She found my halo

I love this song. It soothes me. Listen.

Halo - Beyonce

Work it OUTTTT

I know, it's been a while, but I didn't forget. I've just been blogging elsewhere. :) 

Today is the first week of my recreational classes, and my my... I got my butt kicked several times. Cardio BLT M/W and bootcamp intensive training every Tuesday. 

The Cardio class would be aweome if my instructor had some rhythm. I mean, she does, but she always seems to be off beat? So, I and the rest of the girls end up looking super uncoordinated because we're stumbling over our own feet trying to keep on her tempo, when she's just not ON beat... does that make sense? Anyhow, I met a girl today that asked me if I was polynesian - go figure, what was it? My beautiful smile? My intense nappy hair in a messy up do, or my seemingly overweight figure? Or perhaps my bracelet? LoL. I said yes and smiled. She told me her boyfriend was Tongan, and like I know the Tongan community here, anywhere, or at all, I asked her "oh really? what's his name?" -- haha. She told me, and of course, since I'm super unknowledgeable about any Tongon community I just said "ohhh, that's nice. well! I'll see you wednesday!" hehe... which I did again. Except, I don't remember if that was her or not, because I don't quite remember what she looked like, or her name... or... anything else? LoL.

It was fun. But the bootcamp class was horror in the daytime.

First off, the class was in a gymnastics room... trampolenes, high bars, rings... all that good jazz you see on the Gymnastic Olympics... I thought to myself... ummm? This can't be that bad. THen the instructor told us to take our shoes off, and for sure I felt - Yeah, I think I can handle this class... we don't even need shoes!!!

WRONG. Ready for circuit training? Oh well if you're not!

Handstand up against the wall. I placed my palms on the floor in front of me and had to walk my heavy bottom portion of my body up to the top until i was doing a handstand. TERROR! Oh how awful I felt for my poor ankles for their pain of carrying my whole body weight was now inflicted upon my wrists!!! After that, they had us running to other circuits and holding for 30 seconds the first round, and a minute the next, then back to another 30 seconds. After we had other stations to do. After that work out we took a sip of water, and tried to rest, but no, we couldn't sit down, take a sip, force that cap on your bottle and back into your cubbie and you are back running to the other side of the gymnastics room. 

Here we had to work calves, do mountaint climbs, pull ups on the ring, knee ups on the high bar, and jumps on the bean bag... intense workouts... oh not to mention wailing like a fish on your tummy for 20!!!

Today, I don't have class, but I'm gonna take myself down to the gym to read and ride the bicycle... yes, a good day it will be. :) HEHE.

So, here I am, eating my turkey avocado sandwich waiting for the clock to strike 430 and I'm outta here!!! :D

What a great first week of workouts, despite how much it brought to my attention of how terribly OUT OF SHAPE I am. :)