At my doctors appt and there are so many preggers in the lobby! this sort of makes me feel good. I'm at a good place and feel like I will be taken care of here. 😊


I had an entire video snapped for IG about how I made this amazing lasagna and the app malfunctioned. Smh. Anyhow, the final product and the beginning of my own meat sauce :)


Chris and Dess Wedding Video Highlights

My wedding video. <3



Celebrating Kendra :)

2013 at a glance… The Recap

I've had an emotional start to this New Year, struck down but definitely not destroyed. Yesterday my world shattered seeing my husband's devastating response upon learning that his childhood best friend passed away. My heart ached seeing him ache in pain, and it has led me to blog today. We are still dealing with the aftermath of the news, and are in constant thought of our extended family's mental state. Either way, Chris and I knelt in prayer and thanked God that He knows the purpose for all things, and we will not be angry, but we will allow ourselves to be hurt. That is a part of the human experience and we will not deny it, especially when the wound is of this magnitude.

In doing so, I've really begun thinking to myself that at my age now, these things will be come more and more prevalent. Death is inevitable and I will constantly be reminded left and right this year that people whom I love will pass away. They're supposed to. My purpose and conscious effort is to love wholeheartedly on the people I have today so that when they do pass, I am content with keeping their memory alive in place of their physical body. I feel like I normally do that, but thinking about it even more so now, especially as death nears me in intimate relationships. Last year the deacon of our church passed away and I was pretty broken. Though we are not related, the loss was felt so deeply since I interacted with him often, and since he interacted with my family most closely my father. This year, with Chris's best friend passing, it's just one layer closer to my heart that has been tampered with. I am anticipating the death of those closer to me, and doing so with faith that God has my comfort in His hands and will never forsake me in my time of mourning. 

Soooo, I felt as a great start to the year I will start by looking back at 2013 and celebrating my victories over the past year to give me motivation and drive for this new year coming up. :)

JANUARY - welllll, first and foremost, I got married!!!!! What an incredible way to start my year, I rang in the New Year with my husband and my spiritual family. I started my 2nd semester of graduate school, celebrated 2 years of relationship with Chris on the 15th before getting married on the 19th and pretty much had an awesomely wonderful beginning!

FEBRUARY - my birthday month! This month particularly was filled with lots of excitement. First off, my first valentine's day with my husband, although we still weren't even together physically on this day. We didn't do anything, waaah. LOL oh well, "always next year right?" I guess haha. I we celebrated our one month anniversary as a married couple, that was sweet. We went to Idle Spurs, an old higher end restaurant in the High D that I'd been wanting to try since I was younger. The food wasn't necessarily amazing, but it was still yummy. I celebrated my 27th birthday with a surprise birthday dinner with just family at Roadhouse which closed out the month.

MARCH - our first mafutaga out in Oxnard where we actually stayed in the same room together, haha (awww). That felt good. It was like a new achievement in our relationship. I think I had an interview for a practicum site, even though I applied to a few... waiting patiently for God to work his beautiful ways :)

APRIL - This month was crazy. I started blogging again. Yay. I also bought a new car!!!! That was so much fun. I didn't want to get rid of my car, but I ended up having too as advised by Chris. It's hard for me to let go of things, because it's so final. I digress, I bought a brand new Honda Accord '13 in place of my deteriorating Honda Accord '02 with 250k miles of travel on it lol. She did me so well, I'm not even upset :) I also went to Reno and stopped in the Bay Area to visit with fam, Stephen and Maggie, and Mom and Dad for Dad's bday in Reno. Lagima also passed away this month, suddenly, really bringing a lot of sorrow to myself, with the emotional connection I had of losing not just a member of the church member, but a man who was a husband. Thank God, His work has brought healing to our entire church, amen and amen. I also accepted my practicum!!! JUUUUICED about it, the MFT trip just got real!

MAY - Started at my practicum site, a small meeting leading us to what would come next month with a week long training. CRAAAAYYYYY. By the way, I was leeeearning muuuuch about being married. Chris and I were gettin' cray on each other quite often LOL! Fun times.

JUNE - Training and started my practicum while still being in school. I was literally living a crazy life, driving back and forth from Colton to Vic, then to Azusa for class, as well as San Diego, staying the night in lagua. Just straight craaaay cray.

JULY - I don't even remember. Oh, Mom and Dad went to Samoa, this freed up some time for Chris and I to relax, but he had a super terrible gout attack that put us out of commission for an entire month. This is when he stopped eating red meat and I scaled back hella much, but was still eating it (LOL, I'm terrible mental support for him).

AUGUST - We moved out and got into our own new place about a mile away from my practicum site. It also cut my time to Daygo in half, so friggin helpful. It also cut my time on the road to school, and I developed a new relationship with Kendra, a classmate of mine that dates a poly, and started developing mutual trust. That was the beginning of a new :)

SEPTEMBER - AN INTENSE START to a new school year. Purchased books and endured a crazy, AND I MEAN BRUTALLY INSANE start to an oversaturated course load. Like, I wanted to die every single week after realizing that the syllabus for each class literally had me doing 3 big assignments a week, for 5 classes. Just craziness!

OCTOBER - Chris and I went to Sac to spend time with his fam for Taumaia's birthday party. That was super fun, just hangin' with the fam. :)

NOVEMBER - Sister Crystal and Cyana came down to visit with us, and we enjoyed a quick weekend with them. Thankgiving was spent with Chris' family in Reno, that was enjoyable also. I just love being with my other family, it makes Chris happy, and I enjoy seeing him happy with his family. :)

DECEMBER - An awesome month! Chris and I bought our first Christmas Tree!!! a real one! That was an enjoyable experience also, selecting our tree, buying a tree stand, a metal one that Stephen suggested without question! Also we were able to buy gifts for all of our immediate family members, which was nice too :) We spend Christmas with my family in the HighD and enjoyed New Years Eve there as well, counting down til midnight with my spiritual fam, with cider and lots of love :)

I'm grateful for all that 2013 held. I'm thankful for where I am today considering all that happened last year. God never let's me down. God stays good.

On that note. I'm outties :)