Dessarinas 2011 Goals

1. Make dental appointment
2. Remove wisdom teeth
3. Go fishing
4. Try new restaurant
5. Make Pap appointment
6. Get blood work done
7. Visit New York
8. Visit the Bay for leisure
9. Tithe taxes
10. Tithe monthly
11.Apply for graduate school APU
12. Grow out hair
13. Write a new song
14. Buy a UCSD sweater for Chris
15. Watch a South Salem Saxon game
16. Meet a Lady Saxon
17. Go Wine Tasting in Temecula and Oregon
18. Make a blanket
19. Lose 15lbs by June
20. Score a Try
21. Be accepted to APU
22. Begin Graduate School in Fall
23. Visit Gramma with Chris
24. Visit Chris' parents
25. Make a trip to Lak Taho
26. Buy new Nike Frees
28. Donate blood 3 times
29. Spend Thanksgiving in San Diego (if no family in Barstow)
30. Christmas gifts for the family
31. Attend a West Point Football Game
32. Send Jonas a care package for finals.
33. Pass Abnormal Pysch Class with an A
34. Run a 5k with Jules
35. Take bestie pics with Rox and Jules
36. Get hair highlighted
37. Attend a concert of a new artist.
38. Dine at 6 top o the line restaurants in San Diego
39. Go camping.