*Blows whistle* BRRRRRRRRRBBBBBB!!!! Diva on the field!

So, not too long ago I decided that I'd get into the gym and start working out. After only losing a good 10lbs I realized that my own motivation sometimes isn't motivation enough. After a while, I started working out with a workout buddy, she kept me motivated, but what happens, when even she loses motivation? I did also. Upon trying to figure out how I am going to lose 30lbs by October (this was in January) I decided maybe I should take up a sport, but what sport? Ugh, I haven't played an organized sport in almost a decade!

One day I was on Facebook (as if that doesn't happen EVERY day) and I read my girlfriend's status update that she would be trying something new... RUGBY! My eyes grew wide, what the hell? Nini doing rugby?! With TALO?! The heavens opened, and doves began to fly around, singing in unison with heaven's angels. YAY!!!! "I wanna come too!!!!" I commented, and the rest is history!

I attended a few practice during the spring season which is considered the off season. Basically, this is the time where new people come out to try out the sport and figure out if they like it or not and continue attending practice. After the first rugby practicing practically kicking me in the arse of unbelieveablity, I decided, hey, I'm gonna go all the way. The girls and I made slow adjustments, attending practices, wearing shorter shorts, then long socks, then purchasing cleats and spandex <-- LOL.

Finally, after a 3rd week of practice, Talo and I attended our first rugby match in Vegas... boy that was fun haha.  Although I pretty much died half way, it was pretty fun and interesting, not that the official hand pointed me out as the rookie on the field, GAH!!!! LOL

Anyhow, venturing off  into the new field abyss of rugby has definitely kept me on my toes. As stated before, it's been quite a while since I've been involved in an organized sport like so. I did kickball last year, that was super fun, but even now, rugby is so much more intense.

I feel myself growing more and more. I know I'm only a rookie, but my competitiveness is growing from within, and before I knew it, I'm emailing the team for fitness workouts because I am DYYYYING in rugby. Well, not really dying, but I want to be as fit as the other girls. Right now, Coach has me in the front row of the scrum, but I want to be a runner really... I know I don't run now as it is, but I want that to change, so I am def going to try and improve that part of my game. I know it's good to hit hard, but I want to be FASSSST! Like the speed of light (LOL).

I've been doing a lot better in tackling. There are 2 vets that are the biggest girls on the team, and last night I was paired up to tackle both of them. At first I was afraid... I was petrified, to think that I could ... ERRR... sorry got carried away there LOL. But at first I was definitely intimidated, but I want to challenge myself with them with every practice, if they're the biggest girls on the team, chances are, going head up with them, will make everything easier later, when in the game.

At first I thought that I only wanted to train and do fitness with the rugby team, but after each practice, I feel like I'm improving thus generating juice to want to actually play. I dunno, we'll definitely see :)

Signing off. Rajah that!