25 Random Facts. :)

So, I was tagged up for this a couple of days ago, and I've just consumed 45 precious minutes of my time reading 10 other "25 random facts" about other people. I feel like I know them so well now. LOL!

And now to be completely aligned with the rest of the ducks, I will proceed with MY 25 random facts. 
Brace yourself. LoL.
RULES: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, and/or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 random people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. 

1. Some of my guilty pleasures include: watching bootleg movies, McD's chocolate milkshake and fries, Nutella sandwiches, whole milk (hellz yes I drink it THICK!), hot cheetos, butter, Vienna sausage and Lance Bass. Ewwl, I know. He was the only one left out of the NSYNC crew that my friends didn't have crushes on. LoL. Somehow I made his geeky blonde hair and blue eyes appealing enough to have a button with his face on it, on my backpack. All of 6th grade (don't judge me folks)

2. It really irritates me when people call me Desiree, after I JUST introduced myself as DESS.A.RI.NA.

A brief summary of how this conversation typically occurs...

Person A: Hey [Person B], this is my friend Dessarina! (I smile and stick my hand out for a nice firm hand shake - notice, my name has already been said).

Person B: Hi! What's your name again? (shaking my hand, looking directly at my face smiling - stunned by my immaculate, God-created, luminescent beauty)

Me: Dessarina. (second time emphasizing that my name is DESSSSSSARINAAA - smiling, with such pleasure, such ease, hoping with extreme anxiety that Person B will NOT call me Desiree)

Person B: Ah! Nice to meet you! So, Desiree, do you... (blah blah blah blah blah - that's the end of my listening to THAT person 'cause obviously, after my name being stated TWICE, they were NOT listening at all - Ugh, so irritating! :(

3. I can recite all the books of the Bible - but only in Samoan, in less than a minute. Good ol' Samoan Sunday school teachers! They made us learn it all in one class for Sunday School to recite in front of the whole congregation, and man, either she was super pushy or I just wanted to be a rockstar, because I learned it and it stuck ever since... I think I just wanted to be a rockstar student. Hehe. It's the super overachiever that used to live within me... Keywords: USED TO.

4. One day, when I (or my chosen husband for that matter) make a filthy amount of MONEY money, I want to have an aquarium that has lights as the ceiling in my master bedroom. It'd be cool, when all the lights are out, the ceiling would light up the room with beautiful colors from the blue water and pretty fish. :) I don't know if I can quite explain it. Don't know if it's actually physically possible, but I'm gonna go ahead and be a McDonald's kid and say hey, it could happen!

5. I used to write short stories as a young girl, and have secretly always dreamed of being a journalist or author. It just blows me away how people can make millions with their imagination.

6. I don't like fresh brownies. I like them a day or two old. I'll purposely leave them out after being baked without a cover to harden and enjoy them the morning after for breakfast.

7. Ever since my high school lipsync performance with my two besties (Rox and Jules) of "Cheetah Sisters" - yes, by the Cheetah Girls - I've been mildly obsessed with leopard, cheetah and zebra prints. It's so true! My first college bed spread in college was cheetah. LoL! And in remembrance of those days, I wanted to post this video and pay tribute to my cheetah girls (Rox and Jules)! (I'm so cool and yes, I DO own the movie on DVD!) 

Click here to see this recorded performance! 

8. I enjoy wiggling my toes and cracking my toe knuckles (like I right am now)

9. I have a very strange fascination with prettily shaped eyebrows (Princess can agree). Middle eastern women's eyebrows?! Absolutely gorgeous.

10. If I could sing any genre of music for monetary profit, I'd sing jazzy slow, sad, love songs. I'm not emo at all, but there's a personal resonance I have with deep wounding lyrics with flat keys. I just absolutely love it. 

11. I've charmed my way out of several kinds of tickets - speeding ticket, crossing 2 sets of double lines when trying to make a left turn out of a parking lot in Convoy, driving in the opposite direction on a one way street, and making a left turn at a red light while no one was around (although I wasn't driving, but I did do MOST of the charming to get us out of that jam). I'm such a stud. ;-)

12. If I could learn any language and speak it fluently (other than my native tongue) I'd learn Tagalog and Korean. I am seriously contemplating taking classes at a JC at Mesa or Miramar.

13. I have secretly always wanted to star in the Shakespearean plays Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet - even though I scarcely remember what Hamlet was about.

14. I can paint with my feet... it may not look like art to you, but who are you, Picasso? 

15. Within the past 5 years of owning a laptop and taking every single note for classes SINCE my second week of college, I have conditioned my hand muscles to be almost completely incapable of writing more than 10 words without aching. It's hard to write checks for rent! And it aint because my rent is high! My hand muscles cramp up when I write, and this began WHILE I was in my second year of college. MMDUB MIDTERMS and FINALS? THE WORST! 

16. Laughter is my everyday cough medicine - I can and will find a way to make you laugh - because I like to share my cough medicine. And somehow, after making someone laugh just once, I get this overwhelming sense of accomplishment, as if I won a gold Olympic medal... it's a serious matter. 

17. No matter how much rest I've gotten, I will almost ALWAYS fall asleep in the passenger's seat. I'm still trying to figure out what it is about the right side of the car that weighs down my eye lids. LoL. Sorry folks, count me out as co-pilot. Just let me drive. 

18. Sophomore year in high school I shamefully cheated on an extra credit assignment of reciting Abe Lincoln’s Gettysberg Address. A friend was too chicken to use his cheat sheet (the address printed on black paper with orange font taped to the back of The Elephant Man book) thus I felt it would be courageous and daring to recite it and get away with it. Mrs. Reeb was overcome with great shock - she congratulated me and gave me full credit (5 pts). The terrible part about it was that I actually did have it memorized but I freaked out. Yeah, I said it - and I'm not proud, but then again, who ever IS about something that occurred when you were young, dumb, and irresistibly stupid.

19. I give my trust to folks very easily, I give it like so -- Here's your A at 100%. It's up to you to keep it or lose it - similar to innocent until proven guilty. I learn very well with trial by error. "Trial by error" reminds me of my 8th grade Algebra teacher Mr. Schmitt. Eww. 

20. I am in love with my phone (Blackberry Bold)... no, literally I am. The morning after I got it, I woke up extra early JUST to look at it. Conan gets jealous 'cause he says I'm ALWAYS on it, fiddling with the features, the games, texting, GPSing, googling... etc. Poor guy, he just wants quality time... I just want quality time... with my phone.

21. I truly believe that your first love is your last. Love endures, that's what the Good Book says, and if a relationship didn't work out, what was it? Love? Definitely not, it was lust. Lusting for something that wasn't rightfully yours to begin with. I paid my dues in learning this, the hard way - that's okay though, I'm tough enough to call it a BLESSON ( HEHE, get it? Blessing and lesson put together). The day my dad hands me away to another man he trusts to love me MORE than he does is the day I will truly know who my first love is (yes I am thinking ideally that my marriage will workout forever - aint no prenumpt action goin' on here!).

22. When I was a child, I used to freeze any edible liquid and take a spoon, mash it like a slushi, and eat it (I grew up in the desert with no 7-11s)

23. In my teenage adolescent days, I used to record music videos on VHS, rewind and replay to learn the hip hop dances -- the one I remember the best is J.Lo's song "I'm Real". 

24. If one day I lose my sanity and decide to get a tattoo without the peer pressure of being trendy, I will get a replica of the black panther (or is it a leopard? tiger maybe?) tattoo’d on my dad’s arm - on my back left shoulder. Highly unlikely, but I have thought about it. I like tattoos on guys, not on girls. If it's on a girl, I think it's super sexy where you CAN'T see it. Another random fact while on the subject, although it may seem super trashy, I think it's SO sexy when a dude has a tattoo on his neck. I know right? It's the inner thug in me. 

25. I don't speed. I drive with an urgency. ;) There is something exhilarating about getting from point A to point B in the least amount of time possible. I rarely EVER drive on the freeway below 80 - and yes I have already learned my lesson with a speeding ticket. 

The end. That was harder than I thought. LoL! :D