Santa lives in San Diego

Well, I figured that since this was the first year ever that I was able to do it (actually, it was 2008) I should really document the first time that I could. Since I graduated and was blessed with a very good salary paying job soon after, I was able to finance a real Christmas where I could buy everyone something to put under the tree! It was so much fun! Mom, Dad, Gramma, Aunty Tui, One, Zachery, Jonas, Clayton, Lani, Vai and Alofa... :) That's the list. Checked it twice. Couldn't really NOT buy a gift for anyone even if they were naughty or nice.

I color coordinated all of the gifts in gold (women), silver (men), red (little girls) and blue (One, my Secret Santa) gift bags... packed 'em up in the backseat of my car so as to not rip any of the bags (I mean, they were cheap WalMart giftbags) and was on my way.

Santa Claus is comin' to town!

This is a video of me in the spirit of giving.
To: You
Love: Me
Merry Christmas fam. :)