Sex. Cheating. Men. God.

Sunday was a great day, and better yet it was one of those days where you really take a Sabbath and just sit back and relax.

After a long day of absolutely nothing but laziness, I was graced with the presence of an old colleague. Yolanda Richards and her co-workers, Elani and Mercedes came into our humble abode and we just began choppin' it up about the usual things we ALWAYS talk about: Beyonce and why we can't stand her personality despite the great albums she makes and the amazingly talented artist that she is; Education and the wild life of being a student on edge about trying to figure out their passion; Old colleagues that really leave us boggled with their outlandish personalities; and then there's the discussion about DUDES... and that's, of course, when it gets interesting.

Upon reflecting with my sisters about Steve Harvey's book, Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man, the issue of cheating and unfaithfulness surfaces. We all know it happens, we all know it's devastating, we know HOW men (and women!) do it, but we just can't figure out WHY?! WHY do they do it?

My answer: Men simply cheat because they CAN. Women do so for the same reason. Let's just say that for every 1 female that has her head on correctly, knows what she wants in life, is accomplished and dignified and deserves NOT to be cheated on - there's about 1,000 females who are ready to pounce on a man that has something valuable such as that, that 1 in 1,000 females. Let's face the reality. There are females out there that just do not have the respect for themselves or for other females that are willing to allow themselves to be the cheatee of a man. This is really nothing to be disgusted at or pitied, this is just the reality. Men simply cheat on their wives and significant others because there is simply a pool of women that are down for the cause.

Let's take it a step back... men do this because they are different from women. They have different minds as women do. Men and women are like apples and oranges - 2 fruits with completely different tastes. Though similar in make up, WE are NOT ALIKE. While a man can have sex emotion-free with a female that he met at a club, a female will have sex with a man and feel completely emotionally engaged with a dude, as one. Now, yes I am sort of generalizing on a man who cheats, but let's just be real, this is as real as it gets. Even if a man has a loving girlfriend who would do anything for him, he will still sleep and have sex with a female, HOWEVER - he may not be thinking of this girl he's having sex with, he would most likely be thinking of his girlfriend. Men are so talented aren't they? That they can do that? POKER face while having sex. Have sex with a throw back female (after the sex, he'll throw her back with the other "plenty of fish in the sea" females), just for his feel good, while thinking about his loving girlfriend/wife at home, who doesn't have a clue.

This is so odd! It really is, if men can ALWAYS find a female that will do the job for him, on a temporary status, what is it about his girlfriend or wife that simply can't fulfill the satisfaction? Why must he always step out on his girl?

There's a void there... what is it?

Yolie said it, and she said it VERYYY well...


??? What??? Are you tellin' me that my man steps out on me because he doesn't love God?

YES... that's exactly what she was saying.

A man that actually and truthfully loves God would know that God intended one person for another one person. He would know that marriage is a sacred bond, formation of two into one, created by God. He would respect and honor a female as he does God. A man founded on God would know that he cannot step out on his wife or girlfriend, because he NEEDS not - God is really the only intervention for a man's sexual appetite. Despite whatever his issue his, God can and will provide and heal a man from all of that.

So my girls and I sat back and pondered... Dang, I guess we really can't expect to fill a void that is unattainable, because we can't really compete with GOD now, can we? No -- Simply stated.

My girls and I came to the conclusion that we need a man of God. That way, he'll already have the right instincts of how a man should treat a woman, and it will just trickle to the female, and she'll know how to treat her man back. God is a great foundation, and it is exciting to finally know the truth.

Okay, so not every man who doesn't cheat is a believer of God... BUT, even if he doesn't believe in God and he HASN'T cheated on you before - it doesn't mean he has to be a believer in God to be in the likeness of God. We see God through plenty of people who don't really know God... it's just a matter of time. ;)

Just my thoughts for the day. :)