone even if they were naughty or nice.

I color coordinated all of the gifts in gold (women), silver (men), red (little girls) and blue (One, my Secret Santa) gift bags... packed 'em up in the backseat of my car so as to not rip any of the bags (I mean, they were cheap WalMart giftbags) and was on my way.

Santa Claus is comin' to town!

This is a video of me in the spirit of giving.
To: You
Love: Me
Merry Christmas fam. :)


Faaaaaaat! The Get Right Program

Let's just put it all out on Front Street shall we? I'm getting fat. HAHAHA. Perhaps I should technically, I'm getting FAT-TERRRR.

Although I would just LOVE to drown you, the reader, even if it happens to me (in the next minute, hour, lifetime) with my negative and pestering thoughts about my weight - which I will keep you guessing at *wink* - I'd much rather keep you at a drought of information for my sake, and yours. That way, nobody gets hurt. HAHAH.

After degressing again, upong the past 4 years of my life as being independent as I almost possibly could, I've begun to realize that wow, I'm not as invincible as I thought I was. Granted, I didn't REALLY think I was invincible, but I did think that I wouldn't blow up, and lo. and. be. hold. I. DID! Well, that's beyond the fact, I've tried the same ol' new years resolution every year, and nothing has really worked, why? I don't know, does that mean I completely lack committment? Becuase accroding to my degree, I didn't lack THAT much when it came to finishing school and it took 4 years, so why is it so hard to stay committed for a few months to lose a few pounds? Like, DAYYYUM. HAHA.



Well, Estho came over after work, and after a refreshing chat with a friend of mine, I was on my way to the gym. The GET RIGHT program! lol. So yeah, with that being said, i think I burned only a total of 200 calories. WOW. That bout covers the mayonnaise that I put on my turkey sandwich, BUT, I felt better about myself this morning, so continuing at this rate is the dealio. :)

Fastly I went to sleep after a short but sweet conversation with my Love, and off I was to wash up and head to LalaLand in bed. Goodnight. ;)



The Closet to Sin City

Work was slow this morning. UGH. But dah well, I left early because Nanny was at home and I needed to run a couple of errands before I left for Vegas. Yes, we were on our way to Vegas.

After ditching work a couple of hours early - hey, I took a half day ;) - I decided to run to the Closet to grab something to wear to Santos's 26th birthday party. He and his family booked a suite at the Caesar's Palace and apparently this mess is about to POP off, so the boys and I and a few other locals from my hometown decided to hope in the car and roll out.  The Closet was one of the few spots I had entrusted to hold anything worthy of wearing out in Vegas. Super cheap clothes - and super cute. You just can't. go. wrong!

After that, Nanny and I grabbed a 5 dollar large sandwich at Quizzno's. They  have amazing sammiches! Yes, Turkey roast with cheddar - delish. 

I packed up my gear - packing light consisting of - 3 pairs of jeans, 4 tops, 3 undershirts, and 3 pairs of shoes for a one night stay in Vegas. Hey! I'm female! I HAVE TO PACK OPTIONS! LoL. In a world where women only exist, I will always be understood. Haha, so yeah, packed my stuff, threw it in the car and was on my way to pick up Deuce and Tas - and along came Nuch. :)

We met up with my bro's back at home - since it's on the way to Vegas. I had to stop in and say hello to Momz and Pops - MUST. I'm the only girls, so of course, I can't slip right through my hometown without saying hello - and of course, my Gramz. ;)

After hitting the road around 10pm, we FINALLY made it, clocking in around 2am. Yeeeeah, 4 hours of what usually takes about a good 2 hours. We got stuck in traffic for about an hour around 60 miles LEFT to vegas, and yeah. Bruisin' the road at a wicked 90mph, I had anticipated makin' it into Vegas by 12a still having enough time to gamble a couple dubs, but even now, I'm too tired after stretching my legs to exercise them towards a lucky machine. 

For now, I am in this hotel room with 6 boys and 1 other girl, and we are all supposed to sleep soundly... we'll see how that goes. HAHA.

Anyhow, adieu... Goodnight Sin City - I'll see you in the afternoon, and will enjoy you tomorrow night. ;)


2008 at a glance

So, I decided that to feel like I've actually closed the chapter on 2008, I must provide a run through of my year in a nutshell, just to prove why I am as sane/insane/optimistic/bratty/sensitive/etc as I am. It's funny, but Momz during testimony time at New Years service ran down the whole list of events from month to month, and what a beautiful thing it was to hear, as she stodd from the podium at the front of the church... haha. Really Mom? Wow! lol...

Here's the '08 recap.
- Trying to get right with God, joining my woman's group with 12 other strong sisters in Christ.
- Realizing that I'm failing miserable, but still holding on.
- Worrying about my life and what to do after graduation
- Had nervous breakdown a gajillion times still wondering about my life - which led me to make an appt with the Career Center to assess my life in college and figure out my options as a career
- Made a birthday video for my bookie boo which has unwantedly givin' everyone a peer into my love for a man that sings way better than me - but, for the sake of pity, everyone seems to think I have a pretty good voice. HAHA.
- Made 50 resumes to send out to the world for hire.

- I watched my nephew perform at the Coba Cabana in Long Beach to show him that I supported his music, and hoped that he continues keeping his good head on his shoulder.
- Visited my best in Fullerton for my to be 22nd birthday, and celebrated with her and some of her friends - how nice it was for them to all come and dine with a total and complete stranger - unless by the words of my best, they found me worthy of being dined with. 
- Turned 22 finally and made every effort to celebrate it all month long, as I did - Long Beach on the 2nd, Love visited on the 16th (a great visit it was! got my first pair of Uggs that day, and a really warm RocaWear jacket), visited the best on the 23rd, Bj's and PB Bar and Grill on the 26th, and The Federation concert in my frontyard on the 28th. 
- Had a few interviews for jobs through the Career Fair the month prior - but no real concrete interests
** One frkkn fantabulous month I must admit **

- Gramz 72nd birthday
- Now in the process of interviewing for random companies - Progressive Car Insuarnce, Enterprise (which was the leading interest at the time with great bonuses and easy advancement), Geico - every other possible non-science job since I was studying a very impractical subject that didn't really allow me much options as I was job hunting.
- Sent out several more resumes online through USAjobs.com and now going completely insane that I have NO GRASP on my life.
- SPRING BREAK! - Yeah, finally... wait what? I stayed in my dorms and worked. UGH. LoL.
- Made the last and final interview with Progressive and felt good about it - but rec'd a call from Ms. Riccobono saying that the interviewers felt I "didn't fit the company"... whatever the hell that means? No hard feelings. Moving on.
- Enterprise recruiter DeeDee was heavily recruiting me, but for some reason I wasn't so drawn to it... for some odd reason - even though it granted ample opportunity for me to join, be stable and comfortable for a few years, and accel at the experience of a Masters Degree without the IOU.

- Back on the grind to find a job because at this point, if I wasn't serious about finding a job, NOW WAS THE TIME - I would be graduating in less than three months and I had no leads
- Trying to finish up my last quarter at school super strong, since, let's face it, I wasn't too excited about my the two quarters prior to my last.
- Trying to make every outing with my ladies count. :) Still attending women's group regularly, being uplifted. :)
- Attended my Love's younger brother's bday party in West Minister - that was fun. :) Except, I met my Love's oldest sister, and he wasn't there. :( All goody.

- Time NOW pressing for me to figure out what I want to do with my life.
- Searching vigorously for some new outlet for me to express myself.
- Applying like hell for new jobs.
- Found a new interest in human resources and began doing heavy research on the career.
- Began looking for an internship that would grant me some kind of experience in the field.
- Got in touch with the marketing director at APU to help with my entrance to grad school - once I decided to do that... at some point in life. :)
- Went apt shopping and found a match, and am now a resident at the Venetian!

- ANXIOUSLY anticipating graduating on the 22nd.
- Going crazy trying to get my grades up and loc'ed out for my last quarter.
- Found 2 internships - wanted to do both
- In close contact with Heidi at APU for my application for the Human Resources program at APU
- Still going crazy  bc I didn't have a stable job to keep me stable after college. GOING NUTS!
- Hard times in my relationship - going through MAJOR changes in life.

- Still working my student job, anxiously wondering what to do.
- Partying it up with my new neighbor and his friends like a maniac to make up for all the partying I DIDN'T do while I was in undergrad. 
- Enjoying life outdoors, hiking with my summer crew, just relaxing in my new townhome with my roommates
- Going through more relationship drama... as usual... lol
- Partied it up with the Love's family for the 4th and made some new friends. :)
- Applied for the supervisor position at my current job - hoping to get it, even though I was running against other more experienced people.

- Still partying it up with my neighbor - hittin' up PB pretty much every Thursday *Thrusday Night Meetings*
- Hanging out and lounging about.
- Waking up late, gymin' it and going to work for the closing shift.
- Made it through 2 interviews for the supervisor position through the glory and grace of God. :)
- Offered the position as supervisor, accepted and decided to put off grad school - so I can pay off some debt!
- Received terrible news that my Grandmother from Pops side passed away.

- Shot up to the bay with the family to attend Gramma's funeral
- Made some seriously emotional connections to some of my family members.
- Started my new job - happy as ever!
- Had to hire new students to cover the desk becuase a couple resigned at the beginning of the school year.
- Hired a completely new staff for the service desk.

- Attended two of my Love's fball games in AZ. Super nice, and very refreshing visits.
- Still working and trying to save up for the Italy trip - but failing miserably.
- Gaining a lot of weight, and not caring.
- Created a new routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, and going to sleep.
- Wash, rinse, repeat.

- Trying to save for Italy.
- Flew to Vegas, then to New York, then to Italy as a graduation gift from my parents.
---Explored Venice, Vicenza, Milano and Innsburck, Austria,
---Had a beautiful Thanksgiving in Vicenza with the Riel Family
- Blessed as a daughter to a new pastor - Pops became a reverend on his trip to New Zealand for the big church gathering.

- Going crazy with my life being so controlled - Paid on the 1st, pay bills on the first, end up being broke on the 1st... okay, not really, but it seems that way.
- Last minute Christmas shopping for everyone in my family.
- Headed home on the 23rd to spend the holidays with my folks.
- Had a BEAUTIFUL Christmas with a full house of 13 people. Thank you Jesus!
- Ended the year the same way I began it - in chuuuu'ch! :D


It's a New Season

It's a new season? :D



It's a new year, and today pretty much marked that.


So, last night I was graced with another service at the First Samoan Full Gospel Pentecostal Church to ring in the new year of 2009. Of course, the service commenced around 9pm, but actually, 9:28pm when I rolled in with the girls in my car. We're always late, and actually, that doesn't speak to well of my family seeing as Pops just became a pastor not too long ago. Very funny aint it? Well, with the New Season, hopefully things change, but in due time I believe it will. Anyhow, church began, the very solemn beginning of praise and worship songs rung throughout the cold walls of the church. It was an old building that our church had been renting for pretty much the past 10 years. We are a small church of about 45. I know, not your average great mass choired church with several pastors and a youth group you can actually call a group, just a few families all connected by blood at some point in our family bloodlines. Haha. Anyhow, the typical 2 hour testimony part of the service began - but of course. It's the last service of YEAR so everyone wants to share their two cents about their year and how they went. I did a little something with my little cousins - sang a beautiful song by Frontline Worship and also performed a dance to a song sung by Donnie McClurklin - I'm walking. The song, I felt, was sang beautiful, however, our dance suffered with no bass and a laptop that played the song with the accompany of a mic to amplify it's sound. Terrible. Never again will we do that again! We only did it because my Aunt Tee demanded that we gave the laptop a try in playing our song from the CD, since we didn't have enough time to search for the chord for the ipod player that had better sound. Ugh. But, we did it, we gave it our all, and regardless of the performance being terrible our off tune, I'm still glad we did it. All for the glory of God right? 


As service left us with 23 minutes left until the year 2009, Pastor Emitt walked up to the podium to perform his sermon on what was to be a resounding teaching even to me now. Build. Behave. Belong -- Build up one another. Behave the way you would want others to behave. Belong to a church and make yourself PRESENT this year. He spoke very quickly as he tried very profusely to get out his message within the now, 17 minutes left of the service. We used to do countdowns, but this year, we kindly embraced the year of 2009, rather than anxiously anticipating it's arrival. After, we did the usual, ended the service with a prayer and a closing "amene" and quickly scurried to set up the chairs and the tables of hall to prepare for our midnight "snack" as many samoans would like to call it, consisting of: salsa and guacamole with flour tortilla chips, sweet and sour hotdogs, brownies, pumpkin pie, coconut rice, egg sandwiches, hot dogs with buns and other fattening foods you're not supposed to ring the new year in with. Yeah, tell me about it, and I'm expecting to lose weight this year. SHEESH!


Anyhow, Cole, my oldest brother, summoned me to the kitchen of the church to scuff under his breath a mission for me to run to the grocery store to purchase as much alcohol as I could with $49. I laughed, and didn't really want to do it, but he asked nicely, and although I'd rather have been a pain and a brat and say no, I said I'd do it. Meanwhile my mother was yelling for me to grab my Gramz to take her home. Gramz was a lovely 72 year old woman, still kind in spirit.  A victim of type 2 diabetes and also a victim of this family she was now residing with (mine - haha). Even though I loved to see her smile, she was kept to a strict diet, of which didn't make her smile all the time. Early that morning she reached across the table for the tin can that held holiday cookies and helped herself to 3 cookies. I grabbed them from her and said "sasa!" She knew that meant to stay away, but of course, she's 72 and could care less about her health, she just wants to die happy, and literally, for a great cook that she was, could I really keep her from salt, and sugar and seasoning from her food any longer? For her health, I wanted to so badly, but for the richness of her life left here on earth, I almost felt bad for her and gave it to her anyway. Anyhow, it was waaaay past her bedtime and I decided that I would carry out my mothers wishes to take her home and on the way back to the church to help clean, as I halfly anticipated, I would stop by the grocery store to buy the liquor. Needless to say, on New Years eve, in a very small deserted town, all the stores closed 2 hours ago (as it was now almost 1:30a) and the liquor sale time ended at 2am. Poor Cole, sorry dude! :)


I ended up coming home, half having a headache from JunJun telling me that the girls and I were so off key when singing our piece during testimony time. Haha, he was just a hater - he told me I couldn't sing and that he himself could sing better. Personally, I don't agree, but one day if you ever get the chance to judge between the two, I'm sure you'd agree with me over him. :) We got home, and lounged about. Nothing new - we did this EVERYTIME we came home after New Years service. I played Taboo the incorrect way with the girls, Ioli andNanny and my brother Taggo. Taggo is a funny character, my younger brother of 2 years, and he has a very humorous spirit. I have to admit, he is quite the character on the daily basis - even that day and every day before since he entered the city of Baker a couple of days ago he kept insisting on everyone calling him "Daddy" as if he could even take care of a household with that title -- cough, which he CAN'T. LoL. Anyhow, after a good 45 mins of the game, all of our eyelids fell heavily under the sleep dust of the new year and went to bed.


I slept next to Gramz, as always. She never liked it when I slept in the living room, which occasionally, I did. If I ever did she would tell me that she hated me, not that she really did, but every time I'm home, she makes room left for me to sleep there, and I usually just hop into bed once I get home, and snuggle under the covers right next to her, and fall into a deep sleep. So, that night I did. I had sent my last text message to Dougie, my handsome honey. Hehe. He had called me at 12:08am of that day just to make himself the first person I talked to that year, and he was. :) He's so sweet and sentimental like that at times. LoL. Anyhow, after that, my lids fell and off I was to lala land. :)


I woke up later that morning when Pops came to wake me to let me know he had finished the BBQ - he had hoped that I stayed to at least eat with the family before I came back to Drake Town - where I now reside after graduating from Drake University. I woke up, had a hotdog, two ribs, a slice of boneless chicken and a small serving of rice - trying to get right in the new year! LoL. The BBQ was the same recipe Pops uses EVERY time he BBQ's - nothing fantastic, but nothing terrible, just the usual. The whole family had awaken by then and soon we were all crowding the table that only sat 8 people - when there were actually 13 people trying to eat at the time. LoL. That was our usual routine. Grab a plate, sit down and eat. Get up promptly after you are done to make room for someone else who's ready to sit down and eat. It was quite crowded in the house by this time, but we'll get to that later.


As the sun began to set from noon, the boys decided to get into a basketball tournament with the other boys in the town. They had been playing every days since Saturday! Today is Thursday (or well, now Friday) and they couldn't get enough playing basketball. It was super cold out at the park, but it wasn't cold enough to keep the boys in. Oh no, they had skin made of suede, and they were almost NEVER effected by a temperature below 70 degrees. Dah well, let them do what they do. :) I took the little girls, Nanny, Violet and Love with me to the park in support of the boys. Apparently there was a big tournament of the families going on at the park and they needed our moral support - as if they were some great basketball team to begin with - but we decided to all go. I demanded the girls to bundle up - couldn't have any of them getting sick on my watch, and they all obeyed as directed, which isn't surprising, they're pretty good at listening to their older cousin. :) 


We drove up to the park and saw a few of the boys shooting hoops into a rugged old net. The court was an average sized court, on the corner of Rocky Rd and Aytch St. The court sat right next to a huge water tank sitting probably 100 feet high into the air. I don't really know why it was there, perhaps because we were in the desert, and in case of a drastic drought that dried up the land, we'd have the tank to spill over and resuscitate the land. LoL. So we drove up, and there were only a few boys there thus I decided to take the girls to go and help me clean my car. I didn't really want to wash the car on the outside, since it always gets dirty and cleaned again by the unpredictable Drake weather, but I ended up washing it anyway. I stopped by the local grocery store to pull some money out of my Wilshire account at the atm machine (since there was no Wilshire bank in my home city - talk about being a super small town), and I drove the girls off to the hand car wash. It didn't take long for me to wash the car, my hands began aching after holding the trigger for so long to wash, rinse and wax the car. After, Nanny and I doubled up on the vacuum cleaning for the car, and got twice the work done in 4 and a half minutes while Violet and Love sat there watching. LoL. I took them out for some McDonald's as a treat for helping me to clean the car. I ordered the usual McD snack - chocolate shake and small fries, Nanny had the same, and Violet and Love had an Oreo McFlurry - they're favorite. 


After pulling out of the McD drive through we shot straight back to the park to watch what was left of the game. We walked in as the Tofee were playing against Lofts. The girls and I finished our snacks in the car - it was only proper to finish it in the car to not take it out of the car since we didn't have enough to share with everyone! :) After doing so, we all walked out of my 4 door Camry onto the blacktop. We all found a little niche on the blacktop to sit and crouch together for body heat. After a good 45 minutes, Violet and Love had to use the restroom, and I absolutely refused to let them use the restroom at the park. EWW! GERMS! They decided to hold their horses as I took them all back home.


At this point, I had already decided with Nanny that she would accompany back home to Drake tonight. Before we headed back home, we took her to her house for her to grab some clothes while I snuck one of her mother’s coconut scronies. Sooo delicious! I asked her for another. Warmed it up for 15 seconds, and I was took a bite into heaven. :) Bliss. After a few mins of being at her house, we took the girls home for me to gather all of my belongings to head out back to Drake. As we walked into the house, Momz asked where the boys were - I didn't know, and she asked "why?! weren't you with them?" - well yes of course mother, I was with them, but we left the park early, so at this very second, I had no idea where they were. Not too long after the girls and I arrived, here popped into the door was Taggo proclaiming that "Daddy was home" after he barged into the door. It was hilarious; he STILL insisted that everyone called him Daddy - what a Loser. LoL.


Pops came to the living room and now decided to do prayer - the pastor of the house would now hold daily prayer meetings with the family. Gordo played the piano, so beautifully. He was my cousin - Vi and Love's older brother. More to come on him later - anyhow, every time we do prayer, we open with a song. Violet opened with a very simple and classic song - Bless the Lord. She did so beautifully, opened on key which made for a beautiful worship song to open prayer. After Pops was done with prayer, Vi and Love opened on an off key... meanwhile Gordo was trying bring them back to the right key by emphasizing on the piano which key to sing, however, the connections were not being made so we had a very distasteful closing - but, it's alright... it happens. I simply told Gordo, that if the girls opened the song on a different key than he is playing, to simply not play the piano - thus, they wouldn't sound so off key. He agreed. and That was that.


I gathered all of my belongings and put them into the car. I had one last plate of Pops's BBQ before I hit the road back to Drake with Nanny, and bam, we were out the door and on our way to the gas station. Gas was now cheaper - $1.91. About a month and a half ago it was about $3.00 and about 4 months ago, it was near $5.00. Yeah, I was now able to afford putting in my own gas, as opposed to Momz and Pops giving me their Visa to fill up my tank - or better yet, having them both go together in my car to fill up the tank. :) They really love me, I HAVE to admit. :)


It was routine for me by now, before hitting the 51 freeway I absolutely had to make a stop at Starbucks to order my Chai Tea Latte with soy milk and caramel sauce. Nanny ordered a caramel frapaccino (which I didn't really understand, seeing as it was a cold drink, and it was nearly 65 degrees outside - but then again, I DID have a chocolate milkshake not too long ago -- so, my bad, it wasn't as ridiculous as I thought. lol) - anyway, I paid for our drinks with a 20 dollar bill, grabbed our drinks and we were on our way back to Drake. 


The ride took all of about 1 hour and 50 minutes. What pissed me off the most was that along me talking to Nanny, I took a sip of my what was supposed to be Chai Tea Latte with soy milk and caramel sauce and it tasted like disgusting coffee with condensed milk! TOTALLY AND UTTERLY DISTURBED that my drink was not made accordingly, I complained about it for a few seconds to Nanny - and was on my merry way. Haha.


Finally, we arrived to my humble abode in Drake. I introduced Nanny to my roommate Michelle, as she sat curled up on the couch watching TV. After a brief introduction, I dragged all of my belongings upstairs, and sat in bed. 


Now I am here, blogging on my day. I just texted Dougie again after telling him to stop picking on Mark, bc he is super sensitive and hyper active - but of course, Dougie ignores me. LoL. And persists. :)




So here I am now, bloggin, at the beginning of the year. I love writing, and since I've been out of college, I haven't been able to write like I used to. Now is the time to do so, it IS a new season, and I am hoping blog at the end of each day. I need to be more active with my life. :) And I hope to do so this way.


** I am really thankful that God gave me the opportunity to get to know Nanny a little bit more. I pretty much shared with her he last two years of my life in about an hour, and now she knows a lot more about me than she thought she did. :)


Thank you Lord for you guidance over me today and for taking me home safely. :) I love you Lord, and I am hoping for change. Help me to edify myself, help me stay encouraged, and help me to empower those around me. :) Thank you Lord.


In Jesus name,