Progress... gradual progress...

So this month is coming to an end, and thankfully I have been long awaiting for it to leave my memory. Nothing bad happened, I'm just eager and excited to begin my month... FEBRUARY! Yesss! 

So... progress... I decided last year in December that in 2009 I'm gonna get back on my grind and work it out. Well, luckily my finances allowed me to sign up for a couple classes at RIMAC. Thank goodness I still work on campus. I was able to sign up for two classes and I figured, well, for three months, I believe I'll see SOME kind of result right?

Last week I went to the gym for my class that commenced at 6pm, however I always got there a little early... I usualle peered at the watch from my cube to see what time it was. Once it hit around 5:30ish I'd rush to get changed out of my work clothes into my workOUT clothes. Then I'd hit the cold San Diego air walking up a flight of stairs out of the library and up a hill that used to seem so treacherous back in my day (when I was a student worker 3 years ago) but was now merely a warm up for me before I got to my class. I arrived a good 15 minutes early so I decided to run downstairs to the locker room and weigh myself. 

As I walked through two sets of double doors I remembered the old scalre. Electric. Just stand on it and a number would appear - one that caught me too emotional to look at times, however this time I was super eager to figure out how much I weighed. I had Danielle's scale at home, however her scale was slightly off, I didn't know for sure, but I always felt that it was, this time I needed a legit scale... so I went in and saw that the electric scale was gone. Dang it... that means I'd have to gradually push the weight bar across the scale, cringing at every pound that didn't equal out the scale. Well, it was now or never.

I saw a few girls that were withing eyesight of the total amount on the scale, so natrually, my embarrassed fat @$$ waited a while until they were dressed and walking towards the exit in super excited chatter and laughter -- skinny heffas... UGH. Anyhow, once the sauntered off into the abyss I found myself super anxious and frightened to step on the scale. But, I had to do it!

I stepped on the scale, the end of the bar flew to the top of the rectangular restraint that held it euqaled to the weight given. Obviously Dess, you don't weigh 0 pounds, so I tried hard not to be too offended with the scale. I began reminiscing the days in high school... when I used to weigh a buck fifty-five... oooh those were the days! I love'd 'em, good figure, slim physique, thick enough... even though now when I look at my old picture I'd NEVER go back to that weight because I looked so sickly skinny. I love the curves... ;)

Sorry... side tracked reminiscing, but back to the scale... So, according to my scale at home I thought I was a "certain weight" so I automatically put the scale to that weight... then... tears began to grow in my sockets. The right end of the weight bar was still to the top... NOOOOOO. I was WAY more than I had anticipated the scale to read! I bit my lip and held back the tears and disgust as I slowly inched the square on the left end of the bar to the right, with every pound needed to equal out to my actual weight. After 4lbs + my weight I THOUGHT I weighed, the bar barely had a bit of gravitational pull, and I just hopped off the scale.

I was mortified. Thank GOD I waited til those girls left, I began walking out of the bathroom and searched my purse for my phone to tell my bf the news. UGH. So disappointed.

Anyhow, since then, I lost at LEAST 4lbs. I don't recall if that's the correct amount, since I for sure didn't know my weight to begin with, I only know that now, my weight was 4lbs less than last week. Thank you Jesus. Progress.

I'm feeling better. thank the Lord. LoL. :D
yesss. progress. gradual progress.