2010 goals

1. Schedule eye exam appt for new glasses (since mom semi-broke my last ones)
2. Schedule dental appt
3. Schedule check up
4. Visit with Counselor or Psych dept on campus
5. Take courses through online enrollment to enrich writing 
6. 30lbs by end of March.
7. Coordinate 1 on 1 with Bonnie and recruiter
8. Seek another job with civil services, developmental position with counseling
9. Refine search for graduate school with counseling
10. Join Vavi league for kickball and softball
12. Memorize the book of James.
13. Enroll in counseling classes at JC (online if possible)
14. Trip to Kentucky to visit Rox.
15. Donate clothes to charity
16. Youtube a new original song (dammit, I'm tired of the bookie boo request lolol, ok jk, but not, but yeah, but not, okay i'm done).
17. Gym pass at 24 hr fitness
18. Cut up credit cards -- STOP RACKIN' UP DEBT! smh
19. Get new tires for the car.
20. Get car tuned up.
21. Make trip to the Bay for leisure.
22. Try a new restaurant - Jamaican.
23. Vegas for Rugby 7s and birthday February
24. Tune up resume by end of January to seek new job.
25. Fast every 1st week of the month. 
26. TITHE. ALWAYS. Even if it's not 10%. TITHE. The church needs every finance - A NEW BUILDING IS IN PROGRESS! God makes all things possible.
27. Finish New Moon.
28. Put Taxes towards debt. TITHE 10%.
29. Visit Samoa for a week.
30. New dish for Thanksgiving Meal
31. Every1 a gift.
32. Budget $100 per week for meals.
33. SAVE $100 a month
34. Join Bible Study at the Rock.
35. Sign up for Rec Classes at 24Hr or Grossmonth
36. Home once every other month. 
39. Nose pierced? Mmm, I'll think about it.
40. Beginners piano to learn piano by ear.
41. New uke chords! :)

to be con't.


I don't know who I should necessarily be more upset at...

him or me.