I made phone call after phone call after phone call.
Did he bother to pick up at all? I didn't hear anything but what used to be a soothing voice that used to put a smile on my face, for a second I missed being embraced, because up until the very second I would hang up the phone, I waited anxiously to square things away with hope that he would pick up the phone.

What crime did I commit? Being a great girlfriend - beyond the best of my ability, and if you think of the reality, he's lucky I went after him to give him MY sincerity. Oh yes, Dessarina DID, in fact, pursue the almighty Conan, if you can believe that. Intrigued by his delightful conversations, of yes "stimulated intellect" that led me to hit the button of select, and make him MY prize. Hoping one day he'd give me a full ride, hassle free from the pain I had already encountered, but yet, in the fading of his self given description, someone lost the inscription...