2008 at a glance

So, I decided that to feel like I've actually closed the chapter on 2008, I must provide a run through of my year in a nutshell, just to prove why I am as sane/insane/optimistic/bratty/sensitive/etc as I am. It's funny, but Momz during testimony time at New Years service ran down the whole list of events from month to month, and what a beautiful thing it was to hear, as she stodd from the podium at the front of the church... haha. Really Mom? Wow! lol...

Here's the '08 recap.
- Trying to get right with God, joining my woman's group with 12 other strong sisters in Christ.
- Realizing that I'm failing miserable, but still holding on.
- Worrying about my life and what to do after graduation
- Had nervous breakdown a gajillion times still wondering about my life - which led me to make an appt with the Career Center to assess my life in college and figure out my options as a career
- Made a birthday video for my bookie boo which has unwantedly givin' everyone a peer into my love for a man that sings way better than me - but, for the sake of pity, everyone seems to think I have a pretty good voice. HAHA.
- Made 50 resumes to send out to the world for hire.

- I watched my nephew perform at the Coba Cabana in Long Beach to show him that I supported his music, and hoped that he continues keeping his good head on his shoulder.
- Visited my best in Fullerton for my to be 22nd birthday, and celebrated with her and some of her friends - how nice it was for them to all come and dine with a total and complete stranger - unless by the words of my best, they found me worthy of being dined with. 
- Turned 22 finally and made every effort to celebrate it all month long, as I did - Long Beach on the 2nd, Love visited on the 16th (a great visit it was! got my first pair of Uggs that day, and a really warm RocaWear jacket), visited the best on the 23rd, Bj's and PB Bar and Grill on the 26th, and The Federation concert in my frontyard on the 28th. 
- Had a few interviews for jobs through the Career Fair the month prior - but no real concrete interests
** One frkkn fantabulous month I must admit **

- Gramz 72nd birthday
- Now in the process of interviewing for random companies - Progressive Car Insuarnce, Enterprise (which was the leading interest at the time with great bonuses and easy advancement), Geico - every other possible non-science job since I was studying a very impractical subject that didn't really allow me much options as I was job hunting.
- Sent out several more resumes online through USAjobs.com and now going completely insane that I have NO GRASP on my life.
- SPRING BREAK! - Yeah, finally... wait what? I stayed in my dorms and worked. UGH. LoL.
- Made the last and final interview with Progressive and felt good about it - but rec'd a call from Ms. Riccobono saying that the interviewers felt I "didn't fit the company"... whatever the hell that means? No hard feelings. Moving on.
- Enterprise recruiter DeeDee was heavily recruiting me, but for some reason I wasn't so drawn to it... for some odd reason - even though it granted ample opportunity for me to join, be stable and comfortable for a few years, and accel at the experience of a Masters Degree without the IOU.

- Back on the grind to find a job because at this point, if I wasn't serious about finding a job, NOW WAS THE TIME - I would be graduating in less than three months and I had no leads
- Trying to finish up my last quarter at school super strong, since, let's face it, I wasn't too excited about my the two quarters prior to my last.
- Trying to make every outing with my ladies count. :) Still attending women's group regularly, being uplifted. :)
- Attended my Love's younger brother's bday party in West Minister - that was fun. :) Except, I met my Love's oldest sister, and he wasn't there. :( All goody.

- Time NOW pressing for me to figure out what I want to do with my life.
- Searching vigorously for some new outlet for me to express myself.
- Applying like hell for new jobs.
- Found a new interest in human resources and began doing heavy research on the career.
- Began looking for an internship that would grant me some kind of experience in the field.
- Got in touch with the marketing director at APU to help with my entrance to grad school - once I decided to do that... at some point in life. :)
- Went apt shopping and found a match, and am now a resident at the Venetian!

- ANXIOUSLY anticipating graduating on the 22nd.
- Going crazy trying to get my grades up and loc'ed out for my last quarter.
- Found 2 internships - wanted to do both
- In close contact with Heidi at APU for my application for the Human Resources program at APU
- Still going crazy  bc I didn't have a stable job to keep me stable after college. GOING NUTS!
- Hard times in my relationship - going through MAJOR changes in life.

- Still working my student job, anxiously wondering what to do.
- Partying it up with my new neighbor and his friends like a maniac to make up for all the partying I DIDN'T do while I was in undergrad. 
- Enjoying life outdoors, hiking with my summer crew, just relaxing in my new townhome with my roommates
- Going through more relationship drama... as usual... lol
- Partied it up with the Love's family for the 4th and made some new friends. :)
- Applied for the supervisor position at my current job - hoping to get it, even though I was running against other more experienced people.

- Still partying it up with my neighbor - hittin' up PB pretty much every Thursday *Thrusday Night Meetings*
- Hanging out and lounging about.
- Waking up late, gymin' it and going to work for the closing shift.
- Made it through 2 interviews for the supervisor position through the glory and grace of God. :)
- Offered the position as supervisor, accepted and decided to put off grad school - so I can pay off some debt!
- Received terrible news that my Grandmother from Pops side passed away.

- Shot up to the bay with the family to attend Gramma's funeral
- Made some seriously emotional connections to some of my family members.
- Started my new job - happy as ever!
- Had to hire new students to cover the desk becuase a couple resigned at the beginning of the school year.
- Hired a completely new staff for the service desk.

- Attended two of my Love's fball games in AZ. Super nice, and very refreshing visits.
- Still working and trying to save up for the Italy trip - but failing miserably.
- Gaining a lot of weight, and not caring.
- Created a new routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, and going to sleep.
- Wash, rinse, repeat.

- Trying to save for Italy.
- Flew to Vegas, then to New York, then to Italy as a graduation gift from my parents.
---Explored Venice, Vicenza, Milano and Innsburck, Austria,
---Had a beautiful Thanksgiving in Vicenza with the Riel Family
- Blessed as a daughter to a new pastor - Pops became a reverend on his trip to New Zealand for the big church gathering.

- Going crazy with my life being so controlled - Paid on the 1st, pay bills on the first, end up being broke on the 1st... okay, not really, but it seems that way.
- Last minute Christmas shopping for everyone in my family.
- Headed home on the 23rd to spend the holidays with my folks.
- Had a BEAUTIFUL Christmas with a full house of 13 people. Thank you Jesus!
- Ended the year the same way I began it - in chuuuu'ch! :D