Stay Calm... I'm graduating!

Cheers to the 90-minute commute 2 nights weekly to Azusa and Victorville, to the relocation to Colton to be in between Vic and Daygo, to Hundreds of dollars in school materials, to weeknights with little to no sleep because papers and treatment plans were due, to weekends with no rest bc church duties had to continue, to a honeymoon-LESS wedding due to online assignments and in class participation points (and many other sacrifices towards a dream wedding) to 90 thousand miles driven between San Diego, Colton, Azusa, Laguna Beach, and Victorville and the death of my '02 Honda Accord and the birth of my '13 Honda Accord, to the many nights of rushing to beat the clock for assignment turn ins, to missed birthday parties and family gatherings, missed funerals, cruises, and trips, to fast food dinners that contributed to 20lb weight gain bc there was no time to cook, to weekly reminders and count downs to keep my head held high, to sisterhoods and friendships, to weekly Starbucks dates and dinners to keep my sanity, to 40+ reflection papers, 40 hours of personal psychotherapy, 2 years of high anxiety, tears with clients, troubled children, argumentative couples, depressive symptoms, breakthroughs clinically and most of all personally, humility, transparency and vulnerability, aaaand a wide array of realizations that I am a work in progress for the glory of God.

Today, I graduate simply because I was committed to the vision God gave me in the cold winter of '09 to be His servant through my career and did whatever it took to get here. It took 2 years of community college (after already having a B.A.) and 2 years of this graduate program and a WHOOOOOLE lot of sacrifices... But none of that compares to this day. This reward is so unfathomably sweet.... I thiiiiiink I just gave myself a cavity. 

We can do anything, folks. Be encouraged!

And stay calm, I'M GRADUATING!