KICK(my@$$)BOXING class yay!

LoL. The title literally says it all. Yes folks, I'm back on the workout grind? Why? Cuz I will not be completely content with myself until I hit 175. LoL! How much could I weigh now? I'll just leave that up to you to keep guessing.

Rec classes started back up last week. Thank God, 3 weeks of laziness has really taken a toll on my endurance level. Yeah, tell me about it! I've maintained the weight, but now I'm trying to get back into the groove of "GRIND in '09" and "KEEP PUSHIN". I am steadily winding back down to eating better, or with a conscious. These past couple of weeks, I've definitely thrown myself off, I'm trying to get into the habit of getting back to cooking my own meals, LoL. Although, I will have to admit that since Dario has been gone, I've been doin' a lot better. HAHAHA. :)

Anyway, yeah kickboxing is straight up kickin' me in the arse. :) Let's not mention that the instructor is super intense and is almost the exact replica of a Marine Drill Instructor! WHAT THE? I know right, at times I feel like I'm just bein' weak, but I know it will all pay off in one way or another.

That's that for the day. :)