To kill or not to kill

Alright, another blogpost from my wandering mind of critical thinkability. My girl Keli posted this question as a note on her facebook, and I responded, and decided to share with the rest of the world my thoughts. Just THOUGHTS... k, thanks. :)


Keli writes on April 24th...

I was reading about this topic tonight for my online class and decided to see if my lovely fb friends had any opinions on the matter...

Do you think killing in the defense of the innocence, including yourself, is ever justifiable?

AND... my response on May 13th... :)

LMBO. Well, I wasn't exactly tagged in this note, NOR am I responding in a timely fashion, since this note looks to have been posted last month, however, I do want to comment, just because this seems interesting to me and I had, yes, a thought. ;) Is killing in the defense of those who are innocent justifiable. I say, YES. It doesn't depend, there's no meandering through a forest of clouded thoughts of what if, the answer is yes. Many people will first think to God's commandments, "Thou shall not kill" and "Thou shall not murder" however many people fail to realize that God's letter to the world carries on with what the rest of the books in the Bible has to say also. In Ephesians, the Bible tells us that there's a TIME FOR EVERYTHING - yes, it even says there is a time to KILL. If you look at the word KILL in relation to what the Hebrew meaning of "kill" and "murder" meant - it meant to kill with malicious intent aka no good reason. In terms of war, be it called at the right or wrong time, there is a time for it. The Bible also says that we should stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and etc... aka defend those who are defenseless. Yes we can further complicate this whole discussion with "an eye for an eye would make the world go blind" but I'll just stick to one topic. LoL. This is what ultimately justifies that statement in question. I base my answer solely on the Bible, because from my perspective, it's the only guidance of absolute truth I find in this world. So yes, if there are innocent people dying, we must intercede and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves - and if that means kill those for those that have been killed and defend those who are still alive from BEING killed, so be it. If a child is getting picked on terribly by a bully 5 times his size, would you let it continue? My hope is that you wouldn't. Yes, it actually is as elementary as that, in my thoughts. To illustrate this on a bigger scale, take for instance Adolf Hitler. Had Adolf not been defeated during World War 2, think of how many MORE innocent lives would have been slaughtered at his hand - a complete debacle of destructive events!