Faaaaaaat! The Get Right Program

Let's just put it all out on Front Street shall we? I'm getting fat. HAHAHA. Perhaps I should technically, I'm getting FAT-TERRRR.

Although I would just LOVE to drown you, the reader, even if it happens to me (in the next minute, hour, lifetime) with my negative and pestering thoughts about my weight - which I will keep you guessing at *wink* - I'd much rather keep you at a drought of information for my sake, and yours. That way, nobody gets hurt. HAHAH.

After degressing again, upong the past 4 years of my life as being independent as I almost possibly could, I've begun to realize that wow, I'm not as invincible as I thought I was. Granted, I didn't REALLY think I was invincible, but I did think that I wouldn't blow up, and lo. and. be. hold. I. DID! Well, that's beyond the fact, I've tried the same ol' new years resolution every year, and nothing has really worked, why? I don't know, does that mean I completely lack committment? Becuase accroding to my degree, I didn't lack THAT much when it came to finishing school and it took 4 years, so why is it so hard to stay committed for a few months to lose a few pounds? Like, DAYYYUM. HAHA.



Well, Estho came over after work, and after a refreshing chat with a friend of mine, I was on my way to the gym. The GET RIGHT program! lol. So yeah, with that being said, i think I burned only a total of 200 calories. WOW. That bout covers the mayonnaise that I put on my turkey sandwich, BUT, I felt better about myself this morning, so continuing at this rate is the dealio. :)

Fastly I went to sleep after a short but sweet conversation with my Love, and off I was to wash up and head to LalaLand in bed. Goodnight. ;)