Journey Forward - wait, REWIND

in' you.

Too safe. 

I guess I can't expect him to raise the bar as high as I did right? after all we're not together anymore so it doesn't "MATTER TO YOU" . He's right, it doesn't. 

The funny thing about it, I didn't even mean to raise it that high, aimed high and at the end of the story, I ended up flat on my face. 

It irritates me that there's a REAL DEEP, treacherous story, yet he only tries to show the "I'm climbing to the mountain top" part of the situation. IRRITATING. IRRITATED. IRATE. Why does this irritate me so much? Oh, cuz every guy has done that before. Duh Dess.

SMH. Nothing new.

From a character within the story, the song's aight. 
But of course, to the naive and astounded audience, the song's a smashing hit.

Keep doin' you.