The Start - Day 1

Yesterday at service we had the traditional faaula-ing (excuse the terrible adaptation of Samoan words being Englis-ized) for all of the fathers in the church. We are a small and intimate church, so we don't have very many at all, 5 at the most. Anyhow, the Husby goes up by coercion from my mother, and of course, it just looks weird.

He's not a father. I know this, my parents know this. But the mere fact that he's standing in line to get an ula on Father's Day has implications.

Are we pregnant? No, we're not. Quite frankly this is just what happiness looks like in my life, even though it came about 18lbs heavier than the happiest event of my life at my wedding.  

Lise: Are you going to have a baby?
Me: No, haha, why? 
Lise: You look like you're going to have a baby.
Me: Are you saying I look fat? (HAHA)
Lise: *Smiles with a head nod, "no"*

That episode was hilarious. I didn't anticipate the effect of an 8 year old being so honest and truthful turning into a morning jog.

It wasn't terrible and it wasn't amazing. It was just, the start. Chris and I did the Color Vibe Run on Saturday, and to my surprise, the 5k wasn't as daunting as my mentality allowed it to be. Chris was injured (gout, and all other foot problems) which meant that I was eager to jog on the inside of my body, but was being a good team member with him and keeping the same pace as his. I thought to myself, you know 3miles really isn't that bad. The run definitely wasn't 3 miles. It didn't feel like it, I cam out a champ, finished the course in a whopping 45 minutes. The blasts of colors were a little awkward. Chris and I would run through the color stations but sometimes the people working it wouldn't be ready to throw color at you. Weird. So we found ourselves slow jogging or even just walking and, yes, ASKING for more color to be thrown on us. Kind of lame, but dah well. They're volunteers in the heat, I don't blame them, I think we were in the 4th heat, and there were about 500 runners per heat. There were probably 1 or 2 heats after us. 

Back to the HERE AND NOW, today Chris woke me up to pack his lunch. I scurried downstairs half awake, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Packed him the classic PB&J, S'mores Poptarts, Granola, and a Nature's Valley chewy bar thingy. He's on rotation for the next two weeks I tried to pack enough snacks. I included a small tupperware of blueberries, and a small sandwich bag of chips to lessen out the sugar in the lunch bag lol.

After he left I debated going to bed. I got upstairs and Chris made the bed, what a doll. I took that as a sign that he wanted me to stay awake... lol. I normally come back and the bed is still messy from last night's acrobatic sleeping talents, but it was freshly made! I was sitting atop my bed thinking, I should go for a run.

And a thought it was until I found myself putting on a pair of active pants and a sports bra, a tank top, and socks. It was weird, I don't know if it was necessarily me scrounging all over my room for these objects, or the inner-goddess girl that is tired of denying the fact that I am not pregnant, but I am wearing a pregnant woman body LOLOL.

Went for a jog, started light but decided I just want to time my mile, and see how it goes. Well, the mile went. I was pretty tired, but am still feeling okay. 00:13:08 for my first mile ever (in like 3 years I think). Not bad. The Nike Run app tracks it and tells me when I was at my fastest and my slowest in terms of pace. It also shows my distance according to the GPS device. So cute, and clever!

Welp, that's it. I just wanted to document this Monday that I started an early morning jog. Hopefully I can do this every morning that I wake up after Chris leaves. :) It'll be good for me. And the weather is dang near perfect for it. Cool and sunny mornings. My hope is to get my mile down to 10 minutes. I'm not a speed runner, but I want to be able to endure. So of course, I would like to also get in at least 3 miles within 30 minutes. Not bad, right? Hopefully I'll be able to run 10 miles in a good hour. That's not bad for an early morning workout, yeah? I see people do it all the time, and I'm always inspired by them... but I never jog haha.

Cheering myself on with this pursuit. Hoping and praying I can stay up on my game. For now, it was just... the start.

Mrs. Muli