National Siblings Day

Honestly, what can I say? I was born with three monkeys as brothers, and was blessed with another one and a sister-princess through my husband. Having brothers growing up was nothing short of a tough time. Growing up with boys was difficult. I hit puberty early but bloomed into a butterfly fairly late, I wore men's clothes until I was 13 years old, I had "chicken legs", but was always fat and "needed to lose weight", I was taller than the average male in my class (at every grade until I hit 8th grade) and was teased profusely throughout childhood, I didn't learn how to put make up on properly until a couple of years ago (mind you I'm 27 now), the list goes on and on and on. 

It was only difficult in the sense that I had no female backing at home. My mom didn't encourage me to dress like a young lady, and when I did she would grow upset at my "figure" being visible through form-fitting clothes. I was quite confused, and as a result I'm not very girly, but enjoy girly things like pedis and manis and the occasional buffet pigout sesh with my gals. My brothers are always going to be my brothers, and I will always appreciate all the confusion and tormenting I grew up with because as a result, my skin is thick... physically and... expressively? lol 

And now I have another brother to add to the mix, and my sister :) my one and only.

God is good... and this was literally a pointless blog post until the beginning of this sentence.

The end.
Mrs. New Muli.