5 Months: Arguments are healthy

In the 5 months that I've been married I can say that the most valuable lesson I've learned is...

1. Arguments are healthy --- Chris and I argue very rarely. I think that is because we typically agree on many  things. We share the same ideals, values, and opinions. However, our logic, is definitely different. I think somethings are best not to be done, and he does not share the same view point, and vice versa. While we do not agree and sometimes argue about our logic, someone normally is able to buckle down from their horse and ride on the other's horse and saddle. Guess who it ends up being most of the time? (If you guessed that it would not be, COOOOORRECT!).

It has been very hard for me to deal with the fact that our logic is quite different and it is most definitely based on our upbringings. I like that I can point the finger to something that is not him, because at the end of the day, we are who we are based on our experiences. When it comes to something that is out of the ordinary, or foreign, it takes a while for us to get accustomed because, really, how do you change a lifetime way of thinking? It's difficult, and here we are, 27 years on earth, coexisting with some similar ideas of logic, and some very different as well.

Luckily for me, I have had patience in dealing with what has been very different, but that doesn't mean we haven't argued much. We've argued plenty about these specific things but we are always able to go to bed with each other and wake up to a new morning. We do a constant series of resolving the argument until it's completely gone. Normally it ends with laughter, and that  laughter is always so warming for the marriage. A nice warm blanket of hope that we will make it to 50 years of marriage :)

That's all for now.
Mrs. Muli


The Start - Day 1

Yesterday at service we had the traditional faaula-ing (excuse the terrible adaptation of Samoan words being Englis-ized) for all of the fathers in the church. We are a small and intimate church, so we don't have very many at all, 5 at the most. Anyhow, the Husby goes up by coercion from my mother, and of course, it just looks weird.

He's not a father. I know this, my parents know this. But the mere fact that he's standing in line to get an ula on Father's Day has implications.

Are we pregnant? No, we're not. Quite frankly this is just what happiness looks like in my life, even though it came about 18lbs heavier than the happiest event of my life at my wedding.  

Lise: Are you going to have a baby?
Me: No, haha, why? 
Lise: You look like you're going to have a baby.
Me: Are you saying I look fat? (HAHA)
Lise: *Smiles with a head nod, "no"*

That episode was hilarious. I didn't anticipate the effect of an 8 year old being so honest and truthful turning into a morning jog.

It wasn't terrible and it wasn't amazing. It was just, the start. Chris and I did the Color Vibe Run on Saturday, and to my surprise, the 5k wasn't as daunting as my mentality allowed it to be. Chris was injured (gout, and all other foot problems) which meant that I was eager to jog on the inside of my body, but was being a good team member with him and keeping the same pace as his. I thought to myself, you know 3miles really isn't that bad. The run definitely wasn't 3 miles. It didn't feel like it, I cam out a champ, finished the course in a whopping 45 minutes. The blasts of colors were a little awkward. Chris and I would run through the color stations but sometimes the people working it wouldn't be ready to throw color at you. Weird. So we found ourselves slow jogging or even just walking and, yes, ASKING for more color to be thrown on us. Kind of lame, but dah well. They're volunteers in the heat, I don't blame them, I think we were in the 4th heat, and there were about 500 runners per heat. There were probably 1 or 2 heats after us. 

Back to the HERE AND NOW, today Chris woke me up to pack his lunch. I scurried downstairs half awake, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Packed him the classic PB&J, S'mores Poptarts, Granola, and a Nature's Valley chewy bar thingy. He's on rotation for the next two weeks I tried to pack enough snacks. I included a small tupperware of blueberries, and a small sandwich bag of chips to lessen out the sugar in the lunch bag lol.

After he left I debated going to bed. I got upstairs and Chris made the bed, what a doll. I took that as a sign that he wanted me to stay awake... lol. I normally come back and the bed is still messy from last night's acrobatic sleeping talents, but it was freshly made! I was sitting atop my bed thinking, I should go for a run.

And a thought it was until I found myself putting on a pair of active pants and a sports bra, a tank top, and socks. It was weird, I don't know if it was necessarily me scrounging all over my room for these objects, or the inner-goddess girl that is tired of denying the fact that I am not pregnant, but I am wearing a pregnant woman body LOLOL.

Went for a jog, started light but decided I just want to time my mile, and see how it goes. Well, the mile went. I was pretty tired, but am still feeling okay. 00:13:08 for my first mile ever (in like 3 years I think). Not bad. The Nike Run app tracks it and tells me when I was at my fastest and my slowest in terms of pace. It also shows my distance according to the GPS device. So cute, and clever!

Welp, that's it. I just wanted to document this Monday that I started an early morning jog. Hopefully I can do this every morning that I wake up after Chris leaves. :) It'll be good for me. And the weather is dang near perfect for it. Cool and sunny mornings. My hope is to get my mile down to 10 minutes. I'm not a speed runner, but I want to be able to endure. So of course, I would like to also get in at least 3 miles within 30 minutes. Not bad, right? Hopefully I'll be able to run 10 miles in a good hour. That's not bad for an early morning workout, yeah? I see people do it all the time, and I'm always inspired by them... but I never jog haha.

Cheering myself on with this pursuit. Hoping and praying I can stay up on my game. For now, it was just... the start.

Mrs. Muli 


Mocha Mamas

This morning I had breakfast with Stella who is one of my, I would like to call it, mentors. She used to work at the Library and has left the nest to live in Retirementland. Every once in a great while we will get together with another co-worker of mine that I still work with and have breakfasts just to chit chat. We've been doing this for about... 4 years. Stella retired shortly after we started but we still find the time in our schedule to meet up in the early AM for a sunrise breakfast.

Stella seems to be doing really well (per usual). She made plenty of mention about her son and daughter in law moving down from Denver to live in San Diego. They are enjoying it as a newly wed couple and are ironing out the kinks that are presented. Her and Ed are doing well and have given up meat, entirely, but they aren't strict and Nazi about it, which I found comforting in hearing. She continues to stay associated with the library assocition which always makes me feel comfortable because she knows what's going on. Michelle was supposed to come but couldn't for specific reasons so it was unfortunate that we couldn't fellowship together as a whole tripod of the Mocha Mamas, but we made do.

I learned a few things while speaking with Stella. This is why I keep her around, in all actuality. She's just a blessing to keep!

1. We don't need anymore money ---- I love how she continued to say that. She volunteers with so many organizations and it is always uplifting to hear about her rewarding experiences in doing so. While she has been retired for nearly 5 years, she is definitely still "working" actively in her life as an amazing human being.

2. We don't need meat --- so Stella is about 4'11 and was weighing in at 125, a healthy 125, and she recently discovered that her sugar and blood pressure levels were raising so she decided to cut meat out of her diet. Even though they did this, they're not totally Nazi about not eating anything with meat. They are flexible with their meals so that they don't become uncomfortable with each other and with others that eat meat. I thought that was enlightening to hear. They just maintain a balance of having less meat than they normally have by not eating it at all, but definitely allowing for an occasion to welcome a piece of chicken. That was super nice.

3. San Diego is expensive --- I have been in discussion with the Hubs about moving and relocating to San Diego however after speaking with Stella, I've been struck by the reality that San Diego is an expensive place to be at. You literally pay for amazing weather and the beach, whether you live near it or not. The cheapest house, not mansion, runs for a whopping 400k. A town house would probably start you at 120k. My parents live in a 5bd 3 ba home that was purchased at 190k out here in the Desert. That just doesn't add up for me! On that note, the Hubs doesn't want to rent for more than 5 years anywhere... which means that he wants to have a savings built up enough by a 5th year of renting to be able to put a downpayment on a house. That little thinker, that Hubby of mine. In any case, I LOVE San Diego, a part of my will always be in San Diego, but it's important for me to weigh out the cost-effectiveness of it over our lives. Especially with the intent of having children. We want kids... our friends and fam want us to have kids... lots and lots of kids... LOL

Too bad I'm finishing this blog from being started a few weeks ago and forgot what else I learned, but those three are the ones I distinctly remember. Hehe :)

Anyhow, adieu for the day.
Mrs. Muli


Boy, today I actually get to rest. Kind of not really, I still have class tonight.

I've come to a point where I am finally realizing how intense and crazy my schedule is, and how intense and crazy I am for allowing it. The amount of driving I have been doing lately is absolutely absurd! I have begun feeling the strains and stresses in my body. It's uncomfortable and achey and I need it to stop.

I need to look into some schedule alternatives now that I have begun my practicum site. I haven't had any clients yet since my client's social worker cancelled today - actually, it was court ordered, so that means it was out o anyone's hands but the judge. I'm thankful though. I was anxiously anticipating my first client and of course grew nervous at the thought of being with an entire family, but my anxiety calmed after hearing the visitation was cancelled. That just gives me time to anticipate my first client again.

I'm sitting in bed telecommuting from home with the thought that I really need to make all three significant factors of my life work in harmony in order to be happy. Work, school, and practicum. The amount of stress that I endure while being at home is just overwhelming and tiring. It's not burn out yet, but that's what it's projected to be. I have to prepare myself mentally, and that is definitely going to take some sacrifices.

In all these things, I don't worry much. God has always shown His favor in me, so I rarely have time to worry. I see all stresses as challenges that have solutions, and that's my coping skill. It's worked for a while, I'm stickin' to it!

Anyhow, that's life right now. I'm still tired... still tired.

Mrs. Muli