Frustrated On-Looker

Every day after work I ride the shuttle back home. It's not too bad, at first I was super skeptical about doing so, only because... I don't know, I hadn't taken the shuttle around San Diego for that purpose.

Anyhow, not many things happen on the shuttle. Once I arrive to the shuttle stop, there's usually a long winding centipede of students waiting in line, eager to get home after long days of class and such. This time - no line, SWEET! I'm gonna get home in good timing. Lolly-gaggin' my way on to the bus, I am searching for a seat towards the back entrance. I usually like to sit in the first seat in the front, but it was to no avail at this moment, so I had to proceed to the back. Right across from the back exit there are three seats facing the door. I saw one girl sitting on the far left seat reading a book. YES! I thought, and I scurried my way to the far right seat.

Sitting there I began looking out the window, watching the pavement run to the right side of the window as we passed. Usually, I mind my own business while on the bus - my bus rides usually consist of me blasting my ipod beyond eardrum handle-age and I just sit there and fall into a deep trance between the music and I. This time, I failed to remember to grab my iPOD off the jack in my room, so I was forced to entertain myself with the bus riders that accompanied me.

As I sat there, I looked over to the girl sitting two seats away. She was reading a book - what kind of book? I have no idea, nor did I really care after I saw what she was doing to the book. As she sat there reading this book, she would crumple the corners and edges of each page she read. IT WAS FRUSTRATING!

Granted, I do know that at times, there are people who need to focus by fiddling with something while they are speaking in public, or something of that nature, but this act, this type of behavior was absolutely absurd! She kept doing it. As she read page 113, she crumpled the right hand corner profusely, and then insisted on trying to straighten the corner after doing so, while still reading. As if she hadn't ruined the book already. She even, at one point, tore one of the pages slightly, and tried to piece it back together with some imaginary glue she thought her fingers could secrete at the fingertips when she tried to put the page back together. UGH! I work at the Library, and although I don't specifically deal with books, I take it to heart the preservation of library materials. So what if that may have been her personal book, that is just untidy and oddly disrespectful to the book! It's bad enough books are highlighted! There she went, proceeding to page 113, and her left hand began crumpling away at the left edge. I tried to resist my eyes growing into the size of golf balls with frustration as I watched from two seats away. There I was, onlooking this wretched habit, squeezing my hands, restraining them from grabbing out to the book to save the poor thing!

I ended up pulling out my phone to mass text a few of my girlfriends. I had to release this anger some how. It was all too weird, and I figured that venting to someone completely neutral would be the perfect way to go about channeling my feelings.

All the girls I texted agreed with the strange behavior. I just sat there the rest of the bus ride, staring out the window, still hearing the faint and distinct sound of her crumpling pages, and trying to smooth them out, when the page had obviously already been destroyed.

My thought for today. Even though this totally happened some time last. :)