9 months of bliss with my Mister...


Sacrifice. I've never really understood or realized how much I valued it until my conversation with my husband this AM. NEEDLESS TO SAY I was in years this morning overwhelmed with gratitude about it. I am such a lucky little girl to have been modeled true sacrifice and the great rewards of it through my mom and dad. I'm so blessed.



8 Monthssss

Welp, yet another month of marriage and many more lessons learned.

1. Compromise. This is the true language of marriage. That and bickering. But at least bickering with your best friend is fun.

2. Silence. This is the most deafening sound ever in marriage. When there is no communication or interaction, it's paralyzing. There is no growth with silence. At least this early on the marriage there isn't.

3. The word NEED is needed. I grew up very independent, thank you Mom and Dad. It was always a part of my life to not depend on anyone. That was modeled by my mother, and so of course, as history and experience would have it, I did the same. I did not need anyone and grew thinking I never needed anyone to do anything for me. I still have strong thoughts about that, but that mindset does not work in a marriage. Why? Because as a couple you need each other. A couple does not exist without two people. If you didn't need anyone, you might as well be (or stay) single.

Anyhow, as nobody else knows but my Hubbs, I am incredibly overwhelmed with this season in life. I work, go to school, and have a "2nd" job that doesn't pay anything but fulfillment and satisfaction of purpose driven work. This of course started to reverse the roles in my home. I am the hardworking "man" of the house while the Boo has been at home as the "homemaker". This has been an insightful experience for both of us to be able to experience what both roles are like, ones that we are unfamiliar with. Chris has been tending the home in many ways, doing laundry, cleaning dishes, scrubbing toilets, and showers, putting up curtains, vacuuming and cooking all meals. However, last week I had a break down when I walked into the house after class around 11pm and the house wasn't in order. In this moment I saw myself becoming my mother, except I reacted differently. Where my mother reacted with  monstrous voices of anger, I stood quiet, and silent. I went to bed, in a manner that absolutely hate doing - I went to bed upset. That's a sin. You're not supposed to go to bed upset or angry, that's what it says in God's word -- Ephesians 4:25 says in your anger do not sin; do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. Technically the sun was already down, but that's not the point. I went to sleep upset, and woke up livid as we missed the alarm which made me late to work (in San Diego). I drove the entire 90 miles with intent of being silent the entire way. No speaking. No initiating communication. Nothing. Zilch. Niente. Let's just say the drive felt like 4 hours. No conversation was carried until lunch time. Finally throughout the day I came home to a meal prepared by the Hubs and then I was able to speak.

I've definitely learned that my approach on things isn't always the best... especially when talking to Chris. I'm not fair, I'm mean, I'm rude, and I'm so condescending. All habits of a strong and independent woman for so long. Well that has been changing and I was able to implement that at this particular moment. I broke down and just cried to my husband telling him how much my mental capacity had already been filled with so many things concerning school and work. I gave him the image of my cup... and how the liquid was already spilling over with the many things I had going on. Home, with him, is my peace. It's my tranquility. It's the only constant in my life that I have right now. Work will soon wither away, school will be done after July, all these things will eventually come and go and the only thing that will ever stay constant now, in my life, is him and our home. And by home I mean, the place in which we both are together. Home is everywhere he and I are together - the car, the bedroom, the sidewalk we walk to check the mail together, aisle 11 at Walmart when we buy toilet paper. When I came home that night, my cup broke... I felt that I needed to add on yet another task on my to do list - keep my home in order. That was a hard reality for me, and I had to talk to my husband concerning my thoughts and what I NEEDED him to do for me... that I NEEDED him in my life to help me manage the liquid in this cup overflowing with my life. We bickered. A lot. It was expected. I wanted to compromise. Thursday night was football night and I wanted to just not expect anything from him that night - dinner, a clean home, etc. He wasn't having it. I told him how much I needed him in my life, and how much he was my peace and comfort after a day's hard work at school and at work. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be to talk about it. And there I found myself streaming tears from the depths of my soul, telling this man that I needed him in my life, for the constant in my life. For the order that is required in ONE and only one area in my life that he could control. It was a beautiful conversation. One that I will never forget. One that I am grateful for. One that I needed.

Month 8 has created another strand of strength in marriage. We are not easily broken. The strands added on with every month, and even day, are making us more and more victorious. God is good.

Outties (like belly buttons),
Mrs. Muli


Hello Week 3

Seriously, how am I even surviving right now? I am all over the place mentally and still somehow thoroughly able to function in each setting. Jesus juice is so real, I don't know how else I am able to stand let alone breathe regularly. Incredibly blessed, and humbled.

Humbled and blessed.



A Woman's Checklist - Updated from 2009.

I first blogged this on June 22, 2009. Today is September 10, 2013... I just wanted to do a mental check of where I am now, 4 years later... ;) 
[*** written June 22, 2009 ***
No this is NOT Maya Aneglou's best poem ever, she didn't even write this poem as a matter of fact. It was written by Pamela Redmond Satan. LoL. Although this isn't really the OFFICIAL checklist of things a woman should have, I do concur with some of these things. ;) Let's see how many checks I get at the end LoL.]

enough money within her control to move out
and rent a place of her own,
even if she never wants to or needs to... 

[no check. I def don't have that type of money yet. LoL!]
This is quite humorous to me because just last month, I had this. However, I'm not renting on my own since I'm married. The Hubster and I successfully moved out, purchased furniture debt-free, and are now living in our own apartment. This was a CHECK last month. This month, it's a different story LOL.

something perfect to wear if the employer,
or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour...
[no check... oh wait, you mean the freakum dress? i got that! hahaha. CHECK!]
Assuming I'm at home, check. Considering I have the man of my dreams? DOUBLE CHECK.

a youth she's content to leave behind....
[check. I'm VERY content leaving my legacy behind. lmbo. ok ok, not really a legacy, but I'm content leaving my youthful days behind]
Check. Still satisfied.

a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to
retelling it in her old age.... 
[half check. I don't necessarily agree with this, however, I do think one should be able to tell a good life story]
LOL I still don't agree, but I've had a few juicy moments in my young adult life ;) CHECK

A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE . ...........
a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra...
[check. no check. and check check check. LoL. up on game! - mostly lol]
Check (although they're not mine), check again (still not mine), and uncheck (I hate bras) although I will say that I have a leopard print one, and leopard is pretty much the equivalent of lace.

one friend who always makes her laugh... and one who lets her cry...
[check and check. defeinitely have a lot of those]
Check. It's wonderful having both in one. My husband,

a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her
[check. With a FATTY bill that needs to be paid. LoL!]
4 years later, all the furniture I had in 2009 has been paid off and is now the "furniture previously owned by a family member" sitting in my Mom, Uncle, and Brother's house. I now own all of my furniture, paid in full at purchase. God is so good! CHECK.

eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, and a recipe for a meal
that will make her guests feel honoured...
[no check. Since I've only lived with 3 other people, I've only had the 4 ppl sets. haha. but I'll gett to workin on that.]
This is funny too. Because my Husby and I live alone, we've only shopped for 4-6 place settings. In due time I know we will move up to an 8-place-setting life, however, we are functioning with a 6-seater table, with only 2 seats occupied during dinner time. The other 4 seats are either collecting dust, or serving as a shelf for my school books and class materials. So, UNCHECK.

a feeling of control over her destiny...
[check. I was born with that feeling.]
Double check. I concur with my 2009 answer.

how to fall in love without losing herself.
[no check. I'm a wreck. HA! LoL. It's all good, I'm gettin' back!]
Hmmm, considering I've gained roughly 15lbs since I got married (8 months ago) I'll uncheck this LOL.

how to quit a job,
break up with a lover,
and confront a friend without;
ruining the friendship...
[check. check. and super check. I got skillz man!]

when to try harder... and WHEN TO WALK AWAY...
[check. Yes Lord, thank you for that wisdom I always asked for!]
Check. And check. Wisdom is still important to me 4 years later.

that she can't change the length of her calves,
the width of her hips, or the nature of her parents..
[check. I'm content with the way I look, and if ever I am not, I will do something about it. :) and Momz and Pops? I wouldn't change their nature for the world]
My answer in 2009 makes me smile. I remember growing into loving my body in 2009, because I had gained so much weight and was so incredibly over trying to please everyone else about the way I looked. I was happy, and I still am today. CHECK.

that her childhood may not have been perfect...but it's over...
[check. LoL!!!]
Haha, yes, check.

what she would and wouldn't do for love or more...
[no check. still getting there. LoL.]
CHECK. I'm well within my views of the world to not go to certain places anymore. 

how to live alone... even if she doesn't like it...
[check. I know how to, and honestly, I like it. :) but I enjoy the company too.]
2010 was my year of solitude (unbeknownst to me at the time of blogging this). I didn't live alone, but I did many of things alone, go to megachurch services alone, eat at restaurants alone, shop alone, etc, etc. I have never felt so much spiritual growth in my life. All of this alone time made me value myself so much more. It confirmed how confident I was in my self. It allowed me to build upon my own strengths, courage, and esteem. It was a wonderful year of silence, solitude, and change. CHECK.

whom she can trust,
whom she can't,
and why she shouldn't take it personally...
[check. I've learned the hard way on several occasions, but I cannot control people's mouths or opinions, and I will never try.]
where to go...
be it to her best friend's kitchen table...
or a charming inn in the woods....
when her soul needs soothing...
[no check... yet. Still trying to figure that out, since most of my soul healing begins within me.]
Dinner with my husband... at my own kitchen table. Oh... and manicure/pedicure chairs hehe. CHECK.

what she can and can't accomplish in a day...
a month...and a year...
[half check. I think I have a good estimate of time in that sense. lol]
Sometimes I think I'm superwoman! Half check... still grasping this.


7 months: New(er) beginnings

Welp, today marks 7 months in this marriage and I've learned a few more things in life. :)

There are a few things I celebrate at this milestone in our marriage.

1. Chris is finally feeling better from his arthritic pains (lol), has lost about 35lbs, and is up on his feet around the house :)
----- You know that whole "in sickness and in health" part of your vows that you took on your wedding day that binds you by word to God and all witnesses to stand by your husband's side? Yeah... I didn't know the consequences of that until this past month. The BooThang has been intermittently disabled and in pain with gout for the past month and a half. And I mean, he has not been able to walk at some points, was hobbling on crutches, and walking every so slowly, I mean carefully, from point A to point B. It's been a physical strain on his body... and our marriage. We've had some debacles in the past week just dealing with my patience and his disability. Lord, my patience and strength was truly tested, and for the strength I passed... for the patience, I failed. Blah, unfortunately I let Satan win a battle and it was at the cost of hurting my spouse, emotionally (which is always more painful than physically). I know that my words will always be valued by him now, if I didn't know it before. God-fully, we pushed through and have managed to still love each other, lol. I am just thankful that we are both followers of Christ and know that we can push past marital strife with prayers. We yelled, we cried, we talked, then we prayed. Now that all is said and done, God has rewarded us for our faithfulness to him by making us stronger lovers of each other and of Christ for bringing us out of the storm. Chris is now feeling well, and while he's not feeling exactly 100% physically, our marriage is still 100% so for that I stay thankful.

2. We finally moved into our new home, and are the only tenants in the living space. Ayyyyy-men!
----- So about a year ago I moved back to live with my parents. At that point, Chris had been living in Barstow/Victorville for about 7 months. We were engaged at that point and began living in my parents home. Granted, it was more of a roommate situation, separate rooms, separate beds, shared chores... etc. Now we are finally in our own place and the feeling is wonderful!!!! And weird. LOL It's wonderful because I am finally under my own roof. I love and am humbled that my parents are able and willing to take me under their wing when I needed them too, but after being on my own for so long, I realized that it's not the most comfortable living situation for me. So, after a year of preparation, saving and so forth, Chris and I finally sat down with my parents and told them we were relocating. Let me tell you, this took lots of prayers and preparation. I've been using my therapy sessions talking a lot about this sit-down talk with them, and how I had so much anxiety about doing it for fear of their disapproval! And of course, because God is good, we spoke to them and they received us well. Most of that is due to Chris being my mouthpiece and knowing how to properly communicate to my parents. We have this sort of cultural norm in my family that I was able to clearly envision while going to therapy. When I was unmarried, I lived under my father, and he was the head of my household - his words were official and final in terms of our family. This was nothing new, I grew up knowing that the man is the head of the home, as my father so nicely illustrated throughout my childhood. Meanwhile, I was growing independently and aggressively as a woman who could articulate herself well enough to speak in the absence of a head. When I graduated high school, or better yet college, I became the head of my own household because I in fact was living on my own, and did no depend solely on my dad. Well... things changed when I got married. For 1, now that I am married, my husband has become the head of my household. And secondly, I no longer have to articulate myself because again, my husband has become the head of my family that I have created with him. And now... when ever we discuss official matters like, us moving out of my parents house, the head of my house speaks with the head of the house that we were living in (Chris and my father). Very interesting family dynamic discovered through my therapist! :)

Anyhow, back to the living situation. We are out and on our own! What's most exciting about the move was that everything was completely covered by our wedding gifts! We thought really long and hard about purchasing used furniture for the apt and really starting a "ground up" type of living situation. We spoke to the woman showing us our apartment and asked her where most people bought their furniture in the area. She suggested Ashley's, which is a huge furniture store, very popular and also very expensive. Chris and I decided just to give it a look, and lo and behold, 4 hours later we walked out with a receipt of $2500 dollars worth of furniture! And God is so good because all those finances were squared away from wedding gifts. We had enough appliances and kitchenware scored from our wedding gifts, so there weren't any necessary purchases needed there. We bought our a used dining table and I put a DIY touch on it and turned it into a million bucks with a few layers of wood stain and fabric. Here are some pics for a visual...

                    BEFORE                                                                                            AFTER

Beautiful isn't it? I am so proud of myself, big thank you to the hubsters for initiating the project and directing me on every move :)

So now we are alone in our own home and I feel independent again :) Only thing is, it's sort of weird living with another man... LOL! For so long I was raised segregated from the opposite gender. My parents very adamant about me not hanging out with boys, playing with boys, doing boy activities etc. I cried when my Dad told me that I couldn't play the drums because it was a "boys instrument". Yeah, talk about gender discrimination, to the freaken T! Anyhow, because I've been raised that way, it has now become a part of my lifestyle. Boys do this, and girls do that. They don't do them together! So here I am, living with my husband, feeling very awkward around him in my, excuse me OUR, new home :) I know it will take some getting used to, but initially, the excitement is there, but the feeling is very unfamiliar. I'm glad that I was able to save this feeling for when I got married. It's just a feeling I feel I have graduated to from my dating/engagement phase in my life. :)

3. Today, I started my daily commute to work from Colton and will hopefully continue doing this drive on Mondays and Tuesdays without having to bunk with a girlfriend in San Diego anymore. :)
----- Now that I'm muuuuch closer to work, I am able to drive to work instead of bunk with a girlfriend and make it a 2 day stay whenever I go to San Diego. I really love that I'm close enough to go back home to my husband after a day of work, but I will TRULY miss my girls in Daygo. They are every part of my weekly therapy. :) But, all good things come to an end, and this is just a part of transitioning in my life so I am sad to leave, but happy to be progressing.

In any case, it's my 7 month anniversary and the end of my work day so it's time for me to go home! God is good! All the time!

Mrs. Mulitalo



I was really hurt hearing the news about the verdict for the Trayvon/Zimmerman case. I'm not entirely sure why. I don't really know why I thought the case would have ruled in favor of Trayvon, but a lot of it was purely hope in a bettering society that I live in. Then Gee hits me and tells me that he was found not guilty, and I felt an eruption of tears surfacing in my eye sockets that I stifled while sitting in the car in the middle of LA traffic... because at this point, I don't want to feel upset over an injustice that will linger in the years to come. I try not to get too invested in these trial cases, because the less I'm involved, the less disappointment I'll face when it goes the exact opposite of the way in which justice would have it. That's probably the problem of our judicial system, there is less of an influence on the defendant being "not guilty" than being innocent. In the U.S. we are all given the right to trial on whether or not we are guilty or not, but we start off on the grounds that we are innocent, until proven otherwise. What if our system posed it to where we were tried as guilty, until proven innocent? How many more cases would be ruled justifiably? How would that impact the way in which lawyers fight for their clients when representing the defendant? I just wonder. In France it's that way. I only know this because my French prof in undergrad told me. It's very different in America. I'm not surprised. Being in America, we have a western perspective that our ways our right and just, and that other countries in genocide, with impoverished lifestyles, unfairly treated women, forbidden speech and the like are all countries that need our assistance to reform. Such pompous perspectives, we hold.

Sigh. Not many words can be shared from my heart to really express the way I feel. In a sense, I don't feel too broken, but it still is so disappointing that our judicial system continues to disappoint in these highly publicized cases where the black person ALWAYS loses.

Luckily, I know God is in control, and for that I am thankful.

-Mrs. M.


5 Months: Arguments are healthy

In the 5 months that I've been married I can say that the most valuable lesson I've learned is...

1. Arguments are healthy --- Chris and I argue very rarely. I think that is because we typically agree on many  things. We share the same ideals, values, and opinions. However, our logic, is definitely different. I think somethings are best not to be done, and he does not share the same view point, and vice versa. While we do not agree and sometimes argue about our logic, someone normally is able to buckle down from their horse and ride on the other's horse and saddle. Guess who it ends up being most of the time? (If you guessed that it would not be, COOOOORRECT!).

It has been very hard for me to deal with the fact that our logic is quite different and it is most definitely based on our upbringings. I like that I can point the finger to something that is not him, because at the end of the day, we are who we are based on our experiences. When it comes to something that is out of the ordinary, or foreign, it takes a while for us to get accustomed because, really, how do you change a lifetime way of thinking? It's difficult, and here we are, 27 years on earth, coexisting with some similar ideas of logic, and some very different as well.

Luckily for me, I have had patience in dealing with what has been very different, but that doesn't mean we haven't argued much. We've argued plenty about these specific things but we are always able to go to bed with each other and wake up to a new morning. We do a constant series of resolving the argument until it's completely gone. Normally it ends with laughter, and that  laughter is always so warming for the marriage. A nice warm blanket of hope that we will make it to 50 years of marriage :)

That's all for now.
Mrs. Muli


The Start - Day 1

Yesterday at service we had the traditional faaula-ing (excuse the terrible adaptation of Samoan words being Englis-ized) for all of the fathers in the church. We are a small and intimate church, so we don't have very many at all, 5 at the most. Anyhow, the Husby goes up by coercion from my mother, and of course, it just looks weird.

He's not a father. I know this, my parents know this. But the mere fact that he's standing in line to get an ula on Father's Day has implications.

Are we pregnant? No, we're not. Quite frankly this is just what happiness looks like in my life, even though it came about 18lbs heavier than the happiest event of my life at my wedding.  

Lise: Are you going to have a baby?
Me: No, haha, why? 
Lise: You look like you're going to have a baby.
Me: Are you saying I look fat? (HAHA)
Lise: *Smiles with a head nod, "no"*

That episode was hilarious. I didn't anticipate the effect of an 8 year old being so honest and truthful turning into a morning jog.

It wasn't terrible and it wasn't amazing. It was just, the start. Chris and I did the Color Vibe Run on Saturday, and to my surprise, the 5k wasn't as daunting as my mentality allowed it to be. Chris was injured (gout, and all other foot problems) which meant that I was eager to jog on the inside of my body, but was being a good team member with him and keeping the same pace as his. I thought to myself, you know 3miles really isn't that bad. The run definitely wasn't 3 miles. It didn't feel like it, I cam out a champ, finished the course in a whopping 45 minutes. The blasts of colors were a little awkward. Chris and I would run through the color stations but sometimes the people working it wouldn't be ready to throw color at you. Weird. So we found ourselves slow jogging or even just walking and, yes, ASKING for more color to be thrown on us. Kind of lame, but dah well. They're volunteers in the heat, I don't blame them, I think we were in the 4th heat, and there were about 500 runners per heat. There were probably 1 or 2 heats after us. 

Back to the HERE AND NOW, today Chris woke me up to pack his lunch. I scurried downstairs half awake, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Packed him the classic PB&J, S'mores Poptarts, Granola, and a Nature's Valley chewy bar thingy. He's on rotation for the next two weeks I tried to pack enough snacks. I included a small tupperware of blueberries, and a small sandwich bag of chips to lessen out the sugar in the lunch bag lol.

After he left I debated going to bed. I got upstairs and Chris made the bed, what a doll. I took that as a sign that he wanted me to stay awake... lol. I normally come back and the bed is still messy from last night's acrobatic sleeping talents, but it was freshly made! I was sitting atop my bed thinking, I should go for a run.

And a thought it was until I found myself putting on a pair of active pants and a sports bra, a tank top, and socks. It was weird, I don't know if it was necessarily me scrounging all over my room for these objects, or the inner-goddess girl that is tired of denying the fact that I am not pregnant, but I am wearing a pregnant woman body LOLOL.

Went for a jog, started light but decided I just want to time my mile, and see how it goes. Well, the mile went. I was pretty tired, but am still feeling okay. 00:13:08 for my first mile ever (in like 3 years I think). Not bad. The Nike Run app tracks it and tells me when I was at my fastest and my slowest in terms of pace. It also shows my distance according to the GPS device. So cute, and clever!

Welp, that's it. I just wanted to document this Monday that I started an early morning jog. Hopefully I can do this every morning that I wake up after Chris leaves. :) It'll be good for me. And the weather is dang near perfect for it. Cool and sunny mornings. My hope is to get my mile down to 10 minutes. I'm not a speed runner, but I want to be able to endure. So of course, I would like to also get in at least 3 miles within 30 minutes. Not bad, right? Hopefully I'll be able to run 10 miles in a good hour. That's not bad for an early morning workout, yeah? I see people do it all the time, and I'm always inspired by them... but I never jog haha.

Cheering myself on with this pursuit. Hoping and praying I can stay up on my game. For now, it was just... the start.

Mrs. Muli 


Mocha Mamas

This morning I had breakfast with Stella who is one of my, I would like to call it, mentors. She used to work at the Library and has left the nest to live in Retirementland. Every once in a great while we will get together with another co-worker of mine that I still work with and have breakfasts just to chit chat. We've been doing this for about... 4 years. Stella retired shortly after we started but we still find the time in our schedule to meet up in the early AM for a sunrise breakfast.

Stella seems to be doing really well (per usual). She made plenty of mention about her son and daughter in law moving down from Denver to live in San Diego. They are enjoying it as a newly wed couple and are ironing out the kinks that are presented. Her and Ed are doing well and have given up meat, entirely, but they aren't strict and Nazi about it, which I found comforting in hearing. She continues to stay associated with the library assocition which always makes me feel comfortable because she knows what's going on. Michelle was supposed to come but couldn't for specific reasons so it was unfortunate that we couldn't fellowship together as a whole tripod of the Mocha Mamas, but we made do.

I learned a few things while speaking with Stella. This is why I keep her around, in all actuality. She's just a blessing to keep!

1. We don't need anymore money ---- I love how she continued to say that. She volunteers with so many organizations and it is always uplifting to hear about her rewarding experiences in doing so. While she has been retired for nearly 5 years, she is definitely still "working" actively in her life as an amazing human being.

2. We don't need meat --- so Stella is about 4'11 and was weighing in at 125, a healthy 125, and she recently discovered that her sugar and blood pressure levels were raising so she decided to cut meat out of her diet. Even though they did this, they're not totally Nazi about not eating anything with meat. They are flexible with their meals so that they don't become uncomfortable with each other and with others that eat meat. I thought that was enlightening to hear. They just maintain a balance of having less meat than they normally have by not eating it at all, but definitely allowing for an occasion to welcome a piece of chicken. That was super nice.

3. San Diego is expensive --- I have been in discussion with the Hubs about moving and relocating to San Diego however after speaking with Stella, I've been struck by the reality that San Diego is an expensive place to be at. You literally pay for amazing weather and the beach, whether you live near it or not. The cheapest house, not mansion, runs for a whopping 400k. A town house would probably start you at 120k. My parents live in a 5bd 3 ba home that was purchased at 190k out here in the Desert. That just doesn't add up for me! On that note, the Hubs doesn't want to rent for more than 5 years anywhere... which means that he wants to have a savings built up enough by a 5th year of renting to be able to put a downpayment on a house. That little thinker, that Hubby of mine. In any case, I LOVE San Diego, a part of my will always be in San Diego, but it's important for me to weigh out the cost-effectiveness of it over our lives. Especially with the intent of having children. We want kids... our friends and fam want us to have kids... lots and lots of kids... LOL

Too bad I'm finishing this blog from being started a few weeks ago and forgot what else I learned, but those three are the ones I distinctly remember. Hehe :)

Anyhow, adieu for the day.
Mrs. Muli


Boy, today I actually get to rest. Kind of not really, I still have class tonight.

I've come to a point where I am finally realizing how intense and crazy my schedule is, and how intense and crazy I am for allowing it. The amount of driving I have been doing lately is absolutely absurd! I have begun feeling the strains and stresses in my body. It's uncomfortable and achey and I need it to stop.

I need to look into some schedule alternatives now that I have begun my practicum site. I haven't had any clients yet since my client's social worker cancelled today - actually, it was court ordered, so that means it was out o anyone's hands but the judge. I'm thankful though. I was anxiously anticipating my first client and of course grew nervous at the thought of being with an entire family, but my anxiety calmed after hearing the visitation was cancelled. That just gives me time to anticipate my first client again.

I'm sitting in bed telecommuting from home with the thought that I really need to make all three significant factors of my life work in harmony in order to be happy. Work, school, and practicum. The amount of stress that I endure while being at home is just overwhelming and tiring. It's not burn out yet, but that's what it's projected to be. I have to prepare myself mentally, and that is definitely going to take some sacrifices.

In all these things, I don't worry much. God has always shown His favor in me, so I rarely have time to worry. I see all stresses as challenges that have solutions, and that's my coping skill. It's worked for a while, I'm stickin' to it!

Anyhow, that's life right now. I'm still tired... still tired.

Mrs. Muli


Marriage Lessons

So, a friend of mine wrote a blog about the 10 things she's learned about marriage in the 10 months she's been married. I thought to myself... what a clever idea. Especially because I think that I'll never stop learning about marriage and I do plan to be married up until we hit the pearly gates, in which I will no longer be able to blog, because well... I doubt there's internet and computers in Heaven... I mean really... aint no angel got time fa dat!

Anyhow, I am a little late. So I will have to revert back to the first 3 months of marriage, and recap my 4th month since I just made it this past Sunday on the 19th. I'm excited. My MulitaloMarriage ;)

Stay tuned.
Mrs. New Muli.


Fast and Furious Part 7: Speeding Like Stupid

Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York city?

Randomly prefacing this blog with the only lyrics to a random song that I like hearing at times. :)

Today is Monday the 22nd, and I have to go to court!

It's become unfortunate for me to drive these days. I got a speeding ticket in December (on the day of my last final, I was running late bc of my husband, ugh) and recently received on in March.

------- another blog post that was unfinished --------

Sigh, okay, so to finish thisb blog, almost a month later after it was attempted... I got 2 speeding tickets between December and March. SOOOO boo. I'm terrible. Speeding tickets are such a waste of money, but I must endure the consequences. I had to go to traffic school for the first ticket, and I'm just hoping I have the option for the 2nd ticket. Well... actually, I do have the option, because I went to court on the 22nd and they offered me an extension to appear in court that would allow me to ask for a reduction in the fine, and attend traffic school to get it off my record. I paid and went to traffic school for the first ticket (a hefty fine of $400 *cries*) and now I am just waiting to see if I can attend court for the reduction for the second ticket. SIGH. I really cannot afford to pay these tickets so I need to make some adjustments in my driving.

So... I've become way more conscious of my speed since then. I normally drive when other cars are on the road, so that sort of helps me to maintain a speed since I can't bob and weave like I normally do on the roads. I'm absolutely terrible, I know. LOL

In any case, I'm just glad that I have the opportunity for it to not be recorded on my record. WHEW! :)

The endy end. :)
Mrs. New Muli.

Been a while... MADA

Well, my last post was on April 23rd, which was hmmm... *looks at calendar and counts*... 2 weeks ago! Goodness how time flies. But, lots to be thankful for!

So, on the 23rd, I actually had an interview in Colton with MADA (Make A Difference Association), which is an agency that attended the practicum fair at APU earlier Spring semester. This is a total praise report, so I gotta share it thoroughly with background information.


So it's now May 21st, which was 4 weeks from my last post, and 2 weeks from my last attempt to post as you can see from above lol.

Lots to catch up on so I will try and be as concise as possible (but let's face it, I can't be concise so this will be "light" reading, and heavy dumping for information.)

1. By God's grace I was able to find a practicum site for my traineeship for my MFT program. Ha-lle-lu-yer *raises the roof*. It was quite the task to find one for the simple fact that we had a practicum fair in February and I only recently received placement in April. A 2-month period doesn't seem like very much time but in the grander scheme of things, people were interviewing and receiving offers in March. I had my first interview at another site in April and received an offer after the interview before leaving the campus. That site was at a school district working with the Head Start program involving a population of 0-4 year-olds. Now, I've already told myself I do not want to work with children, but I was beginning to sit comfortably with the thought that I may enjoy working with children - more so because no other agency wanted me. I applied to San Bernardino County, and received an email of rejection. I applied to Riverside County Department of Mental Health, annnnd that didn't work out for me either.

MADA was a God driven thing. While I was limbo about accepting the practicum site with the Head Start program I was talking to my classmate Kendra about her agencies and she spoke about MADA with stars in her eyes. It was really refreshing to hear someone speak about a site so enthusiastically. She told me to contact them even though they had already hired. They accepted two interns from APU, already, and I thought to myself, I don't want to contact them all late after the application process has already closed. But, I took the chance anyway. I figured, what's the harm? They'd say yes or no. I emailed Wendy which was a contact that Kendra forwarded to me from an email she received from the receptionist. I simply asked if they were still accepting applications and if so that I would like to send mine in. I didn't send any documents, I only asked if they would be willing, essentially, to give me a chance by saying yes, they'd take a look at my resume.

Well, God works in mysterious ways, right? Wendy called (not emailed) me back the next day and asked if she could set up an interview with me later in the week. I was stunned, I hadn't even sent in my resume yet and they were already willing to set up an interview. Unfortunately I was going out of town and would not be able to make the initially scheduled interview so I asked for a latter time, and they agreed.

My first interview was pleasant, despite the rough start. I was 15 minutes early but didn't end up beginning the interview until 15 minutes after due to Tammy (the program director) having a conversation with someone else. The interview ran for about 45 minutes and I learned that she was a God-driven purpose, and that the agency was a God-driven site. She continued to encourage me to pray about the agency to ensure it was a good fit. Surprisingly enough, she said she was praying about it too, to see if I was a good fit for them. After the interview she setup another interview with the leading therapist, Michelle, to interview with her the very next day. That portion ran fairly smoothly, I was able to connect with her on the side of therapy and that was great. I grew more and more ecstatic about beginning at the site, contrary to my initial feelings of anxiety and fear. Before ending the interview she asked for my schedule and proceeded to figure out how I would be able to fit in with my crazy life. Then, before the interview ended she asked me if I would accept the position if I was offered, and I said "Absolutely" and out I went.

It was truly the hand of God over this situation. I was feeling bogged down by everyone around me receiving acceptance at various sites and I was still without placement. I was not sweating it initially until the pressure grew with everyone else's placement. Then, God came through, as He normally does, and showed me the way :)

Well, I do think that's enough for this post. Too much details included in this one to include others about different subjects. Hehe.

Mrs. New Muli.


Where did the time go?

I attended Ate's baby shower this past weekend. Ate is my best friend's older sister, who is essentially my older sister hence the Filipino term of respect towards an older sister "Ate". Her name is Rosemarie :) Anyhow, she is having her first child and is 7 months along, so of course we are all uber excited to celebrate her new title in the making as Mommy.

The party was the normal type of filipino gathering. There were loads of food trays scattered and spread along the counter with delectable filipino dishes ranging from lumpia, pancit, palabot, kare kare, arescalgo, and the like. The usual gang was present, Aunty Perla and Uncle Rodel and the normal attendants from the local filipino community. Then some of their family from down the hill were present, as well as those from Las Vegas. Soon after, some of the Barstow locals began to funnel in and that's when it hit me...

I looked around and I couldn't help but notice where I was at in life. Here I was, sitting next to Chris, a married 27 year old graduate student back in my hometown celebrating the new life of an old friend's unborn child, with all of our friends that I grew up with. Except, we weren't all teenagers dressed in baggy jeans and t-shirts with ridiculous hair styles and awkwardly drawn in eyebrows and so forth.

No no, we were of that grown folk picture... sitting with our spouses, talking about our careers and jobs, grueling about child birth and labor, wiping runny noses and rocking infant children, shushing loud and un-tempered tantrum'd toddlers, verbally disciplining and so forth. The image was stunning...

Where did the time go?

I sat there basking in everyone's current situation. An old friend of mine's brother was there with his wife and three kids and they were quite the sight. They were keeping control of their toddler and ensuring the other two of theirs had enough food to eat, all the while talking about their current job situations. Another old friend was cooing her baby from a crying fit she was having being around a slew of unfamiliar faces. Then there was another couple seated quietly as they spoke about the time intervals of their newborn son's feeding schedule. Here I was talking about my schooling and being newly married and working out the kinks. My best friend spoke about interviewing for a new job that offered her a trip to Shanghai. My other best friend talking about her husband making the next rank in the army as an E7. Another friend wobbled around for her plate of food while 8 months pregnant. Just so cute and full of life!

It appeared to me that this is really what life was about. It seemed like only yesterday we were all in high school together, eating lunch at the benches, sharing food with each other, planning up Friday night activities after the football game and so forth. Somehow, it was refreshing to see that we all grew past that phase in life... and together as a whole. There are friends that don't hang with us anymore, but even that's okay because they have their own lives. I was just happy to see that after 10 years, we had all come to place in our lives where we could still get together, enjoy a meal, celebrate milestones, and continue friendships.

I loved that I could leave Chris with all the guys of the group and know that was genuinely in good company. It's so difficult these days to keep good people around because it always seems like good people are hard to find. But when I find them, I try to hold on to them - God willing they hold on to us as well, it always has to be mutual for me.

Thinking about this really just makes me feel like, while many times I feel like I'm still reaching a goal, I think I've stumbled across the accomplishment of one... having a solid foundation and support group. I'm so thankful for those around me that continue to be a part of my life - they continue to grow with me and that is something that I can't take for granted. I am thankful for my people who have enhanced my life and made me a better person, and I am thankful that we all go up together. It's more than I could have imagined for myself but I'm glad that I have it.

Boy am I tired. I think it's time for a nap before I make dinner for the hubby.

Tofa soifua,
Mrs. New Muli


Let me first just say that God is good...

I was instantly reminded of this blog I wrote years ago on Facebook... I posted it on this blog site on March 1st and decided to take a part of it to reiterate my thoughts revolving around the sudden death of a church member last night... it just resonates with me every time...

People die daily, I know, but today I realized something. I've lost Gramma Superwoman, I've lost aunts and uncles, cousins... losing someone of blood relation to you is definitely heartbreaking... I wouldn't want to experience losing any family member dear and true to my heart, because I've felt the pain before, and it's not pleasant... 

 But just think... just imagine... to lose the love of your life, to lose the person you are bound to entirely by some element of the universe unrecognizable by the naked eye just completely leaves me at a loss for words. I think about it all the time... how can you care for someone so much? Someone that has no relation to you - a complete stranger in this universe until you connect with them, deeply, connect to their soul, to their inner self, to their being, their existence... and then one day, they just aren't there anymore... that pain felt, that anguish and inner struggle to move on or to stay faithful and true to the love of your life, I would never wish that pain on anyone. What type of pain is that? To have a void that will leave you completely empty of your soulmate's touch, their breath, their hug, their voice...

 Last night our deacon passed away at the very tender age of 47. Sudden cardiac arrest? I have no idea, it's still being investigated. That's besides the point I want to make. His wife has now become a widow, and I am aching so badly on her behalf. I knew when I first wrote the post above that there was a gut wrenching pain that a person must feel when they lose their spouse. Now that I in fact AM a spouse, I shutter internally at a pain so deep that that will eventually happen to me.

I have yet to lose anyone within my inner circle. However, as I have aged, the perimeter of near and dear people that I care for keeps closing in on me. I'm losing people that are closer in proximity to my heart. This man that passed away goes to my church. He leads our services, I take direction from him on our praise team. That's close enough to make an impact upon hearing the news. Chris called me and started with... "let me first just say, that God is good" that's our preamble to bad news. When he said that, I knew bad news was coming, I just didn't think it was going to be about someone passing away. We put the preamble in place to keep from complaining. To keep from distrusting. To keep from trying to take the situation in our hands because we think we can make it better. It has helped me a lot, US even. There is always comfort in God. ALWAYS. Always, always. That's how it's been for me for years and it's really the only thing that works for me. Only. Only, only.

All I could really think about in learning about his situation is his wife. Her feelings. I am devastated for her because I think about how much I love and enjoy my husband being around in just the three months of being married. She's been married for roughly 20+ years to this man and I know the wound is deep. At least it's deep for me because I empathize with her... well, sympathize... well, it's empathize too. While I would say that I can't (don't) imagine how it feels, it's not something I refuse to imagine. I know that one day he will pass - and when he does, I don't want to be upset with God... so I allow myself to think about it. I think about how my heart will ache. I think of how I'll look when I cry. I think of my knees buckling from the pain in my gut upon learning sudden news that he passed while I was not with him. All the while, I think of this, I tell myself to remain strong. Call on God. I don't know why this exercise helps me, I do tear up just writing about this, but it's my belief that I can condition myself to be strong through pain if I continue to accept that idea that he won't be here forever. That also makes me cherish him more, and the little things in our marriage... like him having the bed already made in the morning when I get out from using the restroom... or being surprised at the full tank of gas in my car because he filled it up the day before without me asking... or a random hour trip to meet me after my class in Azusa to drop off keys that I misplaced, and my laptop that needed to be updated at work. Incidents like these make me want to love more... even though I feel like I love strongly already.

I wish I had my laptop to blog last night because I had more emotions to blog from. I miss being able to put my emotions on paper. Anyhow, the workday continues.


Mrs. NewMuli



I've been meaning to tweet but this paper had me all tied up.

Okay, it really didn't, but I would have felt bad blogging while I could have been writing my paper.

1. I absolutely love spending time with my husband. There is no greater feeling than the one I get when he comes home from work or upon seeing him for the first time after hours. Call it the honeymoon phase, I don't really know (or care) what it is, but I can't deny how much I love it. Now, I normally don't like the mushy gushy, because let's face it, I wasn't raised around women that did that (I have not ONCE heard my mom tell my dad how handsome he is, despite the many women who have openly expressed that to me) but I thoroughly enjoy our time together. Our humor is the same and that makes for a great time. He is intellectual stimulating, and always keeps me on my toes. I love being married, I love having a lifetime partner. I love waking up to him. I don't love that I can't sleep while he's snoring, but I enjoy having him around me anyway. It's a feeling of completeness, a feeling of wholeness that I can't really describe. He truly is my other half, and when he's not around, I'm fine mentally, but my soul thirsts. I've been raised to be an independent woman, but even independent women have souls that yearn for completeness. I enjoy seeing complete marriages like this. It's uplifting, and it's entirely OF God. Seeing it around me, even though it is rare, allows me to have greater hope in humanity. Not everyone is entirely worked up on physical attraction and false advertised hooplas of "I'm this and that". I enjoy the friendship I have with him because after 6 years of relationships, I realized that that's all I've ever really wanted. Friendship. I want to be able to keep you around me and not be annoyed. I want to be able to talk for hours on end only to realize that we are not going to get much rest before tomorrow's day of work begins. I want to make you a better person while you make me a better person. I want go on road trips and be reminded that I need to put my seatbelt on. I want to pray together. I want to work towards a common goal together. I want to laugh at myself (and you) when we fail at reaching our goal because we are so addicted to food. I want to make fun of you without you feeling hurt. I want my cheeks to hurt from laughing so much. I just want to hang out with you and enjoy silence, or trash talk about sports, even though I'm not good at it.

In essence, I absolutely love spending time with my husband because hanging out with him truly feels like I'm hanging out myself in another body. You know how awesome that feels when you, in turn, truly love yourself as a person? That's not an egotistical statement of conceit either. So many people are uncomfortable being alone and it's because they truly don't love who they are as a person. They're uncomfortable in their own skin, and that leads them to look for relationships that fill that void. It's a common and deathly mistake. I learned this a while ago, and it's resonated within me for so long that I was able to make a good decision in my life in marrying a man who is very similar to me. Don't get it twisted, we are NOT identical, but so many of our core values and strengths are alike that I just enjoy being around him because he exudes positivity, strength, humor, and confidence. It's a joy being around him, I hope that it's the same joy I give to others when I am around them. It's important to always keep the lamp lit, especially in a world with so much darkness.

Well, this is over. I had to share this because yesterday I had a wonderful dinner with the Hubster and of course, I wanted to write it down before it vanished from my mind as quickly as everything I learn does lol.

Mrs. NewMuli.


100th blog post - Yay ME!

Or not... haha.

A few things I wanted to speak on today...

1. DSM-V - So there's a new psychology bible coming out, aka the DSM-V, aka Diagnostics Statistical Manual version Five. I was reading an article earlier today on The Daily Beast (love that website) that spoke about the new disorders that will be gracing the pages of the new DSM. SIDE RANT START - I'm bitter that I spent just about $90 bucks on the DSM-IV back in September 2013 only to find out that it had about 9 months left until the end of its life because the DSM-V was coming out in May of 2013. UGH. - SIDE RANT OVER. Anyhow, I found it disgustingly odd that Skin-Picking was going to be listed as a new disorder, along with Hypersexual Disorder (wanting too much sex), Internet Disorder (which could diagnose every human being born after the year 1980), and other weird ones.

The article spoke at a small length about potentially overdiagnosing individuals and it just seems like that's really is what's happening. I read a comment on the article by a fellow reader that mentioned these new random and peculiar disorders being related to health insurance and medical attention. That is actually a very plausible lead to these weird disorders being listed. I did just learn that in the initial assessment for every client the first two bits of information needed is: 1) What the medical attention needed for; 2) What the health insurance covers. In essence it boils down to two things - what's wrong, and how are you paying? I literally had to chuck out every altrusitc bone in my body when my professor told me that we are constantly trying to digure out how we are getting paid in this field. At the end of the day, I need to feed my family, right? I need to feed myself too! Sheesh. Anyway, health insurance policies normally don't cover medical bills for mental health therapy if there is no diagnosis. If you aren't diagnosed, you get no help because your insurance will not take care of the bill, and if you really need the therapy, you are out on your own with whatever three digit sum the therapist asks for... and who can afford three-digit-priced therapy THESE days? Lawd. :(

2. Last night my husband and I were in discussion about an article I read online about the glamorized life everyone lives these days with IG pictures, FB posts, and the like. It was very interesting to think about it in that way. The article talked about these fluffy and fluttery status updates about how wonderful people's lives were and how they are all doing so fabulously well via tweets and IG photos, and that as a result... some onlookers are actually loathing in their pitiful boring lives. ERRR. Stop right there, a few points I think I should make...

a. Not everyone posts about how amazing their lives are. Especially on my news feed. I see a lot of political rants and DMV complaints as well as other heartbreaking breakup status updates. Not everyone's life is broadcasted positively.

b. Some IG posts are overly whimsical and wisdom-atic and quite frankly annoying.

c. Tweets couldn't possibly illustrate fabulosity in less than 140 characters. Clearly, more characters are needed for that.

"When's the last time you got your oil changed without scrolling on your IG feed?" - This reminded me of the last time I went and had my oil changed and how I was so glued to my phone. Steven Wilkos could keep my attention on the TV for more than a few minutes I was so glued! I thought to myself, this is allll bad dude. No good at all, I need to do more with myself. WAAAAAY more.

This is when I told Chris that I needed to blog more. Read more and blog. It's the only way I'll truly know what is going on in the world, keep my grammar up to par, and keep from self-loathing apparently.

3. I am getting old. I cannot hold water in my gut for anything, I am peeing so often that it's beginning to freak me out. Goodness!

4. I cannot wait to have a carneasada burrito today with Pai. It will be awesome! :)

5. Thank God, my therapist just emailed me and is still looking to see me at 4:30, THANK YOU, JESUS! I needed her today! 3rd session down, 37 more to go for my graduate requirement. WOOT!

6. Today marks one week of having my child Lexi aka my new car! Happy 1 week birthday, Lex! Me and Lex before heading to church this past Sunday. :)


National Siblings Day

Honestly, what can I say? I was born with three monkeys as brothers, and was blessed with another one and a sister-princess through my husband. Having brothers growing up was nothing short of a tough time. Growing up with boys was difficult. I hit puberty early but bloomed into a butterfly fairly late, I wore men's clothes until I was 13 years old, I had "chicken legs", but was always fat and "needed to lose weight", I was taller than the average male in my class (at every grade until I hit 8th grade) and was teased profusely throughout childhood, I didn't learn how to put make up on properly until a couple of years ago (mind you I'm 27 now), the list goes on and on and on. 

It was only difficult in the sense that I had no female backing at home. My mom didn't encourage me to dress like a young lady, and when I did she would grow upset at my "figure" being visible through form-fitting clothes. I was quite confused, and as a result I'm not very girly, but enjoy girly things like pedis and manis and the occasional buffet pigout sesh with my gals. My brothers are always going to be my brothers, and I will always appreciate all the confusion and tormenting I grew up with because as a result, my skin is thick... physically and... expressively? lol 

And now I have another brother to add to the mix, and my sister :) my one and only.

God is good... and this was literally a pointless blog post until the beginning of this sentence.

The end.
Mrs. New Muli.


Inspired by Iva... Take It Easy Tuesday (Inspired by her husband, Romeo)

Today is Tuesday. It's a normal Tuesday, really, except for the fact that I have to drive out to Azusa for a conference that is taking place this evening in lieu of my 12 hours of classes for the week. Although this conference will more than likely not be very engaging or interesting to me like the last one, I will take a few hours of information and free dinner of 12 hours of classes any week during the semester.

I've always been an avid writer. I enjoy writing, more than I like reading, and probably more than I like talking. I think this is a result of my silent days of depression, because I did go through those phases quite a few times in my day. Growing up as the only girl with a mother like mine, with three brothers that very similar to her, and an absent father that normally stood in my defense for anything. In essence I found myself quite lonely growing up because I did not have a very healthy relationship with my mother, my father was only present on the weekends, and for only a certain amount of time, and having three brothers that all had concerted efforts to make me cry led me to continuously be on my own. I was different from them anyway. They had no fear of my parents, I don't know why, my mama was CRAY CRAY! She still is, but thankfully she has found the Lord and is less cray cray, but cray cray nonetheless.

Anyhow, I began writing, poetry specifically, back in my younger days of suicidal ideation. Yeah yeah, I went through it, but it was not that serious. My attempt at saying is that is not to desensitize it, but to... well okay, it was a serious matter, but thankfully nothing happened. I never attempted suicide. Why? I would think of how my friends would react, I would think of pissing off my family, and I would think of how the dishes would stack up in my absence... that all ultimately led me to take out frustration and so forth to the pen and paper. I mean, the dishes had to be done, no doubt about it! Eventually I acquired the ability to release my emotions in a positive manner that was all done to my benefit. That skill that I learned early on in my life was very relieving for me, even if I was 12 years old, I was able to SAY how upset I was, without lashing out... and still get the dishes done - like a BAWSS.

In essence what I want to share is how writing has served a greater purpose than just allowing me to speak negativity in a positive way. That sounds paradoxical, but it's absolutely possible. Writing about specific emotions for me has always held an element of peace that failed me whenever I spoke about specific emotions. It's a gift from God that I am given words. I am so thankful.

I hope that today goes smoothly. I have more to update my blog with, and I am only finding my reason to come back to my blog as a result of reading Iva's blog. Thank the heavens for that woman! My blog posts are all sporadic and so forth, but as I am changing as a person I really should take the time to write about it. I have found the MOST comfort in reading blogs from my past and recognizing my growth. It's very rewarding!

Welp, I need to get ready to my commute.

Mrs. New Muli.



Just got out of my first every therapy session a couple of hours ago. EXTREMELY juiced and relieved! I was quite nervous, I don't know why. I know this line of work, this is going to be my profession, but I guess it just makes me nervous still because I'm a first timer. The term "deflowering" comes to mind, shoutout to 50 shades of greyyyy.

The session went smoothly. I have a lot of issues. Maybe I shouldn't call them issues, because they don't really cause me grief, they just cause a lot of stress. Good stress... and some bad stress. Good stress like me envisioning my career and all of the accomplishment needs in order to attain a license as a marriage and family therapist. Bad stress like my wants of pleasing those around me, more than pleasing myself. I'll stop there, this isn't a therapy session. I need not peel back any layers. Overall, it went smoothly, and I am anxious to reschedule.

I'm reading 50 Shades of Grey which is incredibly erotic and arousing. I listen to it on Audio on my commutes (to Vic, San Diego, Azusa, Laguna Beach etc). So fancy this character, Mr. Christian Grey! ;) That's all I will say about that.

Oh, it's Valentine's Day! I wouldn't notice though... I don't have a large spread of roses on my desk or a cute stuffed animal holding a box of fattening chocolate. Shoutout to my husband -___-

Oh, husband. Yes, I got married  almost a month ago! How insane! He truly is the love of my life, my supporter, my protector, my partner. It's awesome to have him around. It truly does feel like having my best friend around all the time. As much as I would love to have the roses and treats on Vday, there are so many other days to celebrate -- our 2 year 1 month dating anniversary tomorrow, and our 1 month wedding anniversary on Tuesday next week. Oh, not to mention my birthday the week after. LOL Chris is sooo in for it next year. This year, I'm letting it all slide, next year, I need some tokens of love. ;)

Anyhow, that's life for now. I'm in another fully loaded semester with 5 classes, 4 in class and 1 online. The joy of my life! LOL

The end.

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. New Muli :-*