Phil's BBQ? check

I heard about this place from several people, sporadically throughout my time here in San Diego. Finally when Christina mentioned it to me I decided that I would put it on the to-do list, to ensure that I continue to expand my experiences here in Daygo...

Before going, I decided that I would visit it online to familiarize myself with the menu before I get there. So I did, aight, I'm gettin' the ribs, but do I want chicken too? We'll see when I get there...

I get there, and good Lord! The line was wrapped around the building! What the? This is a restaurant - but the wait wasn't like a friday night at Cheesecake Factory or anything, it was literally like a line at a club or something...

Anyhow, the food was great. The meat fell right off the bone, great corn, delicious onion rings, tangy bbq sauce, god fries. Super full off of half my plate. In due time I will take the boys there, lol. yeah, that's def the spot for them.

Phil's bbq? Check. ;)

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Double Ds!!! Del and Des!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Order up a full weekend with Del and Des, hold the drama, heavy on the fun, and an extra side of craziness! It's our birthday, folks! Join us to celebrate! Feb. 26th - Dessarina's round 3 of 21!!! Feb. 27th - Adeile's 25th birthday!!!

Who: Grown folks 21+ sorry kids, in due time ;-)

What (to wear): All black, anything black, something black, just no bright colors.

Where: The Great San Diego!!!

When: Thur, Fri, Sat

26th: Altitude Sky Lounge - Downtown

27th: Sin Nite Club - Downtown San Diego (send your name to get on the guest list by 2/26 - free before 10:30p)

28th: Moondoggies - Pacific Beach - free cover!

Why: We say... why NOT?! ;-)....