Demetrius Samu Panapa

Demetrius is heeeeeeerrrreeee! 

My bday baby twinzie!!! Born Feb. 26th 2009, 23 years after the best cousin he'll ever have in his entire lifetime... :)

9lbs 7oz and 21inches, God's blessing, Demetrius Samu Panapa (formerly Demetrius Lefefeisefaalavelave Panapa) graced the earth at UCSD's Scripps Memorial Hospital at 8:20am, born to the Parents Saogalemu and Florine Panapa.

He's beautifully light skinned, with a mean mug, a head full of crop with big feet and big hands. I am so happy for Sao and Flo and I wish them many blessings on their newest addition to their family! :)