He loves me...

Even when I fall beneath his will... he loves me.

When my broken heart just wont keep still... he loves me.

Even though he knew sometimes I fall, yet and still my name He called, he loves me...

Jesus, I'm so grateful for your love.

His love is what I need more than any "he" I've ever known. Getting my head on right. Making sure that I'm not biting the bait, no matter how delicious and tempting it looks... don't bite, Dess.

I had a great day today. Repair man fixed my bed. I had sushi with Talo and Bea. Bookstore craze got me to pick up two books. Intimate Conversation is my first devotional book I decided to begin. God is with me, always, and I need to be aware of that. 

Time for bed. Adieu world.

I am a diamond

***Soooo, I wrote this years ago during my anti-boy phase after a tragic breakup between my 1st boyfriend and I. It's funny how I look back to this and think to myself, REALLY Dess? You were so vain, ugh. I almost up-chucked a few times, reading this, bc I feel quite embarrassed that I even wrote such things. Parts were borrowed from a random female's myspace page... oh, that would explain why I'm so embarrassed... myspace. LOL. Anyhow, enjoy this for what it's worth, parts of it speak truths... :) 

I am a diamond

NEVER to be played with by anyone. Fragile yet complex, take a look... just by the glance you'll know that I'm ...the rare jewel... authentic, divine and priceless in value. DIAMOND's are keepers, my ate once said.

I am a diamond

 - a sharp, sensitive, out-standing, loveable, nurtured, open-minded young woman. I have goals, I am driven and I have God in my life. My mother tells me I have to be a strong woman... and she's right. diamonds are strong... they were naturally made strong and tough. and thus. so was I - strong at heart because ::God made me to be victorious and so long as I believe in him, I will NOT be defeated:: A diamond made strong only by the God she serves. Diamonds emit light when struck from the sun's rays -- that's why they shine so bright. I emit light to my peers, with my joyful sense of humor and my bright outlook on life... just like a diamond...

I am a diamond

Although there are plenty more reasons more to stress and emphasize -- but the most important is this... authentic and precious as they are, diamonds are hard to find... and I will tell you the same. A young diamond like me... is hard to find. I'm part of a dying breed: ambitious, confident, educated, spiritual and respectful... legs closed, mind opened, walk worth seein', words worth hearin'... brace yourself if you ever get the opportunity to chop it up with me. I got an earful of words to share -- elaboration and articulation is my game... my Daddy taught me that.

I am a diamond

A diamond represented as a beautiful, rare, strong and pure individual who is, just as a diamond -- UNBREAKABLE. Agree or disagree if you may, trash or support the words that I say, regardless of any of it... it will still stand that... a young woman like me is hard to find... you sit there and ask...


and i reply...

Because they just don't make 'em like me anymore.