A year ago today

I woke up that morning thinking... wow... a year ago today I woke up in this exact location, staring out at the bay


____ season is in progress...

And so it begins... ;)


The Power of a Woman...

In the mist of the pouring rain

All molecular misfits of the atmosphere are purified
Like all the hurt and pains of life strains
Are removed from the body of a beautiful woman
Through every tear held back that she don’t cry

Your eyes like heaven’s windowpane
With the strength of an athlete
With a touch so gently
Brought mighty mighty Hercules to his knees

God told Adams no
Eve made him say; yes, yes
Her smell so sweet
Her body waves so unique
Makes a man complete
Surely I’ll eat for just one more taste of your nectar


Goal Check

1. Schedule eye exam appt for new glasses (since mom semi-broke my last ones) <-- CHECK!
2. Schedule dental appt <-- CHECK!!!
3. Schedule check up <-- CHECK!!!
4. Visit with Counselor or Psych dept on campus <-- NAW
5. Take courses through online enrollment to enrich writing <-- STILL NO
6. 30lbs by end of March <--- FAIL
7. Coordinate 1 on 1 with Bonnie and recruiter<-- FAIL
8. Seek another job with civil services, developmental position with counseling <-- NOT QUITE
9. Refine search for graduate school with counseling <-- YUP!
10. Join Vavi league for kickball and softball <-- JOINED RUGBY INSTEAD
12. Memorize the book of James <-- FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE :(
13. Enroll in counseling classes at JC (online if possible) <-- PSYCH 101
14. Trip to Kentucky to visit Rox <-- YAY!
15. Donate clothes to charity <-- STILL TIME!
16. Youtube a new original song (dammit, I'm tired of the bookie boo request lolol, ok jk, but not, but yeah, ) but not, okay i'm done) <--- REWIIIIND
17. Gym pass at 24 hr fitness <-- FOR THE WIN!
18. Cut up credit cards -- STOP RACKIN' UP DEBT! smh <--- YUP, YUP, YUUUUP
19. Get new tires for the car <-- NEXT MONTH
20. Get car tuned up <--- SOON?!
21. Make trip to the Bay for leisure <-- NOVEMBER
22. Try a new restaurant - Jamaican <-- ONAMIS instead
23. Vegas for Rugby 7s and birthday February <-- hoooyeesssss
24. Tune up resume by end of January to seek new job. <-- not quite
25. Fast every 1st week of the month <-- nope
26. TITHE. ALWAYS. Even if it's not 10%. TITHE. The church needs every finance - A NEW BUILDING IS IN PROGRESS! God makes all things possible <-- not completely every month
27. Finish New Moon <-- hahaha sooo suck
28. Put Taxes towards debt. TITHE 10% <-- yes.
29. Visit Samoa for a week <-- :(
30. New dish for Thanksgiving Meal <-- maybe mashed potatoes?
31. Every1 a gift <-- thinkin about it!
32. Budget $100 per week for meals <-- getting better
33. SAVE $100 a month <-- faaaaail
34. Join Bible Study at the Rock <-- fail
35. Sign up for Rec Classes at 24Hr or Grossmont <-- NOT WITH MY GYM PASS :) 
36. Home once every other month <-- MORE OR LESS
39. Nose pierced? Mmm, I'll think about it <-- STRAIGHTTT
40. Beginners piano to learn piano by ear <-- still no :(
41. New uke chords! :) <-- yessss! Halo, Dear Life,