Act Like a LADY... Think like a man. ;-)

Aight, haven't done one of these in a while, but for all of those women who need to be empowered and strengthened by a man (if it ain't your own)... THIS.IS.FOR.YOU.

First off, let's start with the mere fact that this book is written by one of the most talented enterainers in the business, Steve Harvey. Look at him, with his shiny bald head, delectible dimples and sharp white suit. Doesn't he LOOK like he knows what he's talkin' about? I mean, COME.ON! :D

If you thought you had men figured out, please take a look at this book and see if your views allign with Steve's. Seriously, I'm not an expert, but this book really  breaks it down for you in terms of men. :) 

Men - they are about 3 things, and 3 things only ladies. Who they are, what they do, and how much they make. Until they figure out all three of these things, they do not have time for you. In essence, we ladies want them to know this before hand right? Right... check. Thank you Steve Harvey, I applaud you for breaking that down so effortlessly. 

You will know a man loves you by 3 distinct things - 3 P's: Profess, provide, protect. Yes ladies, if he hasn't claimed you in at least 90 days, drop him like it's hot, because there's no use in burnin' your hands for the next dude that wants to come along and hold it. Every man likes to claim what is his, whether it be a car, shoes, clothes, a nice phone - and better yet, his lady. If you have no title within 90 days, give or take a month or two, he needs to be LEFT. Men, always want to provide for their women. It's in their "DNA" as Steve states it. They want to shower you with gifts, they WANT to build that manlyhood of knowing that they can give you what you want, they are seriously driven on that fact that when you need something that is of the absolute essence (or not, in some cases) they can provide for you. Let him pay for that dinner, do not take half the bill, and allow him to shower you with gifts. We need to quit the indenependence ladies, it's not attractive when we are doing a man's job for him - why? Because he'll end up leaving you. What's the use of having a man when you can do everything he does for yourself, and WANT to, all the time? Stop it. In addition, men want to protect. Protect what's his, what's yours, whatever needs to be protected. He wants to do that because men are built on that notion that they are strong leaders and must always take care and protect you from harm. 

Men - need 3, and only 3 things from us women - Support, Loyalty and, get this, The "Cookie". Support your man in all that he does, do no throw in his face how imperfect he is, do not throw in his face how much better you are at life than him, and most of all, do NOT throw in his face that you can do anything greater than him because he can't amount to anything. All men need to know is that we can support them throughout their endeavors, even if that means for us to step back and think - "Wow Babe, you're REALLY dreaming BIG" about him thinking that he can rule the world. In a man's heart, he can do whatever he sets his mind to, and providing that support for him allows him to achieve great things. Not only do they need our support, they need our loyalty. They need to know that when a 250, 6'4, light brown hazel eyes, ripped 6 pack with bulging muscles walks in with a fine edge up, you aren't going GAGA for the eye candy. He wants to be able to feel comfortable to see some chocolate, mocha, vanilla, anything piece of goodness walk in, and still know that his girl is ALL.ABOUT.HIM. Give him that secruity in knowing, that you ain't goin' NOWHERE! :) Lastly, the COOKIE. Oh yes, the cookie. Give him the cookie, he works hard, he puts up with your crap on the daily, and he makes every attempt to profess, provide and protect you! Now, I'm not saying be an easy piece of candy and give yourself in a matter of minutes. Once he proves himself to be a great guy, go ahead and grant him that cookie ladies - you know he's dying for it! ;)

I love this book. It makes things so simple, since we women tend to complicate things. Men are completely different creatures than we are, and the reason we find ourselves so upset with him when we expect change and blah blah is because he doesn't see love like we do. Women are nurturers, we care for him, go through hell and high water to the ends of the world to see that he is happy... he just wont do that in return. A real man will figure out his own first, and then shower you with love in a different way. We can't expect that they will completely reciprocate the same kind of love that we give, cuz they simply don't give it that way!

A+ Steve, I love it. ;)