The Closet to Sin City

Work was slow this morning. UGH. But dah well, I left early because Nanny was at home and I needed to run a couple of errands before I left for Vegas. Yes, we were on our way to Vegas.

After ditching work a couple of hours early - hey, I took a half day ;) - I decided to run to the Closet to grab something to wear to Santos's 26th birthday party. He and his family booked a suite at the Caesar's Palace and apparently this mess is about to POP off, so the boys and I and a few other locals from my hometown decided to hope in the car and roll out.  The Closet was one of the few spots I had entrusted to hold anything worthy of wearing out in Vegas. Super cheap clothes - and super cute. You just can't. go. wrong!

After that, Nanny and I grabbed a 5 dollar large sandwich at Quizzno's. They  have amazing sammiches! Yes, Turkey roast with cheddar - delish. 

I packed up my gear - packing light consisting of - 3 pairs of jeans, 4 tops, 3 undershirts, and 3 pairs of shoes for a one night stay in Vegas. Hey! I'm female! I HAVE TO PACK OPTIONS! LoL. In a world where women only exist, I will always be understood. Haha, so yeah, packed my stuff, threw it in the car and was on my way to pick up Deuce and Tas - and along came Nuch. :)

We met up with my bro's back at home - since it's on the way to Vegas. I had to stop in and say hello to Momz and Pops - MUST. I'm the only girls, so of course, I can't slip right through my hometown without saying hello - and of course, my Gramz. ;)

After hitting the road around 10pm, we FINALLY made it, clocking in around 2am. Yeeeeah, 4 hours of what usually takes about a good 2 hours. We got stuck in traffic for about an hour around 60 miles LEFT to vegas, and yeah. Bruisin' the road at a wicked 90mph, I had anticipated makin' it into Vegas by 12a still having enough time to gamble a couple dubs, but even now, I'm too tired after stretching my legs to exercise them towards a lucky machine. 

For now, I am in this hotel room with 6 boys and 1 other girl, and we are all supposed to sleep soundly... we'll see how that goes. HAHA.

Anyhow, adieu... Goodnight Sin City - I'll see you in the afternoon, and will enjoy you tomorrow night. ;)