Fast and Furious Part 7: Speeding Like Stupid

Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York city?

Randomly prefacing this blog with the only lyrics to a random song that I like hearing at times. :)

Today is Monday the 22nd, and I have to go to court!

It's become unfortunate for me to drive these days. I got a speeding ticket in December (on the day of my last final, I was running late bc of my husband, ugh) and recently received on in March.

------- another blog post that was unfinished --------

Sigh, okay, so to finish thisb blog, almost a month later after it was attempted... I got 2 speeding tickets between December and March. SOOOO boo. I'm terrible. Speeding tickets are such a waste of money, but I must endure the consequences. I had to go to traffic school for the first ticket, and I'm just hoping I have the option for the 2nd ticket. Well... actually, I do have the option, because I went to court on the 22nd and they offered me an extension to appear in court that would allow me to ask for a reduction in the fine, and attend traffic school to get it off my record. I paid and went to traffic school for the first ticket (a hefty fine of $400 *cries*) and now I am just waiting to see if I can attend court for the reduction for the second ticket. SIGH. I really cannot afford to pay these tickets so I need to make some adjustments in my driving.

So... I've become way more conscious of my speed since then. I normally drive when other cars are on the road, so that sort of helps me to maintain a speed since I can't bob and weave like I normally do on the roads. I'm absolutely terrible, I know. LOL

In any case, I'm just glad that I have the opportunity for it to not be recorded on my record. WHEW! :)

The endy end. :)
Mrs. New Muli.

Been a while... MADA

Well, my last post was on April 23rd, which was hmmm... *looks at calendar and counts*... 2 weeks ago! Goodness how time flies. But, lots to be thankful for!

So, on the 23rd, I actually had an interview in Colton with MADA (Make A Difference Association), which is an agency that attended the practicum fair at APU earlier Spring semester. This is a total praise report, so I gotta share it thoroughly with background information.


So it's now May 21st, which was 4 weeks from my last post, and 2 weeks from my last attempt to post as you can see from above lol.

Lots to catch up on so I will try and be as concise as possible (but let's face it, I can't be concise so this will be "light" reading, and heavy dumping for information.)

1. By God's grace I was able to find a practicum site for my traineeship for my MFT program. Ha-lle-lu-yer *raises the roof*. It was quite the task to find one for the simple fact that we had a practicum fair in February and I only recently received placement in April. A 2-month period doesn't seem like very much time but in the grander scheme of things, people were interviewing and receiving offers in March. I had my first interview at another site in April and received an offer after the interview before leaving the campus. That site was at a school district working with the Head Start program involving a population of 0-4 year-olds. Now, I've already told myself I do not want to work with children, but I was beginning to sit comfortably with the thought that I may enjoy working with children - more so because no other agency wanted me. I applied to San Bernardino County, and received an email of rejection. I applied to Riverside County Department of Mental Health, annnnd that didn't work out for me either.

MADA was a God driven thing. While I was limbo about accepting the practicum site with the Head Start program I was talking to my classmate Kendra about her agencies and she spoke about MADA with stars in her eyes. It was really refreshing to hear someone speak about a site so enthusiastically. She told me to contact them even though they had already hired. They accepted two interns from APU, already, and I thought to myself, I don't want to contact them all late after the application process has already closed. But, I took the chance anyway. I figured, what's the harm? They'd say yes or no. I emailed Wendy which was a contact that Kendra forwarded to me from an email she received from the receptionist. I simply asked if they were still accepting applications and if so that I would like to send mine in. I didn't send any documents, I only asked if they would be willing, essentially, to give me a chance by saying yes, they'd take a look at my resume.

Well, God works in mysterious ways, right? Wendy called (not emailed) me back the next day and asked if she could set up an interview with me later in the week. I was stunned, I hadn't even sent in my resume yet and they were already willing to set up an interview. Unfortunately I was going out of town and would not be able to make the initially scheduled interview so I asked for a latter time, and they agreed.

My first interview was pleasant, despite the rough start. I was 15 minutes early but didn't end up beginning the interview until 15 minutes after due to Tammy (the program director) having a conversation with someone else. The interview ran for about 45 minutes and I learned that she was a God-driven purpose, and that the agency was a God-driven site. She continued to encourage me to pray about the agency to ensure it was a good fit. Surprisingly enough, she said she was praying about it too, to see if I was a good fit for them. After the interview she setup another interview with the leading therapist, Michelle, to interview with her the very next day. That portion ran fairly smoothly, I was able to connect with her on the side of therapy and that was great. I grew more and more ecstatic about beginning at the site, contrary to my initial feelings of anxiety and fear. Before ending the interview she asked for my schedule and proceeded to figure out how I would be able to fit in with my crazy life. Then, before the interview ended she asked me if I would accept the position if I was offered, and I said "Absolutely" and out I went.

It was truly the hand of God over this situation. I was feeling bogged down by everyone around me receiving acceptance at various sites and I was still without placement. I was not sweating it initially until the pressure grew with everyone else's placement. Then, God came through, as He normally does, and showed me the way :)

Well, I do think that's enough for this post. Too much details included in this one to include others about different subjects. Hehe.

Mrs. New Muli.