Superwoman's TO DO list.

Superwoman is back.

- Rec Classes
- Join a Bible Study
- Lead a Bible Study - Y.E.S. GROUP!
- Volunteer at The Rock somehow (make Dario come too lol)
- Donate clothes and shoes to charity.
- Sing again, dang it.
- Learn new chords on the Uke and write another original song.
- Take a class or two at JC - just learn something new!
- Blog your life - you are losing your writing skills! Keep them fresh! /

*** con't ***

- Learn to play piano by ear, and sing at the same time. HAHA. Yeah, we'll see how this goes.

- Try a new restaurant. Indian, Japanese and Jamaican. Ooooh, and Phil's BBQ!

- Find a new substitute for chocolate - 'cause let's be real, that mess is JACKIN' up my FIGURE! hahaha. or what's LEFT of it. HAHA.

- Read my bible, in a year, and take notes.

- Listen for God.



- Take girls out just to hang out. At least once a month.

- DRESS UP FOR WORK - casual Fridays.

- Read a Book. - John Grisham's Innocent Man and the twilight series, I guess. haha.

- Take classes at a JC to get my mind thinking again. (Language, History and Computer classes)

- Road trip to Arizona.

- Go to Samoa (in the summer with my folks). God willing! LoL!

- Buy a new laptop.

- Cook 3-4 times a week. I must domesticate myself NOW or NEVER!!! haha.

- Make my own dish for Thanksgiving dinner with the fam.

- Buy everyone a Christmas gift at home.