Empty Egg

Today was interesting. It's my first weekend in a long while where he isn't here and I am missing him so badly. I know that's corny, and I truthfully don't like admitting that because I pride myself in being strong and independent but I felt it today, and it was real. Emptiness.

I'm being super hella dramatic because he returns tomorrow. He'll only be gone for a total of... what... times 2... carry the one... 27 hours, but even in that short amount of time my heart knows he's gone. He's visiting family, he needed it, and I needed him to visit with them anyway. Wedding plans and the like to be discussed and finalized.

I found it quite difficult to dig into my studies. Something always came up and I always ended up making it a higher priority than it needed to be. Kinda like I'm doing right now... not reading because this blog needing to be completed is far more important than doing homework. I've already begun (procrastinating).

I've ben in debate about deactivating Facebook. But I think I will decide against it. I'm not on FB very much at all unless I am talking to Gee. Facebook has only been legit for me in terms of wedding scouting every weekend since May. Otherwise, posts are either bloviations of nothingness, embarrassing and lacking basic grammar edits, annoyingly subliminal or containing too many 4 letter curse words that you'd almost think it was a foreign language.

Anyhow... done for the night. Outroz.