June already?

Gosh diggity dizzam damn time flies by so quickly! I swear it was February and I was partying all month because of my birthday hoooorayyy.

Let's see, updates? Lets proceed...

As of late I've been craving to back to school. Apparently I'm still in student-mode as I type random information about my life at 2:46am in the morning like I don't have work to be at by 9:30am tomorrow morning. I'm still thinking and pondering on this Marriage and Family Therapy program that I've weeded out and have found that I have a passion for. I really want to get into Azusa Pacific, however, I made a bad impression on my close connect when I completely FORGOT about my meeting with her. Bleh, I feel bad but unfortunately the visit wouldn't have really done anything for me at the time being, I was still missing 2 pre-reqs and was in the middle of a semester so I would have had to hold off on applying anyway. Any information she gave me could have been easily obtained via the APU website. I'll just leave that in God's hands. I signed up for the class at San Diego City College - and wtheeze man, #18 on the wait list?!  You gotttta be kiddin me! Seriously? Bleh, just a minor stumbling block, so I've been waiting patiently to be bumped up on the priority list for Psych 101. I'm really anxious and excited to take the class. I haven't been in school since June of '08 which officially marks 2 years this month... MUST. LEARN. NOWWW.

Family life is going well. I've finally dropped some lbs thank the GOOD LORD, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! I got hooked up via Del for a family/friend membership at 24 hour fitness and I've been attending classes regularly for a good 2 hrs for a good 3 weeks now :D I'm now in the habit of working out. Shoutout to my sister Ritha for being so kind as to accompany me on all my workouts. She actually keeps me accountable bc when I ask her she's always down to go. I kinda am the juice, she's the wheels. We're a great team and we're dying to looks crazy, sexy, cool by the end of the year so this work out will in due time pay off :D gotta endure for now, delayed gratification is better than instant satisfaction yezzir!

Oh by the way I picked up a new sport - haha yeeeeah, rugbyyyy! Lets just say the sport is as intense as the rugby players make it, only they're a lot more fit than I am so it's like super hard time ten thousand for me. The training is intensive and I LOVE IT! I push myself a little more each time just to get better. We've been off since the end of April and here I am, in June -- it starts back up! But I won't be able to attend practice for a couple of weeks why?... well my next paragraph... :D

I'm going to hawaiiiiiii on thursday! YEZZIR! This is an exciting adventure that I am so anxiously hoping to embark on! I haven't been to Hawaii since I was four, and that was definitely 20 years ago LOL! I'm so juiced, I'll be there from the 10th to the 21st. :) I'll be staying with my cousin ShawnDelle and her husband and 2 sons for a week. My  brother's and I bought Pops a ticket to fly out on the 17th for his birthday/father's day gift so I'll be staying with him and Mama (cuz she flies out that day or on Friday) as well and will be under the care of my parental units - hoooyesss!) So excited, I've already started packing. :D

Well, that's all the updates I have as of now. It is now 3am and I shall not bring this blog to a close.

Goodnight bloggsters. :D