Yackity YACK. Don't come back, CAP'N!

Given the fact that I am not a lightweight at all, I didn't see any real reason not to drink as heavily as I did Thursday night after going out with the boys. I went out last Thursday with the usual Thursday Meeting Members: Dario, Bobby, Tony - new members, LaLa (dude) and Lawrence. Only, this time I didn't want to go out. I had just got done eating Korean food with Dario and I wasn't really up for going out, but he gave me the puppy dog face and paid for my dinner so I decided that in light of him being so polite, I'd go ahead and go out. 

Nothing bad right? I slipped on a normal pair of jeans, and a shiftmade tank top that had brown bamboo wooden pieces that broke (thus I had to tie the strings of the tank top to ensure the top wouldn't fall off). No heals for me, with two un-fully healed ankles, there's no way I was going to chance it, yet. ;)  I really only had a couple of drinks, and didn't really feel the good buzz until an hour after we had gotten to PB (yes, the typical Thursday night venue for mid-20 folks in San Diego). The night went super well, a couple of violent blunders with a few of the guys, but nothing I was involved with, and everyone was okay for that matter, so nothing to worry your pretty little head about.

Anyhow, I hopped in the car to leave PB and woke up already parked in the garage of my apt complex. I quickly ran myself to my apt to strip down and throw on some pj's to get straight to rest (WORK IN THE MORNING!).

I woke up with the meanest headache and hangover ever. WHAT? HOW? I've done this plenty, had a good buzz Thursday night and went straight to work on Friday, and now this? Shameful! I was sitting in my bed, I woke up at my alarm and ran straight to the shower. It usually helps but it was to no avail at this time. Terrible. I got dressed and went straight to bed. I couldn't even call in sick, why? Because I called in sick last week Friday! :( I dared not to make this look like a habit, so I merely made notice to my student workers that I'd be coming in late. Still feelin irritable and terribly sick, I called up the bf to ask him to sing me a song. His voice always soothes my soul, and although sometimes it doesn't cure the pain, it just makes me feel that much better because, well, his voice is beautiful and he sang to me when I needed it most. :) 

What happened? He was eating. Err, awkward, do I beg? Yes. I did even though I shouldn't have. He merely made it a point to tell me that I need to woman up to my fault of drinking over my limit and deal with my pain. Definitely NOT the response I was looking for. Awkwardness filled the air of which I breathed while waiting at the bus stop with this still, terribly aching head pain. Tears flushed from my eyes as I tried so strongly to hold on to how much I needed the song, his soothing voice, but would beg no longer - he should already know how I feels when I ask him to sing to make me feel better - I don't do it all the time, but I have done so in the past and haven't been graced with the evil lip for it. So, I let him go and headed on the rest of the day with myself.

At work, feeling tired and terrible. I yacked 5 times without any kind of regard to anyone standing outside the door waiting to use the restroom. I definitely needed asprin, a hug (or song for that matter) and a toothbrush. I quickly AIMed Michelle expressing my discomfort for being at work with this pain, she smiled, laughed, and comforted me by taking me out to lunch and walking me outside for more air. We got to eat gyros, but still I felt terrible. The pain sat at the top of my tummy, waving back and forth, I could barely move when I got back to my desk. All I could think of was how much I wanted to be home, and see my family.

In conclusion I think it was the Captain Morgan that created this ill experience. Never again. I've now graduated from Cap'n Mo and Patty Ron. UGH. I'm seriously contemplating quitting drinking altogether. lol. 

anyway, my rant for the day. :)