100th blog post - Yay ME!

Or not... haha.

A few things I wanted to speak on today...

1. DSM-V - So there's a new psychology bible coming out, aka the DSM-V, aka Diagnostics Statistical Manual version Five. I was reading an article earlier today on The Daily Beast (love that website) that spoke about the new disorders that will be gracing the pages of the new DSM. SIDE RANT START - I'm bitter that I spent just about $90 bucks on the DSM-IV back in September 2013 only to find out that it had about 9 months left until the end of its life because the DSM-V was coming out in May of 2013. UGH. - SIDE RANT OVER. Anyhow, I found it disgustingly odd that Skin-Picking was going to be listed as a new disorder, along with Hypersexual Disorder (wanting too much sex), Internet Disorder (which could diagnose every human being born after the year 1980), and other weird ones.

The article spoke at a small length about potentially overdiagnosing individuals and it just seems like that's really is what's happening. I read a comment on the article by a fellow reader that mentioned these new random and peculiar disorders being related to health insurance and medical attention. That is actually a very plausible lead to these weird disorders being listed. I did just learn that in the initial assessment for every client the first two bits of information needed is: 1) What the medical attention needed for; 2) What the health insurance covers. In essence it boils down to two things - what's wrong, and how are you paying? I literally had to chuck out every altrusitc bone in my body when my professor told me that we are constantly trying to digure out how we are getting paid in this field. At the end of the day, I need to feed my family, right? I need to feed myself too! Sheesh. Anyway, health insurance policies normally don't cover medical bills for mental health therapy if there is no diagnosis. If you aren't diagnosed, you get no help because your insurance will not take care of the bill, and if you really need the therapy, you are out on your own with whatever three digit sum the therapist asks for... and who can afford three-digit-priced therapy THESE days? Lawd. :(

2. Last night my husband and I were in discussion about an article I read online about the glamorized life everyone lives these days with IG pictures, FB posts, and the like. It was very interesting to think about it in that way. The article talked about these fluffy and fluttery status updates about how wonderful people's lives were and how they are all doing so fabulously well via tweets and IG photos, and that as a result... some onlookers are actually loathing in their pitiful boring lives. ERRR. Stop right there, a few points I think I should make...

a. Not everyone posts about how amazing their lives are. Especially on my news feed. I see a lot of political rants and DMV complaints as well as other heartbreaking breakup status updates. Not everyone's life is broadcasted positively.

b. Some IG posts are overly whimsical and wisdom-atic and quite frankly annoying.

c. Tweets couldn't possibly illustrate fabulosity in less than 140 characters. Clearly, more characters are needed for that.

"When's the last time you got your oil changed without scrolling on your IG feed?" - This reminded me of the last time I went and had my oil changed and how I was so glued to my phone. Steven Wilkos could keep my attention on the TV for more than a few minutes I was so glued! I thought to myself, this is allll bad dude. No good at all, I need to do more with myself. WAAAAAY more.

This is when I told Chris that I needed to blog more. Read more and blog. It's the only way I'll truly know what is going on in the world, keep my grammar up to par, and keep from self-loathing apparently.

3. I am getting old. I cannot hold water in my gut for anything, I am peeing so often that it's beginning to freak me out. Goodness!

4. I cannot wait to have a carneasada burrito today with Pai. It will be awesome! :)

5. Thank God, my therapist just emailed me and is still looking to see me at 4:30, THANK YOU, JESUS! I needed her today! 3rd session down, 37 more to go for my graduate requirement. WOOT!

6. Today marks one week of having my child Lexi aka my new car! Happy 1 week birthday, Lex! Me and Lex before heading to church this past Sunday. :)