Muli Goals 2015

So, it's the new year. Yaaaaay, another one. And welp, we are determined to accomplish goals this year. God created us to be victorious, so long as we believe in him, we SHALL. NOT. BE. DEFEATED! So here we go...

Goals (in no particular order)

  1. Find a church and become members
  2. Tithe faithfully (once we find a church)
  3. Make a baby! 
  4. Buy a house - 4bd, 2.5+ba
  5. Decrease monthly debt by 20% (from January 2015 by June)
  6. Build savings cushion for emergencies - $2500 to start off
  7. Find dentist and set up dental appointments for cleanings
  8. Find OBGYN for check ups
  9. Find Family Physician
  10. Find Eye doctor and set up eye appointment for check u

That's what we have so far! :)