2010 goals

1. Schedule eye exam appt for new glasses (since mom semi-broke my last ones)
2. Schedule dental appt
3. Schedule check up
4. Visit with Counselor or Psych dept on campus
5. Take courses through online enrollment to enrich writing 
6. 30lbs by end of March.
7. Coordinate 1 on 1 with Bonnie and recruiter
8. Seek another job with civil services, developmental position with counseling
9. Refine search for graduate school with counseling
10. Join Vavi league for kickball and softball
12. Memorize the book of James.
13. Enroll in counseling classes at JC (online if possible)
14. Trip to Kentucky to visit Rox.
15. Donate clothes to charity
16. Youtube a new original song (dammit, I'm tired of the bookie boo request lolol, ok jk, but not, but yeah, but not, okay i'm done).
17. Gym pass at 24 hr fitness
18. Cut up credit cards -- STOP RACKIN' UP DEBT! smh
19. Get new tires for the car.
20. Get car tuned up.
21. Make trip to the Bay for leisure.
22. Try a new restaurant - Jamaican.
23. Vegas for Rugby 7s and birthday February
24. Tune up resume by end of January to seek new job.
25. Fast every 1st week of the month. 
26. TITHE. ALWAYS. Even if it's not 10%. TITHE. The church needs every finance - A NEW BUILDING IS IN PROGRESS! God makes all things possible.
27. Finish New Moon.
28. Put Taxes towards debt. TITHE 10%.
29. Visit Samoa for a week.
30. New dish for Thanksgiving Meal
31. Every1 a gift.
32. Budget $100 per week for meals.
33. SAVE $100 a month
34. Join Bible Study at the Rock.
35. Sign up for Rec Classes at 24Hr or Grossmonth
36. Home once every other month. 
39. Nose pierced? Mmm, I'll think about it.
40. Beginners piano to learn piano by ear.
41. New uke chords! :)

to be con't.


I don't know who I should necessarily be more upset at...

him or me.



Grade: 65% = D (smh)

These are my goals that I posted in an earlier blog back in January... Goin' down the line to grade myself.

- Rec Classes  yesss, bootcamp for beginners and bunz, legs, tums and then the next quarter was kickboxing
- Join a Bible Study - fail :(
- Lead a Bible Study - Y.E.S. GROUP!  -- attempted, but it didn't work out for everyone. sad face.
- Volunteer at The Rock somehow (make Dario come too lol) -- i think i thought about attempting, but it didn't actually go through
- Donate clothes and shoes to charity.  -- with the tragic even of the Tsunami that hit Samoa I was definitely able to hook up a few kids out there with some clothes.
- Sing again, dang it. -- I've been singing, still working on my riffs, still trying to get comfortable with my voice.
- Learn new chords on the Uke and write another original song.  I've definitely written a few songs, but I don't think I learned any new chords on the Uke, well, yeah I did -- jk -- but I haven't practiced them enough to remember :( i suck lol
- Take a class or two at JC - just learn something new! -- FAIL! i hate myself. lol
- Blog your life - you are losing your writing skills! Keep them fresh!  Of course!

*** con't ***

- Learn to play piano by ear, and sing at the same time. HAHA. Yeah, we'll see how this goes. -- FAIL - i really did look into a few keyboards on craigslist, however to no avail was the kupe great. next year for sure.

- Try a new restaurant. Indian, Japanese and Jamaican. Ooooh, and Phil's BBQ! -- Punjabi Tandoori was EXCELLENT. Ichiban and sushi delight, def a gr8 spot, I still prefer Sushi deli . No jamaican... from what I can recall... or can't? lol and PHIL'S BBQ IS SUPER SICC. :)

- Find a new substitute for chocolate - 'cause let's be real, that mess is JACKIN' up my FIGURE! hahaha. or what's LEFT of it. HAHA.  i found this substitute very early, chocolate drizzled rice cakes. yum! 90 calorie packs.

- Read my bible, in a year, and take notes. -- FAIL. My bible is still crisp, I am trying to get it wrinkled and broken in.

- Listen for God. - DEFINITELY did a lot of that. God, you are so good to me. Thank you. Amene.

- CUT MY HAIR.  Chopped and screwed and missed with the color! Loved it.

- BUDGET! -- def been able to do that, thank you to my new loan :) and yeah why am I STILL racking up debt? SMH!!!!

- Take girls out just to hang out. At least once a month. -- I was only able to take the girls out a few times before they moved back to Washington, but I'm happy we got to spend those few moments together.

- DRESS UP FOR WORK - casual Fridays.  NON-STOP! IT'S CASUAL FRIDAY TODAY, and it's Thursday actually. lol

- Read a Book. - John Grisham's Innocent Man and the twilight series, I guess. haha.  -- DEF hit up that twilight series... well I finished Twilight. I'm still working on New  Moon LOL - MOVIE WAS TIGHT THO!

- Take classes at a JC to get my mind thinking again. (Language, History and Computer classes)  -- FAIL. MAJOR FAIL! I still want to, dont know if I will.

- Road trip to Arizona. -- totally did all by my lonesome, thanks Dario and Kat!! punks! lol - it's all good, the trip was worthwhile... at some points smh

- Go to Samoa (in the summer with my folks). God willing! LoL! -- OPERATION NO KUPE - sorry Gramma, I would have gone with Mom to take u back home but e leai se kupe i lana bank aggount :(

- Buy a new laptop. MISSION COMPLETE!!! and I love my NOVOsita!

- Cook 3-4 times a week. I must domesticate myself NOW or NEVER!!! haha.  -- OPERATION FAIL, I started off doin' it in the beginning, got lazy way too early in the beginning. Will be doin' again next year.

- Make my own dish for Thanksgiving dinner with the fam.  -- THANK YOU TO VEE415 I was able to make potato salad with special ingredient and the fam LOVED IT! SCORE!

- Buy everyone a Christmas gift at home.
Mom - coach purse (she better like it too! lol, dang it!)
Dad - Golf tees, golf balls, nike golf nail clipper set and slacks
One - Jordans
Zachery - Jordans
Jonas - Jordans, jacket, jeans <-- brat! haha well, he's the baby
Cousin Lani - Coach wallet and lotion set
Cousin Danny - vest and jeans
Roomie Bea - bed (thanks Adeile) coach wrislette, perfume set
Secret Santa Athena - Blockbuster pack - 3 movies, candy, cookies, popcorn, blanket and pillow
Secret Santa Tira - lotion basket of Japanese Cherry Blossom :) galore

--- I'm now broke. haha. dang it.

Thoughts for the day

So, as previously confessed via Twitter, I tend to think a LOT more in the winter time. Perhaps because it's cold and sometimes freezing, and thinking some what keeps me warm, depending on what I'm thinking of... yeah, not only that, it's the end of the year and I am most definitely thinking up big plans for the next year. Wow, now that I think about it, that whole "depending on what I'm thinking about" in ref to me keeping warm was awkward and sounded SO WRONG... smh... lol. Anyway, I think I may possibly be ready for all this. I mean, at this point, I can't wait until I'm ready, I gotta GO GO GO. I need to get outta that habit of the whole "I'm ready" and "I'm not ready" business... ugh. I just don't want that to hinder me from great things. That used to bug me about him, and now I find myself doing it. Anyhow, I will be writing down goals again, and as a matter of fact I should do a check of all things I've done... but, for SURE, I am definitely going to blog up my goals for next year. I'm attackin' 2010 full throttle. I gotta love myself enough to do it that way.

*cheers to 2010*


9 things - 1o1 with Bryan

3 Core Strengths

1. Patience
2. Leadership/Guidance
3. Communication

3 Things that excite me
1. Serving others
2. Writing - blogging, short stories, 
3. Relationship discussions

3 Reasons TO go to Grad School
1. Grow passion into a career
2. Learn learn learn

3 Reasons NOT to to go Grad School
1. Creating more debt
2. Not being able to debt already created debt


What you see is what you get

Me in my purest form -- and to accompany my photo, I write a haiku...

Face of my mother, mind of my father
My blemishes are visible
Take me as I am

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