what was the most embarassing moment of your life?

HS - welcome back assembly skit - my bestie and i were moshing on the stage, ran into each other and i somehow bounced off her, flipped and ended face down on the stage. this was in front of the ENTIRE student body. i was mortified. lol

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2009 at a glance

So, last year I did this, and of course I want to keep up with the tradition and do so again. Every year I anticipate a great year. I embrace the past and look forward to the future with a positive attitude. 2009 met me with a few ups and downs, despite all that I'm super thankful that God saw me to 2010. It is so very true, if He brings you to it, He'll get you through it. 2009 was up and down and though sometimes in my heart I still feel like I haven't been back up, I'm humbled and blessed to have been where I've been and I'm so thankful for the strength that I've gained, the courage I've grown within me, and yeah blah lets start the recap. lol

- Vegas with the brothers to celebrate Chris's bday - FUN
- Attended REC classes regularly after finding out I'm a whopping 210+ lbs - good LORD Dess, you lard lol
- Regaining confidence within myself to get control of my life
- Sao and Flo's wedding and small reception/baby shower for Baby Dee - all the family came from Hawai'i, had suuuper fun!
- Met my nephew baby Skeevee! :)
- Found out Clay and Nani were pregnant - broke my heart, and I did become angry with my cousin... angry because I was hurt, hurt because I believed in Clay to take another route... bleh
- Arizona for Conan's birthday

- Portugalia with the ladies!!! Finally hangin' with the polys in town, since I now have time to hang. LOL
- Got to know Talo, Bea and Adeile better through extensive slumber parties time after time
- Rugby 7s!!! Met the polys from Japan's team, Kontiki concert, Janies - haha, fob centrallll!
- Chronic Cantina with the Sevens rep'd by PIMG - lovely experience, shoutout to all the IE folks we met that day.
- Reunion with Kendra at the Diva Palace in La Jolla :)
- Broke up with Conan - bleh
- Met with news about new owners over our place - scrounged to find a new place -- ended up finding out we had a new buyer that didn't plan to move us out and wanted to keep us there - YAY, no need to move out
- BDAY BASHHHH - Thursday Sky Lounge, Friday Club SIN, Saturday Moondoggies: SHOUTOUT TO ADEILE for sharin' my bday memories.
- DEMETRIUS IS BORN!!! On the same day as me :-D
- Got back with Conan again. yayyy. bleh

- Gramma's bday (I LOVE YOU GRAMMA DIVA!)
- Sam & Lisi's wedding! Fun with Vaiolo's for that weekend.
- Vegas for Clayton and Nani's wedding - reception at Milanos - mmm yummy :)
- Jules Bday celebartion
- Rox comes to visit - San Diego with Ate, Cole, Julia, Amanda
- Tattoos with Ate and Amanda - wait, i didn't get one though lol
- Broke up with Conan for GOOD!!!! (or so I thought)

- Azusa with Nise, Celle and Anah for some therapeutic relief from the break up - ugh
- Lost my camera at the telly :*( - I hate you Radisson Maintenance crew!!!
- Easter with the family - blessed
- Back to AZUSA to cut my hurr! :) Exciting
- Met with Tagi, AlexTui, Tino and Shack while in Azusa that wkend. :)
- Back talkin' to Conan - smh can't help that I love the dude.

- Sneha's wedding - first Indian wedding I've ever been to - crrrrrrazy extravagant
- Met Aima for the first time - a beauty
- Trip to LA for Joose's 21st bday party
- Cookie Factory visit for the first time - delishhh!
- Working things out with Conan and gettin' stronger

- Dre gets back from Indonesia!!! Reunion with the SOC kids :)
- Ladies night out with the Yes Group :)
- Reunion with the A.Group since Dre's been back, and Rox has become an officer
- Attended Roxy's graduation to the Police Force for Pasadena PD - proud of you sister. To the maxx!
- Gramma's announcement to move back to the motherland - broke my heart again. sigh.
- Finally made it to the San Diego fair! Went with Meron and had fried snickers, twinkies, oreos and smores -- a heart attack before we hit the exit. Lord.
- Moved out from the Diva Palace into the Leata Palace with Cortney :) Now a resident of San Diego on my own, feeling super accomplished. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Jonas and Zachery for helping me move :)

- Gramma left. My heart stopped beating. Tears flushed my life and I felt like half my heart was taken away.
- Youth fundraiser on Fort to raise money for our trip to 2012 Jubilee in Samoa
- Met with Phylicia for church service as she lauga'd... great sermon - the sower and the seed - growth is important.
- Christina came out to visit in my new home :)
- Bea moves in and the festivities begin!

- Visiting with Dee and Flo before they left for Samoa
- Kontiki concert again
- To the bay we go for Gramma Superwoman's 1 yr passing - great times with the fam in the bay
- Conan and I now getting better :)
- Started Kickball League :)

- Out with the ladies again
- First fun day with the new church split :)
- Arizona again for Conan's game against -- ummm? I don't recall... bad wkend - ended up driving out by myself bc Dario and Kat ended up not comin'.
- Nini's bday celebration at True North
- Redondo beach for Kalea's OCC festival
- Broke up with Conan for GOOD and no turning back.
- PISA Luau with Nise and Celle visiting with us
- Joose, Ving and Tua came out also for PISA wkend hung out had a grand time
- Tsunami hit Samoa

- Benefit concerts all month for Samoa
- Donated clothes to Samoa with the church fam
- Single life - embracing the new lifestyle while trying to get over the old
- Ended Kick ball league - got our butts handed to us in finals
- Great Halloween bash with the girls - party bus for Moke's bday and ended the day at Katchafire concert ...? lol

- Vangie's wedding!
- Bea's birthday month!!!
- Quick mission to LA for Pepa's bday ended up hangin' and meeting twit connects - JayRahz, TheJonaEffect and TamaIRIE
- Ladies Game night for Elfster gift exchange - fun :)
- Maitai's with the Daygo folks for Kahilofa's pregame event at Delzaon's by the Sea
- Stayed the night at Ritha's home with Bea and Del - met her family, love them to death, they are so hospitable!

- Furloughs furloughs furloughs
- Pay cuts :(
- Consumer loan to consolidate debt
- Elfster Exchange was aweeeesome!
- Winter break at Mom and Dad's family
- Bowl game with Del for Arizona's loss to Nebraska - blast
- Christmas in Barstow again - a lovely one :)
- New years in Daygo