Lessons of the healing woman 5

LESSON #3 OF THE HEALING WOMAN (and MAN) >> Ladies and Gents -- The right person at the wrong time is STILL the wrong person.... Be patient, if it's meant to be, it will be, aint no fightin' fate!

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Dipped into the Word this morn Joshua 21-22 -- God delivers on his promises (if u obey). LESSON #2 OF THE HEALING WOMAN - Theres only 1 man that will never fail u in his promise. Who? God. This means u sld not feel pain when any1 in ur life fails to fulfill their promise to u, they are expected to do so (bc theyre human). On that note, promises shldn't be made, we all shld be men & women of our word. Blessings folks.

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LESSON #1a OF THE HEALING WOMAN - NEVER -- NEVER EVER -- forget your value and worth. If you don't know your worth, let this help you figure it out - you are carefully crafted by the hands of God, worth more than precious rubies and gold. If 1 man does NOT treat you like so, trust and believe, there is another 1 MORE than willing.

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Ahhh patience is the companion of wisdom! LESSON #2 OF THE HEALING WOMAN - A woman should never force fate. Patience allows her to grow faithfully and gracefully, gaining wisdom and insight of what is to come, in timing that is not hers, but His. YAWWWWP!

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A good friend told me u dont heal over night, take it as a lesson learned and a point earned -- LESSON #1 OF THE HEALING WOMAN - A woman shld never regret a decision made to better her situation, no matter how much her feelings tell her otherwise after the decision has been made. Feelings come and go. Be firm & confident, everything happens for a reason (thx Doris Tulifau inspiring me with "lessons" lol)

we will visit this at a later date for my explanation... :)

3/14 -- Often times as women we find ourselves at a crossroad where we have to make a decision that will completely change our lives one way or another. Often times, these decisions are ones that we find hard to make because they are at times emotionally driven. One decision I particularly made recently (or well a good 6 months ago) was to finally break things off with  my significant other. I'll never forget the day I made that choice to finally call things quits. Granted, I myself am a fighter and often do not often quit easily on anything, and on that note, I will profess that this was one thing I did not quit easily on. 3 yrs of heaven and hell... could I really ask for anything more? lol

This is the longest I've ever been single in a while, 6 years to be exact... and I've only been single for 6 months. LOL Yeah, DEF a learning experience. Anyhow, being single has it's pros and cons, and one of the cons is having way too much time to think about way too much. LOL without the constant texting, constant arguments, constant I LOVE YOUs there is often plenty of time to sit and ponder, reflect, retrospectively. I find myself doing that a lot, I'll  begin thinking about my past with him, the good times... oh the good times. Sometimes I think of it so much I begin to wonder why I even let him go... BUT, that is where I stop myself in my tracks and say to myself "Dess, be strong, you did the right thing."

I don't know what would have come if I had stayed, but I do know that a lesson wouldn't have been learned had I continued being with him -- for him and of course for myself. It's never easy letting go of someone you grew to love, and love to me is still mysterious and dangerous... delightful and fulfilling... all the above. Fact is, no matter how much I think today, yesterday or any day after the day I made that decision to break it off, I need to be firm in my decision. Feelings do come and go, he actually taught me that... a life lesson I will take everywhere I go. My feelings fluctuate, one day I miss him, the next I hate him... hate is such a strong word, but feelings are even stronger, let not words underestimate (or overestimate for this matter) the power of feelings. 

Anyhow, I find that I am rambling rambunctiously so I think I will quit now. :)